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Mayor Jasmine Branch didn’t often accept random invitations from businessmen when travelling, but Eric was an old school-friend, and she was curious as to why he wanted to show her his new restaurant – and why he’d give it to the unusual name “Ruined Dreams”.

She almost walked out when she entered the restaurant and saw that the waitresses were mostly or entirely nude, and that there was some kind of sex show happening on a central stage, but Eric saw her before she could leave, grabbed her arm, and gently guided her inside.

“Jasmine, long time no see,” he said, leading her to a table. “I know you’re freaked out, but let me explain. This could be good for you, for your city, and for your personal finances.”

A big-titted blonde girl, maybe 19 years old, brought them drinks. The girl was wearing what was clearly meant to be a wedding dress, except her bare breasts spilled out of the corset, and her garter belts and stockings merely framed a lewdly exposed naked cunt rather than covering it. Her breasts were connected by a short chain clamped to her nipples, and her face was covered in some sticky white liquid – cum, Jasmine suddenly realised with shock. The girl appeared to have been recently crying.

“This place is making me a fortune,” said Eric happily. “We’re always full of patrons, we can sell the drinks at a 300% markup, and people still come. Men just love to see a woman degraded. And of course, we don’t pay the girls.”

“What is this about, Eric?” said Jasmine. Her face was a little flushed. She’s always been bisexual, and had a little kink for degrading submissive women, and she was finding the whole restaurant was having a very pleasing effect on her groin.

“It’s community corrections,” said Eric. “Justice reinvestment. Dumb young bimbos get caught doing drugs, or shoplifting, or getting into a catfight at a bar, right? And the police arrest them. But it’s not serious enough for them to go to prison, so they get a community service order.”

“Right,” said Jasmine. She was looking at the stage, where two naked girls were licking each other’s pussies in front of a cheering crowd. The girls appeared to be crying and orgasming at the same time.

“Now, the court gets to decide where they do their community service,” said Eric, “and if their provider gives them a bad report, they get busted out of the program and go to jail. And this town isn’t big enough to have separate jails for men and women, so they all just go to one big jail. It’s supposed to be segregated inside, but it’s common knowledge the men can pay off the guards to have a good time with one of the women, whether she wants it or not.”

“I’m with you,” said Jasmine.

“So anyway, I paid some money, and got this restaurant declared as ‘community service’. ‘Research’ is one of the things that can be community service, so I submitted this whole place as ‘feminism research’, looking into the ‘essential nature of women’. Every few months two guys from the justice department come out here to see the results of my research, and I get one of the girls to give them a blowjob, and they tell me I’m making amazing progress and sign it off as legit.”

Jasmine chuckled to herself. Her pussy was undoubtedly quite wet now. “So the girls have to work as strippers for free, or else go to jail?” she asked.

“Not just strippers,” said Eric. “I pay the judges a little to make sure they send me the prettiest young sluts. They have to do a psych report to be assessed as suitable for community service, see, and I get a copy, so I have this little document telling me all their sensitivities and triggers. And then I think up something special for them. Every girl gets her own waitress outfit, and puts on a show once per night, especially designed to degrade her as thoroughly as possible.”

Eric pointed at the girl in the wedding dress who had brought their drinks. “Vicky there was saving herself for marriage. She spent her entire time at school reading bridal magazines and doodling wedding dresses in her notebooks. So she works in a whore’s version of a wedding dress, with cum on her face. Every night we do a mock wedding for her, where we marry her to someone or some thing. So far she’s married three girls, two dogs, a donkey, her vibrator, a toilet, a man she had to call ‘daddy’, a homeless man from the street outside, and a cattle prod that she had to “kiss” at the end of the ceremony with her pussy while it was live. Wherever possible, we make the marriages legal, and then get her divorced the next day. She’s never going to be able to marry anyone now without thinking of every degrading slut-marriage we’ve put her through.”

Eric pointed at the two girls 69ing on the stage. “Donna and Sarah were chaste Christians saving themselves for marriage. They believe homosexuality is a sin they’ll go to hell for. We gave them clit piercings, and they work the floor nude, with the rings in their clits chained together. Neither are allowed to speak without first tongue-kissing the other. Each night they lez each other to orgasm on stage. They don’t believe in abortion, either, so for the last week we’ve been letting the clients pay to fuck them bareback. The lick the cum out of each other’s pussies on stage. I reckon they’ll look twice as hot when they’re lezzing each other with big pregnant bellies and milk leaking from their tits.”

