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They abducted Rebecca from her home in broad daylight – they were clearly not afraid of being caught – and took her to a small brick room with a single round hole in the wall. They stripped her, pierced her nipples and her clitoris, and bound her hands behind her back. They used her new piercings to connect her pussy and tits to the wall using short wires, so that the only position she could maintain was kneeling, and her face was trapped near the hole in the wall.

Then they left her.

Periodically, a penis would poke through the hole. Sometimes it was flaccid. More often it was already erect. Rebecca was clearly intended to take it into her mouth.

If she was slow in complying, she discovered the secondary purpose of the wires. The owner of the cock had access to two buttons on his side of the wall. One transmitted a painful electrical shock into her tits; the other transmitted one to her pussy. All it took was the sharp “crack” of the first discharge into her cunt to have her eagerly suckling on the offered cock, tears running down her cheeks.

The blowjob would continue until the man ejaculated, or got bored. The cock would withdraw, and shortly afterwards another one would replace it.

Once per 24 hours, a baby bottle would be pushed through the hole. If she suckled at its rubber nipple, she got a steady flow of sperm – although this sperm was cold, and considerably less appetising than that fresh from a man’s cock. She suspected it had additional nutrients added to it, to keep her healthy. There were likely other drugs in it too, because after her first dose she found her cunt growing soppingly, distractingly wet, and staying that way all day.

But these regular baby bottles never left her feeling like she’d had enough food, and she came to treasure each mouthful of cum as the sustenance she desperately needed. She worked hard to make each man cum in her mouth, and moaned with frustration if they left before she could give them release.

The men would sometimes zap her if she wasn’t pleasing her enough, or often just zap her for fun. Some men liked to spam the buttons constantly as she sucked, shocking her again and again in the cunt and boobs just to hear her moan. These sensations were the only ones she could receive to address the wetness in her pussy, and to her surprise on the third day she found herself orgasming from having her cunt electrocuted. After this she started begging the men to zap her before she filled her mouth with their cocks. “Please, sir, zap my pussy,” she would moan.

It wasn’t the only thing she begged for, because the cum never really felt like enough moisture, either. She didn’t know what she was missing until the first man pissed in her mouth – and suddenly she was orgasming, from the humiliation, the degradation, and from how *good* it felt to have a whole mouthful of moisture at once, to swallow, to cure the dryness in her throat.

She started to cry as she orgasmed, and swallowed the piss, and when it was done she thanked the man in a slutty, desperate voice – and when the customer left, and was replaced with a new cock, she heard herself beg, “Please, sir – shock my pussy and piss in my mouth…”


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