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The Etrebor Files, Entry 4

What happened at New Year was all because of Lucy.  Or at least that’s how her sister Isabelle saw it.

This year, Lucy had met a man online from the small, repressive nation of Etrebor.  After a whirlwind romance, the man – whose name was Kinne – had flown out and married Lucy in a private ceremony in October.  Lucy seemed wildly happy, but Isabelle had been suspicious of her sister’s new husband, even though she didn’t really know much about Etrebor.

Nevertheless, when Lucy declared that the family New Year’s event would be at her house, Isabelle agreed to attend.

“We’re doing an Etreborian New Year, Izzy,” enthused Lucy on the phone.  “It’s going to be amazing!”

“An Etreborian New Year?” asked Isabelle.  “What does that involve?”

“You’ll see when you get here,” said Lucy mysteriously.  “Make sure you bring Jason and Kyra.”

Jason was Isabelle’s husband – a stern man in a good job at a law firm.  Kyra was their 18-year-old daughter – pretty and red-headed like her mother, but wilful and bratty.  Neither much liked Lucy and her husband – but if she told them they were going there for New Year, they wouldn’t argue.

And so the family found themselves arriving at Lucy and Kinne’s small suburban house on the evening of December 31.  Lucy met them at the door, wearing a thin white robe-like dress, high heels, leather bracelets on her wrists, and a leather choker at her neck.

“Lucy!  Happy New Year’s Eve!” said Isabelle, hugging her warmly.  She noticed as her sister’s buxom chest crushed against her – big tits ran in the family – that her sister wasn’t wearing a bra.  But nothing could be seen through the fabric.  “What’s the outfit?” she asked.

“Etreborian traditional women’s dress on New Year’s,” said Lucy.  “Jason!  Kyra!  Come in, come in!”

Kinne greeted them inside the home.  He was a tall, muscular man – and very good looking, Isabelle had to admit.  He said little, but smiled at them.

“Now, you and Kyra need to sign these…” said Lucy, as they walked into the living room.  She passed them pieces of paper.

“Sign?  What for?” asked Kyra, twisting her pretty little bratty face in an expression of disdain.

“The Etreborian New Year has some religious connotations,” said Lucy.  “It’s important to Kinne’s faith that all women within the house over New Year’s are bound by Etreborian law, so when they celebrate in other countries – as here – you just have to sign one of these to make sure all the technicalities are covered.”

Isabelle looked at the document.  It was short, repeated in both Etreborian and English, and appeared to say exactly what Lucy said – that Isabelle was agreeing to be subject to Etreborian law.  She shrugged, took a pen from Lucy, and signed. 

“You too,” she said to Kyra, sharply, worried that her daughter would be difficult and offend Kinne.  To her relief, Kyra signed as well, without any further argument.

Next, Lucy had Isabelle and Kyra change into the traditional Etreborian outfit. 

“Really?” asked Isabelle, frustrated.  “I’m starving for dinner.”

“It is very important to me,” said Kinne, softly, “and an article of Etreborian law.  You must be garbed appropriately as women.”

Isabelle sighed, and compliantly allowed Lucy to lead them to a bedroom, where two of the white robes were laid out.  Both Isabelle and Kyra stripped, and then dressed in the robes.  No underwear was provided – neither bra nor panties – and both women blushed when Lucy told them this was part of the custom too.  But they both went along with it – Lucy was already doing it, after all – although Isabelle felt extremely slutty wearing the thin robe with nothing underneath.  Particularly as the robe was uncomfortable tight across the large natural tits of both girls, and the coarse fabric of the robe shifting back and forth across her nipples was extremely distracting.

Next were the leather wristlets and the choker.  Isabelle noticed that each of these had a little metal catch attached to it.  She wondered if these were decorative.

All dressed, the girls returned to the main room – and had something of a surprise.  They could see the front door of the house – and a heavy chain was now visible, locking it shut, with a large padlock on it. 