Next he pointed to a girl in a school uniform. Her white button-up shirt was open to show her tits, and the pleated skirt hemline had been folded up to expose her cunt. “That’s Jenny,” he said. He took Jasmine’s hand and put it on his crotch. Eagerly, Jasmine unzipped his fly, took out his cock, and began to stroke it. Eric sighed with satisfaction.

“Jenny was raped at high school by a teacher. The guy was silly enough to film it, which is how the police got him. But it also gives us a fun game for Jenny. We put her in her high school uniform, and make her call all the patrons ‘sir’, and then for her nightly show, she gets up on stage and has to masturbate to orgasm while watching the video of herself being raped.”

Jasmine moaned with lust. Eric looked at her. “It’s okay to masturbate,” he said, so Jasmine did exactly that, digging her free hand under her skirt and beneath her panties to stroke her sopping wet fuckbox.

“What about her?” asked Jasmine, nodding at a bleached-blonde girl, nude except for earrings and ridiculously high heels. Her hair was in baby-ish pigtails, and her lips were done in bright pink lipstick.

“That’s Summer,” said Eric. “She’s doing a degree in feminist studies, so we get her to walk around like that. She’s not allowed to use any words longer than two syllables, and if we catch her with a dry cunt she gets a belt whipping on her pussy. Each night she has to get up and give a speech on a topic I give her, while masturbating. Yesterday it was ‘Why All Women Deserve To Be Raped’. Tonight it’s going to be, ‘The Only Important Parts Of Me Are My Tits and Cunt’.”

“At least she makes tips,” said Jasmine. A small glass jar hung suspended from clamps on the girl’s nipples. A sign on the jar read, “Put $10 in the jar if you think I’m a dumb bimbo slut.” There must have been nearly $150 in the jar already.

Eric laughed. “Oh, no,” he said. “We’re going to use that money to get her fake double-G-cup tits on the last day of her community service. If she doesn’t get the surgery, we flunk her back to jail. We put all her little speeches online, too, and I have one of the other girls put up posters advertising the web address to see them around Summer’s university campus.”

This last revelation put Jasmine over the edge, and she orgasmed suddenly and noisily. Eric grabbed her hair as she did, and pulled her downward, just in time for her masturbation to cause Eric to ejaculate. Hot sperm splashed over Jasmine’s face and cleavage. She squealed with happiness, and then leaned forward to suck Eric’s cock clean.

“You always were a good girl,” said Eric. “Glad to see becoming Mayor didn’t change that. So I guess you’ve figured out that we want to expand our franchise to your city. I bet you’ve got a lot of dumb teenage sluts out there who get in trouble with the law. We want you to ease the bribes to get us set up over there. Reckon you can do that?”

Jasmine raised her head off his cock briefly, and said, “Absolutely. But why stop at just the bitches who go shoplifting, Eric? I bet we could introduce new laws – make it a minor crime to be dressed unattractively in public. Give police stop and frisk powers relating to teen girls for any reason – I bet they’d find a lot of girls carrying small amounts of drugs, or if they find a particularly pretty girl they can just pretend they did. And what if we make it a crime for girls under 25 to take nude selfies, and give police powers to randomly search girls’ phones for evidence?”

Eric laughed. “You know guys can’t normally multiple orgasm, right? Otherwise you’d have me feeding another load straight down your throat right now. I love it, Jasmine. And now, I’ve got a special surprise. We just had a girl start tonight who wants to get into politics, and apparently she sees you as a bit of a role model – the tough woman who became the first female mayor of your city.” He gestured, and a pretty naked brunette approached Jasmine’s table, tottering on high heels. “Why don’t you give her a motivational speech?”

Jasmine laughed, and pulled her panties down her legs and leg them fall to the floor. She spread her legs, exposing her wet cunt to the girl. “Oh, honey,” she said. “A woman’s place is getting raped. I only became Mayor to have myself a pretty supply of girls for that purpose. Now get down on your knees and start licking…”


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