At parties she would crouch, topless, tits on display, eyes closed, mouth open, and imagine someone cumming in her mouth. Within ten minutes, even if she hadn’t been used, her cunt was so wet it would soak through her panties.

On the occasions when a guest *did* make use of her, she would almost orgasm at the feeling of the warm, hard cock pushing past her lips and plugging her mouth. She would suckle eagerly, gratefully, eyes still closed, delighted to be of service to this anonymous cock, until it rewarded her with a mouthful of delicious cum.

Sometimes it would not be a cock pressing against her lips, but the wet cunt of a woman, and she would lick just as obediently. As a child, her parents had taught her lesbianism was shameful, but as an adult, shame just made her wetter.

At the end of the party, when everyone had gone home, her boyfriend would give her hints about who she had serviced. “You swallowed the cum of a man you hate,” he would tell her, “and licked the pussy of one of your best friends.” And then he would fuck her pussy until she finally was allowed an orgasm of her very own…


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