“The Ritual of the Chain,” explained Kinne, softly.  “The New Year is a transition.  There is no going back to the past.  The door you have come through will remain chained until it leads to the dawn of a new year.”  He looked at Lucy.  “And now, the Azthari – the Acceptance?”

Lucy nodded.  She moved over to stand behind Isabelle, and pulled Isabelle’s hands behind her.  Confused, Isabelle allowed her to do so – and then she heard a “click”.  She tensed – and discovered her hands were now cuffed together, behind her back!  The catches on the two wrist cuffs had been connected, and she realised in this position she could neither disconnect them, nor remove the cuffs.

Kinne had done the same to Kyra, before she could react to what was happening, and now both mother and daughter had their hands restrained behind their backs.  Lucy beamed happily, and allowed Kinne to do the same to her own cuffs.

“What the FUCK?” yelled Kyra.

Kinne looked at Jason.  “Slap your daughter,” he said.

Jason nodded, stepped forward, and – to Isabelle’s surprise and horror – slapped Kyra hard across the face.  Kyra, shocked, fell to her knees.

“You will NOT yell,” said Jason, calmly.  “You will show respect to Kinne in his house.  Do you understand, Kyra?”

“You HIT me!” protested Kyra.

“It is law,” said Kinne.  “Under Etreborian law, a disrespectful woman must be disciplined.  You agreed to this.”

“You HIT me!” yelled Kyra again. 

Jason responded by slapping her a second time, on the other cheek, and now Kyra fell silent, her eyes moist with betrayal.

“Jason,” said Isabelle, in a horrified, quiet voice, “what is happening?  What are you doing?”

“It’s Etreborian New Year,” said Jason.  “I’ve been talking to Kinne about it all month.  I think Etreborian culture could be really good for Kyra’s development – and you could benefit from it too.  Look how happy it’s made Lucy.”

And Lucy was indeed staring up at Kinne with big, adoring eyes.

“This is the Acceptance,” said Kinne.  “Your hands are bound behind you to indicate you accept what the New Year brings.  You make yourself vulnerable to the lessons it teaches.”

“You hit our daughter!” Isabelle protested, still staring at Jason.

“We used to spank her,” said Jason.  “This is no different.  We should have *kept* spanking her.  We’ve raised a brat, Isabelle.  Now, please, let’s not make this a whole thing.  We came here to do an Etreborian New Year, and we’re going to do one.”

Isabelle looked around wildly.  “But how are we going to eat with our hands bound?”

The answer was not one she liked.  They sat around the table, and it turned out the women were going to be fed by the men.  Jason would take a piece of meat, or a slice of potato, off the dinner table, and hold it in the palm of his hand, and Isabelle would have to eat it from his hand like an animal.  She wanted to object to the degrading experience – but Kyra objected first, and got another slap for her trouble, and so Isabelle stayed silent.

Kinne fed Lucy the same way, and both Kinne and Jason took turns feeding morsels to Kyra. Isabelle couldn’t believe she was watching her bratty redhead daughter blushingly submit to being hand-fed by her father and uncle.

At the end of the meal were what Kinne called “the Rituals of Sharing”.  Here, each woman at the table would be fed a single strawberry by each other woman at the table – but it would be fed mouth-to-mouth.  Kinne demonstrated by putting a strawberry in his mouth, pulling Lucy towards him by her collar, and then passionately kissing her, pushing the strawberry into her mouth.  When the kiss was over, Lucy swallowed.

Then Jason did it with Isabelle – and it was embarrassing, but it was also a little bit hot.  Isabelle blushed when it was over, as she swallowed the strawberry, realising her pussy had become a little bit wet.  But her pleasure faded when she realised Jason was about to do the same thing with Kyra.

With her hands bound, there was nothing Isabelle could do to stop it.  She watched as her husband kissed his own daughter on the lips, pushing a strawberry into her mouth.  It looked so slutty and incestuous – even if it was only a kiss.  Oddly, Kyra didn’t protest at all, just blushed and kissed her father obediently.

