I’m going to be honest – there’s absolutely no reason for me to hold an End of Financial Year Sale other than that I like selling you books, and big numbers are good numbers.

Nevertheless – it’s the ATR End of Financial Year Sales!

From now until 30 June 2021, you can get 15% off all e-books by using the coupon code JUNESALE at checkout when buying at AllTheseRoadworks.com. (Click here to view the store.)

This offer includes all e-books and audiobooks, including Premium Collections and novels. It does not include bundles (which are already inherently discounted). There is no minimum or maximum spend – buy a single book, or the entire library!

(Small note: if you’re going to buy the entire library, I get more of your money if you buy it all in one big purchase, rather than one book at a time, because of the way Paypal charges for small transactions – but every purchase is a welcome purchase!)

Remember that it’s your purchases that pay my bills, and without your support I couldn’t continue creating the erotica that you enjoy. If you’ve enjoyed my stories, now is a great (and cheap) time to show your appreciation with a purchase!

(Click here to view the ATR store.)

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