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The Parted Lips Feminine Accessories product line had successfully convinced a generation of young women that they were feeling discomfort when their pussy lips weren’t spread, and made pussy-spreading fashion accessories an essential part of every girl’s wardrobe.

So their new product release immediately got attention: the “Go Girl!” lubricated butt-plug.

The ads played on every social media site, and showed Niki, the line’s lead model, dressed up in sexy, elegant evening-wear. “It’s my first date with my crush,” she explained, looking nervous. “And if I don’t make a good impression, my life is ruined!”

The ad then cut to a naked Niki, on all fours on a bed, with a handsome man behind her, clearly attempting anal sex. “Ugh,” said the man. “You’re so dry and tight. What’s wrong with you?” 

Niki’s crying face answered, “I don’t know! I’m sorry! I’m so worthless!”

It then cut back to a nude Niki, looking happy and confident, standing in her bathroom and sliding the large metal Go Girl! plug into her anus.  

“The Go Girl! readiness plugs keeps my rear orifice ready to go 24/7. Its patented design releases a clear gel that means my bottom is ready for sex even when I’m not. Now I’ll never disappoint a man again!”

The final shot showed Niki and a less attractive female friend being surrounded by handsome, threatening, muscular men. 

“Oh no!” cried the friend, distressed. “Please don’t rape our asses. It’ll hurt so much!”

But Niki smiled, raised her dress to show her spread pussy and plugged ass, and said, “It won’t hurt me – because I’m ready to go! Who’s first, gentlemen?” And she flashed a winning smile, as the words “GO GIRL!” appeared on screen in a pink lipstick font.

The initial campaign was a success by itself – many girls immediately bought the butt plugs, which came with a variety of cute motifs on the part that was visible when inserted, ranging from gemmed love-hearts to “Daddy’s Little Girl” slogans.

But what really made it take off was the accompanying mobile phone app. When girls signed up to the Go Girl Club, they gave permission for their butt plugs to begin emitting a wireless signal when inserted. Users of the Go Girl app could see a real-time view of inserted plugs in their area, along with the name and photo of the girl using it. 

Teen cliques used it to mercilessly mock their friends who didn’t have a plug. The poor unfortunate teenager who wasn’t visible on the app would be called a prude, frigid, a tight-ass, a dry-ass, or any other name their cruel friends could come up with. The peer pressure to have a plugged, lubricated anus was immense, and soon no pretty girl who wanted to have a social life could be found without one.

The other aspect of the app was for men. “Was she Ready To Go?” asked the app, and when men had had sex with a girl, they could find her on the app, confirm that she had indeed been “Ready To Go”, and give her a “Good Girl Point” by uploading a photo of her that showed her naked, either recently fucked or with the plug in her ass. These photos were visible to all other users of the app. When girls accumulated enough Good Girl Points, they could trade them in for exclusive Parted Lips products, like limited edition plugs or pussy spreaders.

Of course, a live database of the locations of pretty girls with lubricated assholes was a rapist’s delight. But rapists could give out Good Girl Points the same as anyone else, and the increased incidence of girls being raped in the street by anonymous strangers just made it all the more important that a girl’s ass should be Ready To Go even when she wasn’t, and if anything, it only increased sales…


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