And then Jason did the same for Lucy, and Isabelle was watching her husband kiss her sister.  And Lucy, the slut, was into it, kissing back passionately.

Then Kinne kissed Kyra – and watching the handsome, muscular man kiss her daughter made the wetness return to Isabelle’s pussy – and then Kinne was kissing Isabelle herself, and now she was *very wet*, because Kinne was a forceful and talented kisser, and swallowing the strawberry he pushed into her mouth somehow felt like the sluttiest thing she had ever done.

And then it was the girls’ turn, and Isabelle found she was expected to kiss her own daughter and her own sister, as the men watched with approval.

“No!” she said.  “I’m not kissing my own…”

SLAP!  Jason had struck her across the face.  Her eyes widened in shock.

“Do I have to do that again?” asked Jason.

Her mouth hung open.

SLAP!  He hit her again.

From behind her, Kinne said, softly, “Do as you are told, Isabelle.  Your hands are bound, the doors are chained, and you signed your consent.  Bruising your face is not part of the tradition, but it will happen if it needs to.”

Isabelle stared at Jason in utter betrayal – but then obediently turned to kiss her sister.  Her pussy was still wet – and, oddly, being slapped had just made it even wetter.  She didn’t understand how this was happening, or why it was happening, but she was beginning to appreciate that she didn’t have a choice.

She put a strawberry in her mouth, and then blushingly approached her sister, and kissed her – and it was amazing.  Her sister kissed back with an overwhelming, slutty passion, and suddenly Isabelle’s cunt was soaking wet.  The familiarity of her sister, the sense of the taboo, the feeling of being forced, the way both their hands were restrained behind their back, all combined to overpower her with erotic sensations, and when she pushed the strawberry into Lucy’s mouth, she let her tongue follow it, and felt Lucy suck on it eagerly.

When they broke apart, Isabelle was flushed with arousal and embarrassment – and Kyra was next.  Kyra was much less eager for an incestuous kiss from her mother than Lucy had been – but Isabelle wanted more of what she had just experienced, and kissed her daughter hard, and after a moment Kyra was responding, kissing back, and Isabelle and Kyra’s tongues twined eagerly around the strawberry, before eventually Kyra swallowed it.

And then Kyra and Lucy kissed, and Isabelle heard Kyra make an audible, slutty moan as their lips met.

“Next is Jara Haz – the traditional dessert,” said Kinne, and he went into the kitchen to bring it out.  It turned out to be a small scoop of ice cream, in a shallow bowl.  Kinne and Jason’s were served at the table, but the bowls for the girls were served on the floor.  Kyra and Isabelle dithered, hoping they had misunderstood, but Lucy immediately got down on her knees, leaned forward, and began licking at the icecream like a cat with a bowl of milk.  She got some of it on her nose, and didn’t seem to care. 

Kyra and Isabelle reluctant followed – not realising yet that while this was their first time eating from a bowl on the floor like an animal, it would not be their last.  The ice cream was tasty, at least.

At the heart of each ice-cream was a small surprise for the girls – a small metal clamp, with a metal ball hanging off it. 

Isabelle looked at hers in puzzlement at first – but the horror set in once Lucy explained what it was.  It was a clitoris clamp and weight.  The heavy ball could be made to vibrate by flicking a switch.  And they were all expected to put theirs on immediately.

Isabelle and Kyra both rebelled.  Kyra even tried to escape entirely, and made it as far as the door, before wrestling unsuccessfully with the chains and being dragged back to the table.  Both Isabelle and Kyra had to be slapped multiple times before they submitted, in tears, to wearing the clamps.  Isabelle thought it likely her face would bruise – and internally berated her traitorous cunt, which seemed to get wetter on each slap, and was now running a constant thought at the back of her mind that it really would feel very good to masturbate, to fingerfuck herself, to cum…

Out of respect to their sensibilities, Kinne temporarily released Lucy from her cuffs, and let Isabelle’s sister apply the clit clamps to her sister and niece.  Slapped into obedience, the girls retired to the same bedroom they had changed in, and blushingly spread their legs for Lucy.

