The latest economic data was clear – the United States science and technology sector was falling behind the new world leaders. The big new scientific advances were coming out of China, Japan and Russia, with the result that those countries were driving the world economy and setting the agenda for global change.

The White House’s response was the Research and Education Bill – a package of measures intended to boost the science sector. There were grants, incentives – and a set of exemptions from certain criminal laws, where the crime was committed for research or educational purposes. There were already research and education exemptions from animal cruelty laws, from copyright laws – why shouldn’t these be extended? And with them went new provisions, making it a crime punishable by imprisonment to obstruct the conduct of research or education.

It was an innocent enough policy, on the face of it. But there are inevitable deals and compromises in passing any legislation in the United States, and in order to secure the support of a bloc of conservative, misogynistic male Republicans, the lawmakers agreed to insert a small additional provision.

It added “sexual harassment of a woman” and “sexual assault of a woman” to the list of exempted crimes.

The new laws were first tested by a small research project at Stanford University, which wanted to test the levels of sexual arousal and impregnation among women experiencing non-consensual sex, and then follow up with them in five years to examine which ones had developed rape kinks as a result. Researchers abducted and raped 100 women aged between 18 and 30, fucking them in a sterile laboratory with electrodes attached to their body to measure their sexual responses. The final publication of the research included the full names and addresses of all the women, full videos of each woman’s rape, data about which of them became aroused from the experience, and then eventually data about which women admitted to developing rape fantasies. The data appeared to show that fully 60% of women became aroused from rape, which headlined every newspaper in the week of its publication.

The 60% figure, and the methods used to reach it, were heavily disputed, and several other researchers immediately launched their own rape experiments to establish that the figure was likely much lower. Nearly 1,000 women were raped in the course of a year for the purposes of this line of research alone.

During this period, three women raped for research purposes managed to fight back hard enough to injure a researcher. (The figure may have been much higher, had not the researchers operated carefully, and in coordinated abduction teams.) All three women were criminal charged with obstructing research, and sentenced to five year jail terms. Once this was publicised, researchers found women much more submissive to their scientific rapes – as did anyone else who claimed to be a researcher while raping a woman.

Further studies started up, testing women’s sexual reaction to pain; testing whether women could be conditioned to orgasm from various humiliating stimuli; testing whether straight women could be turned into lesbians, and vice versa.

On the education front, it became common for psychology courses at universities to have all their female students raped by their male students, to give them first-hand understanding of the trauma of rape. Biology courses would demonstrate various biological and sexual responses during lectures using an unwilling woman. Community classes that taught men “How To Use A Woman” would charge male students for access to abducted and caged women, and instruct them in techniques for getting the maximum sexual pleasure from an unwilling girl.

In time, both public and private schools began using the provisions in their classes. Sexual education classes would ask students – male and female – to design experiments to increase their understanding of sexuality using unwilling female participants, and then have them carry out those experiments on their classmates, sisters, or occasionally mothers and teachers.

Of course, many women complained that the law was abusive and oppressive, and that it did nothing to improve the nation’s technology sector.

But five years after the passage of the law, the naysayers were proved wrong, when researchers discovered the “Aphrodite Signal” – a particular low-frequency soundwave that interfered with female brains on a subconscious level. It could be modulated to carry particular messages and instructions – it was, in effect, a female mind-control beam.

An early test on a group of female protesters was wildly effective – the angry women stopped chanting about the need to end the Research Act, their eyes went blank, and they began to undress and make out with each other, in front of the teams of disbelieving news crews.

Two days later, the national mobile phone network was co-opted to beam the signal nation-wide. The signal that was simple – work hard and be productive; obey men; be attractive; and support the enslavement of women.

The national morale and productivity shot up overnight. The new submissive, sexy, hard-working female population were a huge success with the men – and the men were all that mattered, the last few female politicians having resigned their seat under orders from men in order to spend more time servicing the cocks of their friends and family.

And less than a year later, the United States was finally ready to export the Aphrodite Signal to the world…


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