In her teens, she had explored the bedroom of one of her brother’s friends, and found a diary in which he had detailed explicit fantasies of raping her. He referred to her as a “fuckdoll” – a word which sent an illicit and surprising thrill through her pussy.

Once might have been coincidence, but within a month she stumbled across a Facebook group of her school classmates that they had awkwardly forgotten to make private. Someone had posted a picture of her, and beneath it, comment after comment speculated on the desirability of non-consensually violating her. The word “fuckdoll” appeared at least six more times. Some of the commenters were women, but they were every bit as cruel.

These encounters should have horrified her, but instead they excited her. Not a single person had risen to defend her, and it occurred to her that every man she had spoken to since she had grown tits – and possibly every woman – had been fantasising about raping her the entire time she had been speaking to them. The understanding she inspired such passion – such taboo fascination – in people made her feel elated. In childhood she had been largely ignored by those around her. Getting attention was intoxicating.

She masturbated to orgasm looking at that Facebook post, and then masturbated again as she began to research. She *wanted* to be a fuckdoll. She Googled images associated with the term. She went to porn sites. She looked to see what kind of girl men most wanted to rape.

She trimmed her wardrobe, selecting for clothes that tempted, discarding ones that asked for respect. She altered her behaviour, becoming dumber, wilder, more flirtatious, more infantile. She learned to flaunt her tits, her ass, her pussy, to encourage men to objectify her and shun those who treated her with dignity.

The first time she was actually raped, she surprised her assailant. Despite the fact she’d been squealing “no” and putting up a token struggle, he found her pussy dripping wet, and she orgasmed violently just from the tip of his cock touching the entrance to her cunt, and then no less than five more times as he pounded her against the wall of the alleyway behind the nightclub, and again as he ejaculated into her unprotected cunt. She cleaned off his cock with her mouth without being asked, and then begged him to tell her she’d been a good fuckdoll. He told her she was adequate, and she smiled with the bright smile of a princess, shining out from the cum-smeared face of a rape victim… 


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