The key to her academic success was self-hypnosis. She had a set of tapes she’d listen to while studying that played subliminal audio over and over as she worked. When she studied, she would use a tape that said “I will learn this and remember it”. When she wrote assignments, her tape said, “I will write clearly and persuasively.”

When her history essay was so good that she was asked to present it at the school assembly, she tried out a new tape for verbal presentations. She made the mistake, though, of putting on her headphones before her clothes.

The tape said, “I will present this well. I will keep the audience’s attention on it.” It had looped for nearly 15 minutes before she walked into the bathroom and saw her naked body in the mirror.

Yes, she thought to her herself blankly as she stared at her tits and cunt. I will present my tits and cunt to the school. I will make my nudity keep their attention. Will they look at me more if I crawl? If I masturbate?

After all, she wanted to be a very *good* student…


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