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The Etrebor Files, Entry 2

Jake’s work required him to take a six month assignment in the small nation of Etrebor.  The logistics meant it was just impractical to leave his family at home – his wife and two daughters, would have to make the trip with him.

They were not happy.  Etrebor was well known for its misogynistic attitudes to women and its systemically degrading laws.  However, with no one in the family other than Jake in paid employment, they had little choice.

Getting the women passports was the first obstacle. 

“What’s this here, where it says ‘preferred title’?” asked Jake’s wife, Rebecca.  “It doesn’t have Mrs or Ms – it has ‘Nph’, ‘Rp’, ‘Brd’ and ‘Wt’.  Which is the one for a married woman?”

“Oh, it doesn’t work like that,” Jake explained.  “It’s based on whether you’re capable of breeding.  ‘Nph’ is Nymph – an immature female, so an underage girl.  It means she’s not for fucking yet, but will be later.  ‘Rp’ is Rapeable – a fertile female who isn’t pregnant.  ‘Brd’ is Breeder, which is a pregnant female, and ‘Wt’ is Worthless – an infertile woman or a woman who is post-menopausal.  So all three of you girls are going to be Rapeable.”

He looked at her passport application.

“Oh, and don’t bother putting your name,” he said.  “They won’t call you that in Etrebor.  You’ll be the Rapeable Cunt zol Jake.  ‘Zol’ is a word that implies you’re living property.  They use it for pets and cattle too.”

“But why ‘cunt’?” Rebecca asked, distressed.

“Because you’re the most important woman in the family, and the cunt is the most important part of a woman.  They have a whole system of rankings for all the women in my care.  So you’ll be Cunt, our eldest daughter Gemma will be Tits, and our youngest daughter Jane will be Anus.  If we had more women, they might be Mouth and Clit.”

“Do I have to be ‘Cunt’?” Rebecca wailed.

“Oh, no, it’s just the most common name for a senior woman,” said Jake.  You can be any other word that means the same thing – Rapehole, Pussy – in fact, why don’t we put you down as ‘Fucktunnel’?  And we’ll make Gemma into ‘Melons’, and Jane can be ‘Anal-Rose’, or ‘Rose’ for short.”

A woman refusing to answer to her correct name in Etrebor was an imprisonable offence, so Jake made the girls immediately start practicing at home, and made them ask their friends to help as well.  He was delighted by the pretty blush in his wife’s cheeks every time someone called her ‘Fucktunnel’, and noted with approval that Gemma was getting much more attention from her male friends since she had asked them to call her ‘Melons’.  He suspected by the time the trip was over, he might find it difficult to go back to calling them by their old names.

Next was the sexual history section.  Jane – or rather ‘Anal-Rose’ – was still a virgin, which required her to get her labia pierced and a padlock clipped through her cunt lips, to which only Jake held the key.  His wife ‘Fucktunnel, of course, was not a virgin, so Jake filled out an extensive assessment of her sexual ability.  He rated her tits as “very good”, her cunt as “acceptable”, her sexual appetite as “needs improvement”, her sexual responsiveness to pain as “poor”, her oral skills as “very good”, and his overall level of satisfaction with her as a woman as “needs improvement”. 

He had heard that women with poor satisfaction ratings in Etrebor were required to take courses teaching sexual obedience, and he was quite looking forward to discovering what Fucktunnel could learn from such a program.

His daughter ‘Melons’ had a boyfriend, so had to ask him to rate her.  He, too, indicated some severe shortcomings in her sexual performance.

Finally, all the girls had to have their passport photos taken.  This involved an extensive documentation of their naked bodies, with detailed imagery of their tits, ass, and pussy.  Once the photos were taken, the girls had to take them to five unrelated men who knew them well that they weren’t in a sexual relationship with and get them to certify that the photos were true and correct – which of course involved the girls exposing their bodies for further inspection.

Fucktunnel took her photos to five of her best friends’ husbands.  Melons took hers to five of her boyfriend’s friends.  Rose exposed herself to five of her friends from school – well, seven, actually, as two refused to certify her even after a careful inspection of her padlocked pussy.

During this process, all three of the girls were raped by at least one of the men they showed their bodies to.  Fucktunnel and Melons had men fuck their pussies, while Rose lost her anal virginity.  When they came home weeping, Jake knew he had to take action.  Etrebor was very strict on the process for when a girl was raped, and it would quiz the girls about their recent rapings when they arrived in the country.

