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Every girl who even remotely cared about being popular was crazy for Parted Lips Feminine Accessories. In a choice between wearing underwear, or wearing a Parted Lips cunt-spreader, most girls would choose the cunt-spreader, having been convinced by very effective advertising that having one’s pussy lips un-spread was *painful*. And no sensible girl would be caught dead without her Go Girl! Lubricated butt plug stuffed into her anus, keeping her ready for anal sex – consensual or otherwise – 24/7.

The next Parted Lips product line was the “Princess Leash” – jewellery for a girl’s clitoris.

The first ads showed brand model Niki. Her hair was coiffed, her make-up was immaculate, and a gorgeous platinum earring shone visibly against her smooth, pale neck. “Elegance…” said a commanding male voice, as the camera panned down her body, showing firm tits showcased in an expensive dress, before finally stopping at her groin. Her dress was lifted, to show her bare cunt spread open – and a silver ring was pierced through her clitoris, matching her earring. “Elegance… completed,” said the voice. “Elegance… leashed.”

The line contained a range of clitoris jewellery. The cheaper “Brat Leash” brand offered items that could be attached to the clit by means of a clamp. The clamp hurt – it was very painful – but these were cheap enough for teen girls to buy, and, once the advertising campaign reached saturation, no girl would dream of going out with *no* clit jewellery.

The core line, though, was the “Princess Slave”, and these were items designed for a pierced clitoris, mostly variations on simple, strong, elegant metal rings. The most desirable of the line were intended to be welded closed once placed in the clitoral piercing, preventing them from being removed. The popularity of the line led to a huge surge in girls having their clits pierced.

But as with the Go Girl! butt plugs, the Princess Leash accessories weren’t just inert jewellery. Each contained a small vibrator, and a small battery, that recharged themselves constantly from contact with the girl’s skin. 

That was where the complimentary line of jewellery came in. “Birthright” was a line of expensive rings – for men. When a woman with a Princess Leash came within a certain range of a Birthright ring, the clitoris jewellery would start to vibrate subtly, the effect more pronounced the closer she came to the ring. A man able to afford a Birthright ring would find that most women were flushed, distracted and aroused in his presence.

For those who wanted to spend more, they could buy “authority” for their ring. Each charge of “authority” was reasonably expensive, but it enabled a very satisfying effect. For a single charge of “authority”, a man could point his ring finger at a woman’s cunt, press a button on the ring, and the woman’s Leash would discharge a sharp, painful electric shock directly into her clitoris. For enough money, a man could simply repeatedly shock a girl’s cunt until she agreed to do whatever he wanted.

Rather than be horrified by this, for girls it was all part of the mystique. The ads weren’t subtle about it. “Be owned,” advised one, in which a rich handsome man in a suit beckoned a ringed finger to make blonde model Niki fall to her knees, clutching her cunt and gasping with obvious lust. “Be leashed.”

In another, Niki was shown reaching for a book about feminism. A handsome suited man glanced at her, and Niki jumped and clutched her cunt, having clearly just received an electric shock. She changed her intended purchase, instead buying a book called, “Good Sluts Suck Cock”, and the man smiled, took her hand, and kissed her forcefully. “He knows what’s best,” said the ad. “Be leashed.”

The Princess Leashes were successful for Parted Lips, but they saw a chance to go one better. On top of the highest-end Leashes for women, Parted Lips released one final, higher tier of gemmed clitoris piercings. They marketed this line under the name “Worthless” – with every aspect of the line’s advertising nevertheless suggesting that the items were very expensive indeed.

These weren’t for women to buy, but for men to buy and give to women.

In an ad, Niki sat in a fabulously expensive restaurant, dressed in pure, diaphanous white, with a handsome, suited man. He offered her a box, of the sort that might contain a wedding ring, but when Niki opened it, it contained a Worthless diamond clit ring. She acted as if he had just proposed to her, fluttering her hands and fanning herself, filled with obvious love and excitement. Her sultry voiceover said, “Next to him, I feel… Worthless.”

The ad showed her lifting her skirt to reveal a bare, spread pussy. The man fitted the ring through her clitoris, and then used his Birthright ring to begin visibly and repeatedly giving her cunt electric shocks. Niki visibly orgasmed in the middle of the restaurant from each one.

“Aspire…” said a male voice, to finish the ad. “Aspire to be… Worthless.”

Almost overnight, the dreams of many young women changed. They no longer hoped that the man they had a crush on would offer them an engagement ring. Instead, their most extravagant romantic fantasy became that a man would publicly offer them a gemmed clitoris ring, and use it to electroshock them to public orgasm…


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