“Why are you going along with this?” Isabelle cried.

“Etreborian culture has made me so *happy”, Izzy,” said Lucy.  “I finally know my place in life. I’m so much less anxious.  And you and Kyra can be happy too!”

Kyra didn’t sound happy. In fact, she screamed when Lucy lifted her robe, spread her pussy lips apart, and released the clamp onto her tender teenaged clit.  She shrieked and writhed, but couldn’t get the hated thing off her clit.  In fact, all she managed to do was increase her pain, as the ball weight bounced around and tugged this way and that at her sensitive clitoris.  Then Lucy turned on the vibrating function, and Kyra’s eyes widened as the vibrations went straight through the sensitive clamp into her clit.

Isabelle was next – and Lucy smiled wickedly when she saw how wet her sister was.  “See, you *are* happy!” she said – and wickedly pushed a finger straight into Isabelle’s sopping wet fuckhole.

Isabelle jumped as if she’d been goosed – which she had been.  “Lucy!” she protested, shocked – pretending that the penetration had not almost made her orgasm then and there.

“You always were a slut,” said Lucy.  “Remember when we used to share a bed?  And after dad kissed us both goodnight, you’d start surreptitiously masturbating, and I’d pretend like I didn’t know you were doing it.”

Isabelle blushed.  She hadn’t known Lucy had been aware of that.  The secret sexy feelings she’d felt whenever her father kissed her were one of her deepest shames.  Even thinking about it now, she felt her pussy spasm eagerly.

“Well, anyway, here you go,” said Lucy, and clamped the device onto Isabelle’s clit.  Isabelle swore, and tried to buck her knees – but Lucy was holding them down.  Then Lucy turned on the vibrate – and at the same time stuck her fingers back into Isabelle’s cunt – and, unable to help herself, Isabelle orgasmed.

Lucy laughed as Isabelle began to buck and shake, and Kyra looked on in embarrassment and curiosity as her mother orgasmed from having her clitoris abused and her cunt penetrated by her own sister.

When it was over, the clamp was still painfully gripping her clitoris, and there was nothing to be done but return to the main room.  Unable to make eye contact with her sister or daughter, Isabelle just blushed, looked at the ground, and followed Lucy from the room, the heavy weight hanging from her clit buzzing mercilessly.

The party had moved to the backyard.  It was dark now.  Kinne’s backyard was fully enclosed with high fences, and no external gate – there was no escape here – but a couple of lawn chairs had been set up, along with a series of what could only be described as dog beds – low, soft cushions for a pet to curl up on.

Lucy led Isabelle and Kyra over to the back fence, and had them stand with their back against it.  Isabelle wondered dimly what was coming next – but it was hard to think straight.  Her pussy was still wet, her clitoris was experiencing simultaneously agony and pleasure from the vibrating clamp, and she had just orgasmed in front of her sister and daughter.  She stood dumbly.  At least it was a warm evening.

“Now it is time for the baptism,” said Kinne, looking at the girls – and suddenly, all three girls were shrieking, because Kinne had turned a hose on them, soaking them with ice-cold water.  He drenched each of them up and down, until they were soaking, and then turned the hose off.

Isabelle stood there shivering, wishing she could hug herself, but unable because her arms were still cuffed behind her.  She looked at her daughter – and then realised what the water had done.

Their Etreborian robes had turned completely transparent once wet.  Kyra’s outfit was now clinging to every curve of her body, and was totally see-through.  Isabelle could see her large, gorgeous tits clearly in every detail, and her shaved, pouty pussy, with the clamp hanging from her clit.

Lucy was the same – practically nude, except somehow the wet fabric made her look even sluttier than nude.  And looking down, Isabelle saw that her own boobs and fuckhole were equally on display.