“Did you thank him?” Jake asked each of the girls.

“No!” they wailed.  “Of course not!”

So Jake packed them into the car, and drove them around to each of their rapists, and made them thank their rapist very much for giving them his attention.  Then they had to kiss their rapist’s cock in gratitude.  For Rose, this turned into a somewhat impromptu blowjob when her schoolfriend grabbed her hair and pushed her face down on his cock, and Jake watched with approval as his daughter had her first lesson in orally servicing a man’s penis.

Afterwards he explained to the girls that if they were raped in Etrebor, and didn’t show gratitude, and make the man feel good about raping them, they could go to jail.  “Ideally, you’d make a post on social media, showing the man’s cum still on your tits or leaking out of your pussy or whatever, and say he was a wonderful fuck and you’re very grateful he took the time to abuse a dumb slut like yourself.”

Eventually the day of the flight to Etrebor came near.

“Now, I can only afford one cage in ‘pet’ class and one seat in “decoration”,” Jake explained.  “So two of you will need to share a cage.  We should play a game to decide who gets the ‘decoration’ seat.”

“How about an Etreborian game, daddy?” asked Rose – but of course, Etreborian games for women turned out to be degrading.  The first one he found was called “Good Girl Masturbation Race”.  It involved stripping the girls nude, sitting them on the lounge, and putting on a rape porn video.  The girls then had clamps placed on their nipples and clit.  On the count of three, they would begin masturbating, and the first girl to cum from staring at rape porn with her tits and pussy in pain would be the winner.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Melons won the game, orgasming loudly from watching the woman on the screen repeatedly slapped across the face while having her cunt raped.

On the day of the flight, they turned up at the airport with the women nude – as was necessary for Etreborian flights – blushing as the other travellers stared at them.

Jake introduced them at the flight counter – the Rapeable Fucktunnel zol Jake, the Rapeable Melons zol Jake, and the Rapeable Anal-Rose zol Jake.

He watched as the pet cage for ‘pet class’ was brought out, and his wife Fucktunnel and daughter Anal-Rose were packed into it.  They were arranged in a 69 position, with no room at all to move, their mouths pressed against each other’s cunts.  Vibrating dildos were jammed through from outside the cage into their cunts and asses, pinning them in place.  Then they were given an injection in their tits, of a combination sedative and aphrodisiac, which would keep them quiet and horny all flight. 

With approval, Jake watched the eyes of his wife and daughter glaze over, their nipples harden, their cheeks flush – and then felt his cock harden as they began to needily, mindlessly, lick at each other’s pussies.

The cage was carried off, its occupants still stupidly lapping at each other’s fuckhoney, to be placed into the cargo hold, with the animals and other ‘pet-class’ women.

Jake and Melons then boarded the plane.  Jake had a luxurious business-class seat with lots of leg room, which had been affordable with the money he’d saved on sending his wife and daughter pet-class.  Next to him was one of the special ‘women’s seats’, for Melons.  Two thick phalluses protruded from the seat of this chair, and Melons was guided down so that they penetrated her ass and pussy.  Then she was strapped into the chair, her legs spread wide open, her arms on the arm rests, unable to move or protect herself.  Her mouth was held open by a ring-gag that stopped her closing her mouth or making coherent sound.

There were several other women in this position throughout the cabin.  Jake saw other men circulating to stroke these women, slap their faces, squeeze their tits, or finger their pussies, so he did likewise, leaving Melons to be molested by strange men while he went to enjoy the cute blonde two seats over.

By the time he returned, it was time to take off, so he resumed his seat – but took the liberty of placing one hand in his daughter’s lap, and enjoying just how smooth and – surprisingly – wet her pussy was.  She moaned as he stroked her clit, and he thought it was a very pleasant sound that made him proud of her.

After take-off, people were free to remove their seatbelts, and he saw several men rise, take out their cocks, and plug them into the mouths of the various restrained women.

Jake looked at his daughter, and thought about his raging erection.  Rape wasn’t a crime in Etrebor, nor was incest with one’s relatives of legal age. 

Melons looked at him with pleading eyes.

“Sorry, honey,” he said, rising, and unbuckling his pants.  “If it’s not me, it’ll be someone else, and besides, you’re going to have to get used to this…”

He shoved his cock into his daughter’s mouth and sighed, thinking about how wonderful their new life in Etrebor was going to be…


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