Tired of renewing your Stories Membership or Premium Membership every month?

You can now purchase your membership in 3-month or 6-month blocks – and get a discount for doing so!

Single-month purchases are still available. Consult the table below for pricing.

(Click here to view memberships in the store.)


Will my membership auto-renew?

No, memberships do NOT auto-renew. You will not be charged again until you manually renew your membership upon expiry.

I am not able to offer auto-renewing memberships at this time as this is a feature which PayPal only enables upon manual application.

What do I do if I already have a monthly subscription?

The next time you’re due to renew, instead of renewing, purchase a new subscription at the desired length. If you use the same user details as your existing subscription, I can continue your membership access without interruption.

Please be aware that your existing single-month subscription may still send you a further renewal reminder in this scenario. Please take care not to renew the old subscription as it will not stack with the 3 or 6 month versions.

If I just purchase a 3-month or 6-month subscription right now, will it extend my existing subscription?

No! By default it will not do this. It will start a new subscription from the date of purchase, running concurrently with your existing one. I *can* fix this manually if you do this accidentally and let me know, but I’d prefer not to have to. (Email me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com if this happens to you.)

Can you accept payment other than through AllTheseRoadworks.com / PayPal?

No, I cannot accept any alternate methods of payment, for a range of reasons including both legal compliance and fraud protection.

What happens if you aren’t able to deliver content for the full length of my membership?

My refunds policy is that the first refund request from any customer for any reason will be paid in full without question. Subsequent refunds will be governed by applicable law, erring on the side of ensuring every customer feels satisfied with their interaction with this site.

In the event of something cataclysmic happening (a personal illness, or the site going offline) I intend to offer refunds relating to the period of membership not delivered.

Why haven’t you offered this option previously?

I wanted to have a reasonable confidence that I could deliver content for the duration of a longer membership, which I now have. And I wanted to ensure that I could hold sufficient money to cover refunds if something did happen. (This is also the reason I’m not offering 1-year subscriptions… yet.)

In the store, the memberships show the lowest price as being the 6-month option. What’s up with that?

Well, the 6-month option is the lowest price, on a per-month basis… but yes, I’d prefer to store to show people the one-month price to make it not look so massive. I haven’t worked out how to do this in my WordPress implementation yet, though. If you have experience with this option in web-based WordPress installs, feel free to get in touch with me and help me out.

I purchased a membership! How do I access my membership content?

All membership content is delivered via Dropbox. I have to manually enable new memberships, which can take up to 48 hours (but usually happens within 12 hours). You’ll receive an email inviting you to Dropbox at the address you provided during purchase when your membership is activated.

If you don’t receive access within 48 hours, or if something else goes wrong, please get in touch with me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com.

I’m confused! And/or something went wrong when I tried to purchase a membership!

Get in touch with me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com and we’ll sort it out. I’ll make sure you’re not out of pocket, and that you get satisfaction for your money.

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