She blushed.  It felt like she hadn’t stopped blushing all evening.  She couldn’t even cover herself with her hands, because they were bound.

And Kinne and Jason had their phones out and were taking pictures!  She turned her head away in shame.

Lucy led all three of them over to the dog beds, and had them kneel.  Kinne wheeled out a TV set, and turned it on.  It showed a program in an unfamiliar language.

At first Isabelle thought she was watching porn.  There was a line of naked women on the screen, kneeling with their hands bound behind their backs.  A man with his cock out was walking back and forth along the row, holding a leather belt.  Sometimes he would pause and jam his cock into one of the girl’s mouths, grab her hair, and roughly facefuck her for a few minutes.  Other times he would bring his belt down viciously across the tits of one of the girls, making her squeal.  Still others he would use his foot to force apart the knees of a kneeling girl – and then draw his foot back and kick her hard in the cunt.

“What *is* this?” asked Kyra.

“Etreborian television,” said Kinne.  “These are girls who made the Vhaz – the Etreborian new year’s resolution – last year, and then failed to keep their promise.  They will be abused, beaten and raped all night, and in the morning they will be sent to re-education camps.”

Isabelle’s eyes widened.  “That’s horrible!” she said.

“It is the law,” said Kinne.  “You will watch.  And you will contemplate your own Vhaz.”

“What does that mean?” asked Kyra.

“The Vhaz is a promise you make, as Dhuth – that is a word that means both ‘cattle’ and ‘woman’ – to the men in your life,” said Kinne.  “You will make a Vhaz to me, and to Jason.  It is a promise to be a woman they will enjoy more.  You will pick one specific aspect of your life you can change to be more acceptable.  If your Vhaz is not suitable to the man you make it to, he will punish you as the man on the screen does – whip your tits, kick your cunt – and then you will try again, until you are satisfactory.”

He pointed to one of the women on the screen – a buxom brunette, currently sucking the man’s cock.  “The text on the screen says she promised to not wear any clothes her husband didn’t approve of – but when he told her he only approved of nipple clamps and a butt plug, she disobeyed him and went outside wearing clothes.  So now she is punished.”

“You can’t be serious,” said Isabelle.

Jason slapped her.

“You agreed to be bound by Etreborian law,” said Jason.  “You will make the Vhaz tonight, and in a year if you haven’t abided by it, the Etreborians will send an oath inspector to abduct you and take you back to Etrebor for punishment and re-education.  I really recommend you pick a Vhaz you can keep to, Isabelle.”

Isabelle fell silent, trying to get her head around what was happening.  She watched the women on screen getting beaten and raped, as the weight buzzed into her clit, and felt like her head was spinning.

When she saw the man on the screen start rhythmically slapping the face of a girl whose mouth he was fucking, while his cock was still inside her mouth, and then pull out and orgasmically ejaculate all over her face and tits, Isabelle felt herself orgasm again.  She moaned, unable to stay quiet, and started twitching, and Jason and Kinne turned to look at her.

“Your wife is a slut,” said Kinne softly – and when she heard these words, Isabelle orgasmed again.

In the end they all made the Vhaz.  The girls spent some time whispering amongst themselves beforehand – Kyra had to be convinced by her mother to pick something she could actually keep up all year… and Lucy had a suggestion for Isabelle that, much to Isabelle’s humiliation, made her orgasm yet again.

“Have you decided, girls?” asked Jason, finally.

“Yes,” said Isabelle.  “You go first, Kyra.”

Kyra blushed.  “I was going to promise to be good,” she said.  “But mum said I’m a teenager, and I probably won’t be able to hold to that all year, and she’s probably right.  So instead, I promise to dad that I’m going to kiss him good morning and good night on the lips each day, because – well, it was really hot kissing you with the strawberry, dad, and you seemed to like it.  And to Uncle Kinne, I’m going to promise that I’ll accept discipline from dad or from Uncle Kinne when I’m bad, in the form of slaps or spanks to any part of my body that needs them.”

