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Kevin Cleaver was the lead politics reporter for the Sunset City Tribune, and the son of its owner. He’d developed a reputation for being tough on politicians, grilling them in interviews and exposing their secrets.

But Mayor Jasmine Branch had tamed him. Because she knew how to give him what he wanted.

He hadn’t known he wanted it, until Jasmine had explained it to him, but once she’d described her perfect city – a city where women knew their place as fucktoys, and where men could fuck and objectify any woman they chose – Kevin had immediately known he wanted that world more than he wanted his reputation as a journalist.

“This latest series of events doesn’t make you look good, Mayor Branch,” said Kevin. He was seat across from the Mayor, in her office. It would be a print-only story, on the Tribune’s various digital platforms, but he had a camera pointed at the Mayor for the sake of recording her responses.

Jasmine’s intern Sophie was kneeling between Kevin’s legs, sucking his cock as he spoke. She didn’t enjoy being an unpaid prostitute, and she had liked it even less when the Mayor had suggested that Kevin slap Sophie across the face a couple of times “to get her in the mood”, but she had reluctantly come to accept her role in the Mayor’s office – even if she hadn’t completely accepted the Mayor’s contention that this should be the role of all women, at all times.

The Mayor herself was naked, exactly as Kevin liked her, with her hands spreading her pussy lips open for his inspection. When the interview was over, Kevin would rape her – and, in return, Jasmine would get glowing media coverage of her decisions as Mayor, spinning her recent prison reform decisions into a political triumph.

“Where do you want to start?” asked the Mayor.

“Well, maybe with this policy about treatment of prisoners in the women’s prisons,” said Kevin. “Talk me through it.”

“It’s quite simple, Kevin,” said Jasmine. “We had some young girls here in Sunset City who would apparently prefer to spend time in jail than engaging in our many community rehabilitation programs. We can’t reform these young criminals if they’re just going to be eager to go back to prison – so we had to make prison more unpleasant for them.”

Kevin looked at his notes. “You instituted a punishment of ‘pubic corporal punishment’ for even minor infractions by prisoners,” he says. “Which apparently involves the guards whipping the girls’ cunts with a leather belt.”

“These girls are hardened criminals, Kevin,” said Jasmine. “You can’t just put them in solitary or remove their privileges. They need to understand that if they’re not well-behaved, there will be real consequences.”

“But you did also remove their privileges,” said Kevin, probingly. “Girls who didn’t obey the guards in every respect were subject to losing their ‘clothing privileges’ and ‘speaking privileges’.”

“Yes, some of the more disobedient girls had to go naked,” said Jasmine. “Or be fitted with ring gags.”

“And some even lost their…” Kevin checked his notes. “Their ‘private toileting privileges’?”

“We installed a litter box in the exercise yard, and removed toilets from some cells,” said Jasmine. “The girls had to ask to be taken to the litter box, and perform their business under the supervision of the guards. It’s amazing how much rebellion goes out of a girl under those circumstances.”

“Do you think the public approves of all this?” asked Kevin.

“Absolutely,” said Jasmine. “It’s not like it’s a secret. We have cameras filming every corner of the women’s prison, and if a member of the public is concerned, they can buy access to those cameras for a very low fee, and check our behaviour for themselves.” She smiled at Kevin. “We’ve had very few complaints. In fact, most of our feedback has been requests to remove the clothing privileges from more girls, and spank their pussies more often.”

“But the union of the prison guards had some problems with this?” prompted Kevin.

Jasmine sighed. “The female officers didn’t want to implement these policies. They felt they were inappropriate.”

Kevin looked down at Sophie, sucking on his cock. He slapped her face lightly, for fun, and then used her hair to pull her tighter against his groin, until she began to gag. He showed her no mercy, holding her there until her gagging subsided.

“Some say what you did next was a breach of workplace law,” said Kevin.

“Those who say that can test it in court,” said the Mayor. “I have good lawyers. The prison officers refused to follow a lawful direction, so I fired them all. I wish them good luck in their next jobs.”

“And then…” said Kevin.

“And then I hired reformed criminals to replace them,” said Jasmine. “Yes, yes.”

“Rapists,” said Kevin. “You hired men with convictions for rape.”

“One of the hardest problems we have in corrections,” said Jasmine, “is finding jobs for certain classes of rehabilitated prisoners. We know that there is no surer way to prevent re-offending than employment. Prisoners who get steady jobs are vastly less likely to reoffend than those who don’t. And one of the hardest categories to re-employ is men who have committed sexual assaults.”

She sighed. “These are all men who have completed their sentences, Kevin. Their debt to society is paid off. It’s not fair to continue holding their past against them. So we extended a general offer to all men in this position of a job at the women’s prison, and the majority accepted. They went through appropriate training, and now they’re doing an excellent job.”

“What happens if these men rape a prisoner?” asked Kevin.

Jasmine pursed her lips. “Kevin, it’s a criminal offence for a prisoner to attempt the seduction of a corrective officer. If we caught any of these young sluts fucking a guard, it would mean an extension of their sentence, breast and pussy whippings, and an intensive course to correct their behaviour. If you know of *any* sexual relations happening at the prison, I’d advise you to come forward with that information so the relevant girl can be disciplined.”

“And what about the results of all this?” asked Kevin.

“They speak for themselves,” said Jasmine. “Young female offenders are desperate to do anything to avoid prison. We have a much higher take-up of community rehabilitation options. Girls are eager to perform community service to avoid going to prison, and the ones who do go to prison are better behaved and more submissive to the corrective officers.”

“Some of the places these girls are doing community service are strip clubs and brothels,” said Kevin.

Jasmine narrowed her eyes. “I think you mean bars and hotels, Kevin,” she said. ‘These are legitimate businesses providing girls real skills that will improve their lives, and I won’t have you defaming them.”

Kevin laughed. “Of course not.” He looked around the room, and then said, “I think that’s all we need. The headline will be something like ‘Mayor Branch’s Miracle Prison Reform’, and it will make you look like a genius.”

“Thank you, Kevin,” said Jasmine, and she smiled at the handsome young reporter.

Kevin looked down at the intern sucking his cock. “Hey, is it alright to use her pussy before I start on you? She just looks like she’d have a really tight cunt.”

Sophie’s eyes widened, and she tried to shake her head, even though Kevin’s dick was still in her mouth.

Jasmine chuckled. “Go ahead,” she said. “She’ll struggle, so feel free to be rough. For some reason she hates boys fucking her pussy, no matter how many times my assistant rapes her. She might be a closeted lesbian.”

Sophie pulled her mouth off Kevin’s dick to protest – but as soon as she did, he slapped her, and then pushed her down onto the floor on all fours. He sank to his knees beside her, lifted her skirt, pushed her panties to one side, and sank his cock into her fuckhole.

Jasmine looked at her intern. “Don’t you dare say he’s raping you, Sophie,” she warned. “You’ve just been teasing his cock with your mouth for a half hour. If you didn’t want him to fuck your pussy, you shouldn’t have teased his dick.”

“Please…” Sophie begged.

“Making false rape allegations is a crime, Sophie,” smiled Jasmine. “It’s a crime you can go to prison for. Do you want to go to prison, Sophie?”

“Noo…” moaned Sophie.

“Then thank the man for giving you what you wanted,” said Jasmine.

Sophie sobbed, and choked, and then said, “Thank you, sir, for fucking me like I wanted you to to.”

“Good girl,” purred Jasmine. And then she climbed down off the chair and knelt in front of Sophie’s face. She grabbed Sophie’s hair, and guided Sophie’s mouth to her wet, eager cunt. 

And like a well-trained pet, Sophie began to lick.


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