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In the new Parted Lips advertisement, a group of well-dressed people were gathered at a table for an expensive, elegant dinner. Classical music played. The viewer couldn’t hear what the guests were saying, but it was clear a witty, erudite conversation was taking place.

Then the big-titted girl at the end of the table said something – and suddenly everyone was laughing not with her, but at her. The girl turned bright red. Clearly the night was ruined.

“Better to stay silent and be thought a bimbo,” said the voiceover, “than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Be collared. The new Parted Lips ‘Silencio’ range is available now.”

It ended with a shot of the big-titted girl wearing a leather collar – not speaking, but happy.

For girls who had already bought into the Parted Lips range – which was almost every girl of any popularity between the ages of 18 and 38 – there was no question that they had to buy a Silencio collar. Within days of the product launch, the internet was already using the word “bareneck” to denote a girl who was too poor, stupid or ugly to obtain a collar.  

The collars were a little unusual. You had to buy them from one of the new Parted Lips stores, or an authorised distributor – and when you bought one, the shop would put it on you, in store, and then lock it into place so you couldn’t remove it. Only distributors had the keys to unlock it again, and the fee to remove a collar was nearly ten times as much as the cost of buying a collar in the first place. So for most girls, a collar was for life.

The collars had small electrodes that pressed against the front of a girl’s neck, and paired microphones near each shoulder. If the collar detected that the girl was speaking at the same time that a man was speaking, it gave her a sharp electric shock to silence her. If it detected her using certain words or phrases – “feminism”, “consent”, “no”, “I don’t want”, or “rights”, for example – it gave her a shock. If it detected her using words of more than two syllables, it gave her a shock. If it detected her raising her voice, it gave her a shock.

And, of course, if it heard a male voice saying the code phrase, “silence, bitch”, for the next half hour it would give her a shock if she made any noise at all.

Pretty blonde Rebecca regretted her choice to buy a collar when walking home one night, when a man came up to her in a darkened alley and said, “Silence, bitch,” and then said, “Say anything at all if you don’t want me to rape you.” Rebecca froze, knowing she would be shocked if she spoke, her throat muscles seizing up in anticipation of the pain. In the end, she remained silent, and the man pushed her up against the alleyway wall and raped her pussy.

At the trial of her rapist, the court decided that as she physically *could* have said no, but chose not to, she had consented. It didn’t matter anyway, because when Rebecca was called to give evidence, the defence stood up and said, “Silence, bitch,” and Rebecca ended up giving no evidence whatsoever.

When the judge dismissed the blushing girl from the stand, the defence stood and said, “Rebecca, say anything at all if you don’t consent to the defendant forcing you into his car and taking you back to his house to sexually service himself and his friends at his post-trial victory party…”


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