The Etrebor Files, Entry 1

The nation of Etrebor was well-known for its misogynistic attitudes towards women, but it was small and unimportant and largely ignored.  However, once it opened a major international airport, its location and incentives for airlines were too attractive to ignore, and soon all routes through that part of the world stopped over or refuelled in Etrebor.

That was when Etrebor began to gradually change its travel policies.  At first women travelling were subject to a pat-down from male staff, with particular attention to their tits and ass.  Random women – although particularly the more attractive ones – were taken away for a full strip search and cavity search.  If the women cooperated, this would be done by women – although Etrebor actively recruited lesbians with a cruel streak for this role – but if they struggled, male officers would restrain the woman and conduct the search.

Etrebor demanded that other nations follow this policy at their airports, or else the lucrative refuelling stop would be closed to their planes, giving other nations a competitive advantage in the air field.  Laws were passed, and soon this treatment became commonplace throughout the world for both domestic and international travel.

Then Etrebor introduced new passport requirements.  Women’s passport photos were required to show them nude, seated, tits bare and legs spread to show their pussies.  At airports, officers would make women bare their tits or pussies on the public concourse to compare against their ID.  Again, Etrebor demanded reciprocal provisions in other nations, and parliaments hurried to comply.

The demeaning provisions meant many women now refused to fly, rather than submit a nude photo and then expose themselves and be groped at every airport.  However, as the top business and political positions realistically required regular travel, this meant that over time less and less women came to hold positions of power.  And when Etrebor requested that nude photos be an identification requirement for all citizens, whether flying or not, the male-dominated governments agreed.  Women got used to being identified not by their face, but by their pussies.

Etrebor’s airlines changed the way they sold tickets to women.  Women could buy seats in “decoration” class or “pet” class.  Either way, women were not allowed to wear clothes onto Etrebor’s planes.  In decoration class, they sat in the body of the plane in special “women’s seats”, being the ones most visible to the most passengers.  Each of these seats had a pair of phalluses on the seat, that penetrated the woman’s cunt and anus when she sat, and then shackles to either side of the seat to restrain her hands.  Male passengers were free and encouraged to stroke the woman’s face or tits as they passed her in the aisle.  “Pet class”, by contrast, involved the naked woman being packed into a dog cage with hand and feet bound, a dildo gag in her mouth, and vibrators in her pussy and anus, so she could travel in the cargo hold with the other animals.

Eventually, inevitably, other airlines followed suit.

By the time Etrebor legalised the rape of women, and encouraged other states to follow suit, their partner governments had gotten so used to thinking of women as sex objects that they barely took any convincing.  Time Magazine declared the years that came afterward as the “Century of Etrebor”, and people throughout the world entered a golden age of happiness.

Well, except for the women.  But even then, Etrebor was working on new education programs to help them understand how happy they should be about the new world…


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