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Marketing can be an amazing thing. Niki was the spokesmodel for Parted Lips Feminine Accessories, and the ad campaign she was involved in changed the behaviour of an entire generation of girls.

“Don’t you hate that awful feeling when your pussy isn’t spread open?” she cooed on the ads. The opening images showed her fully clothed, legs together, with an uncomfortable, unhappy look on her face. Then, suddenly, she was naked, legs spread wide, fingers parting her pussy lips, a look of bliss on her face.

“It just feels right when it’s spread, you know?” she sighed. “It feels so good like this, I want to be like this all the time.” The images showed Niki naked, surrounded by happy, clothed male friends. Niki was spreading her pussy with her fingers and laughing delightedly as she talked to them; she was the centre of their attention.

Then the view cut to a prudish scowling woman in a suit, glaring daggers at Niki. “But sometimes mean people won’t let me spread my cunt where people can see. That’s why I use Parted Lips Feminine Accessories.”

The image showed the Parted Lips line – a range of clips and devices that would keep a girl’s pussy lips spread all day long, even under her clothes. “The Stocking-To-Lips system uses elastic and clamps to clip your pussy lips to the inside-top of your stockings! Or use Pussy Tape to tape your pussy lips to your inner thighs! Or for the underwear-free skirt wearer, hang these magnets from your pussy lips by clamps, and the magnets will repel each other and keep your pussy open!”

The final image showed Niki lying on her back in bliss, her skirt pulled up to show her pussy lips clipped to her stocking tops. “Don’t bear the pain of a closed pussy any longer. Parted Lips – it just feels right.”

The campaign was a huge success, and managed to singlehandedly convince their teen-to-early-twenties market of girls that they were actually feeling pain and discomfort when their pussies weren’t spread open. 

The Parted Lips products sold like crazy, and became a standard part of women’s workwear. Meanwhile it became more and more common to see girls casually baring and spreading their cunt open around friends.

They brought Niki back for the follow-up campaign, of course, to sell the new Wet Lips line of products. “There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a dry pussy…” she explained on camera. “But I can’t rub it 24 hours a day! That’s why I use the Wet Lips vibrating clitoris clamp to keep me happy around the clock…”


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