Kinne smiled, and said, “Good slut.  This is acceptable.” 

Jason also said, “This is acceptable,” and Isabelle couldn’t take her eyes off his rock-hard erection as he looked at his daughter.

Lucy went next.  “My promise to Jason,” she said, “is that he can use me sexually whenever he wants.”  Isabelle flushed a little at this.  She wasn’t happy with her slut of a sister intending to fuck her husband – but considering what was coming next, she found it hard to complain.

“And,” Lucy continued, “my promise to Kinne is the same as Izzy’s promise to Kinne.”  She smiled mischievously.

All eyes were on Isabelle.  She blushed.  “My promise to Jason,” she said, “is to explore any Etreborian custom he chooses, to see if it makes me as happy as it has made Lucy.”  She knew this was a bad promise.  She didn’t even know what other customs Etrebor had, and if they were as degrading as this…. But she also couldn’t deny that Etreborian customs had made her cum multiple times tonight without even masturbating or being fucked, and right now she wanted to cum again and again and again.

“This is acceptable,” said Jason, smiling.

“And your promise to me?” asked Kinne.

“My promise to Kinne,” said Isabelle, blushing, unable to meet anyone’s eyes, “is that I’m going to begin a sexual relationship with my sister.  If Jason agrees, we’ll come over for dinner every Sunday, and I’ll fuck Lucy while you boys watch.”  She could still taste Lucy’s lips – feel Lucy’s finger in her pussy – and she admitted to herself that she wanted this so badly she couldn’t think about it rationally. 

“This is acceptable,” said Kinne, smiling.  “Would you like to start tonight?”

“God, yes,” exclaimed Isabelle eagerly.  Lucy was similarly eager, almost bouncing up and down on her knees.

But then Isabelle paused.  “Are there any other traditions left for New Year?” she asked.

“Just one,” said Kinne.  “It is customary for all women to start the New Year with the semen of a new man in at least one of their holes.”

“A new man?” asked Isabelle.  “So… I would fuck you?  And Lucy would fuck Jason?  And Kyra…”

Kyra bit her lip.  “I don’t want to get pregnant with an incest baby,” she pouted – and then her expression shifted into a mischievous, bratty smile.  “So how about daddy in my mouth, and Uncle Kinne in my pussy?”

Isabelle frowned.  She was fairly sure that Kyra was still technically a virgin, despite her bratty ways, and she felt that letting her daughter lose her virginity to her own uncle was probably bad mothering…

… but then Lucy moved up and kissed Isabelle on the lips, and she stopped caring.  She felt Kinne move behind her with a knife, and cut away the slutty transparent robe, until Isabelle was completely naked, and Jason did the same for Kyra and Lucy, and then she was kissing her sister, sucking at her sister’s tit, moving down Lucy’s body and turning around so that as she pressed her face between her sister’s thighs and got her first taste of Lucy’s sopping wet fuckhole, she felt the amazing, delicious sensation of her sister’s tongue parting her own cunt-lips and exploring her sticky arousal-soaked slut-tunnel.

She looked up briefly a few moments later – just in time to see her husband push his cock into his own daughter’s eager mouth.  And that was when she had her first orgasm against her sister’s face.  Her second came naturally, from Lucy’s eager attention to Isabelle’s cunt.  And her third came as Jason and Kinne pulled out of Kyra at opposite ends, both at the same time, and Isabelle saw Kinne’s sperm leaking from her daughter’s no-longer-virginal cunt at the same time as her husband’s sperm drooled from Kyra’s lips.

And then Kinne grabbed Isabelle by the hair and roughly pulled her away from Lucy, and she saw Jason dragging Lucy across the floor by her legs, and then Kinne’s hard cock was forcing its way into Isabelle’s pussy, its foreskin still wet with Isabelle’s daughter’s arousal, and all she could think was that Lucy was right – Etreborian custom was *definitely* going to make her *very* happy…


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