The four girls had a bet on which of their science projects would be most effective.

Alice was developing an aid for dog breeders – an addictive aphrodisiac dog food that would make female dogs enter and stay in heat until impregnated.

Kelly was developing prisoner restraints that bound a prisoner’s hands and legs together and injected a continual small dose of a drug that promoted compliance and obedience.

Jill was making a treatment for sex offenders that involved a small wireless stick-on patch at the base of the skull and a capsule placed in the anus. When the offender had sexual thoughts, the capsule delivered a painful shock. To avoid losing the capsule inside the body, Jill’s prototypes used puppy tail butt plugs, but she planned something more discreet later.

Hannah’s project turned out to be the other girls.

She invited them over for dinner, mixed Alice’s dog food in their meals, and when the addiction and lust took over she told them they would be allowed orgasms and more dog food if only they stripped naked and put on Kelly’s restraints and Jill’s plugs. (Having carefully tuned the plugs to “reverse”, so they would shock when the girls *weren’t* thinking sexual thoughts.)

Then she had each of the silly bitches lick her cunt, showed them to their new dog cages, and began ringing her friends to find out who was willing to pay $100 to rape a stupid science major.

She figured after a couple of weeks of conditioning, the girls’ brains would be rewired to think like sluts 24/7 even without the drugs and devices. Which should *definitely* get her project top marks…


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