After only a couple of weeks, Abigail had realised her new friend’s Eva’s abusive childhood had left her fucked up – she just couldn’t believe anyone really liked her unless they were raping her. Every day that went past without sexual abuse just made her think she was ugly and unfuckable.

She tried, of course, to reassure Eva that she was a gorgeous, attractive fuckbunny, but she could see Eva just thought she was being made fun of. Soon she would lose the friendship, as Eva convinced herself that Abigail hated her, and eventually ceased contact.

So she did what she needed to do to keep her friend – she forcefully stripped Eva naked, dominated her, choked her, told her she was a filthy slut, and then held her down and licked her cunt to orgasm after orgasm.

It was a perfect solution. The friendship was saved, their cuddling afterwards brought them closer together, they’d found a new activity to do on rainy weekends, and Abigail, to her surprise, had discovered she *really* liked raping pretty girls…


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