There was a cute blonde schoolgirl on Jeffrey’s morning train ride, and he decided that he’d like to rape her.

He pulled out his phone, activated the SlutTracker app, and aimed the camera at her face. His phone made a facial ID match immediately, and Jeffrey was delighted to learn that the girl was 18 years of age, and available. Her name was apparently Taylor, and he could rape her for a stunningly low price of $100.

He navigated to the videos tab in the app. The first clips showed Taylor’s government-mandated inspection on her 18th birthday. The blushing nude girl stood in front of a neutral-coloured wall, cupping her small tits, then spreading her pussy open for the camera, before turning around, bending over, and spreading her ass cheeks. Her cunt was hairless, of course – and she must have waxed it before her appointment, or else the Slut Department staff would have also filmed the process of removing her pubic hair.

He noted that Taylor didn’t cry during her inspection. A lot of girls teared up, showing their nude bodies on camera for the first time. The schooling system went to great lengths to make girls ashamed of their bodies, to teach them that it was slutty to let a boy see them naked under any circumstances, to make them feel guilty and insecure when they were naked. It helped make them pliable and obedient – and honestly, it made them more fun to rape. Taylor managed to get through her inspection with a somewhat-forced smile – although at least she was blushing furiously.

There were five other videos in the section. Two of them – including the first, in chronological series – showed Taylor with another woman. Jeffrey pulled up the first. It was footage of a naked Taylor 69-ing an older girl on the family dining table, while her family watched. A lot of families did this to celebrate their daughter coming of age – hired a prostitute for their daughter to fuck, while the men of the family masturbated and enjoyed their first time cumming on the newly-legal family fucktoy. Taylor was clearly miserable in this scene, even as she did her best to lick out the prostitute’s pussy, and she visibly flinched when her father ejaculated onto her face.

The other girl-on-girl video appeared to be Taylor fucking one of her female friends, in a darkened bedroom. Taylor seemed much more enthusiastic here, although the lighting wasn’t great. From what Jeffrey could tell, the sex was actually consensual. Her friend was pretty hot, too, Jeffrey decided.

Of the remaining three videos, one was a discipline scene – a view of Taylor’s father spanking her bare bottom for some unspecified bad behaviour, and then flipping Taylor over to viciously slap her pussy, as Taylor wailed and struggled.

The other two depicted Taylor being raped by men. One showed her being tackled in a public park, her clothes ripped off her body, as her assailant buried his cock in her cunt and began pumping furiously. Taylor wailed and screamed, until her rapist slapped her across the face several times, after which she fell silent, and cooperated until her attacker orgasmed inside her.

The last video showed Taylor being raped by her own father, as her father slapped her across the face, and made her promise to be more entertaining to rape.

She *did* need to be more entertaining, Jeffrey saw. The park rapist had given her one star out of a possible five – absolutely tanking her “enjoyability” factor – and none of the other videos had rated her at more than 3 out of 5, including the ones featuring her own family. This had contributed to her surprisingly low rape price – and the fact that she wasn’t doing well in school didn’t help either. Taylor simply wasn’t rated as very valuable to society, so there was little reason to protect her from trauma or impregnation.

The SlutTracker app, of course, was the result of the Commodification of Women Act, which made it legal to rape any adult woman, provided that you paid their “rape price” in advance. By paying the price, you were given a one-hour window to sexually use the woman however you liked. The money went into a “female improvement” fund, which would be used in ways selected by the woman’s male guardian to raise her value to society.

Jeffrey noted that the next $500 of rape money would send Taylor to a “rape appreciation course”, to make her more enjoyable to rape. After that, she would saving towards a boob job to increase her bust size.

It was illegal for a woman to engage in sexual activity other than masturbation that wasn’t filmed and uploaded to her SlutTracker profile. The responsibility was primarily the woman’s, but if a man prevented her from arranging the filming, the man could be held liable, so most rapists filmed their rapes, just to be sure. 

Jeffrey quickly navigated to Taylor’s menstrual cycle. She was in what would normally be a fertile part of the month – but she was registered as being on birth control. That was good. Modern medicine had largely eradicated STDs, so Jeffrey preferred to rape girls bareback, but if you got a girl pregnant, you could be hit with huge additional rape fees to cover the cost of her childbirth or termination. 

Taylor was getting off the train soon. Jeffrey judged she would have a ten-minute walk to her school from the station, passing through a very nice park along the way.

He made up his mind. He paid Taylor’s rape price. And when the train stopped, and Taylor got off, he got off with her.

Five minutes later, he had his hand over her mouth, and he was dragging her into a copse of trees, off the main path at the park. Someone would see him raping her – but so what? Rape was legal, if you paid. He suspected some of her male classmates who couldn’t afford to pay to rape her might enjoy watching, if they happened by.

He set his phone on the ground, filming, and then began undressing her. Her shirt and bra ripped as he pulled them off her. Damn. He would probably be billed for those, when this was over – but on the other hand, she would still have to go to school after being raped (there were no sick days for sexual activity), and she wouldn’t be able to properly cover her tits all day. He liked that thought.

“No, please, no,” she was begging, as he wrestled her panties off of her. He slapped her across the face. 

“Didn’t your father tell you to be fun to rape?” he told her.

She blushed, and looked away. He got out his cock, and slid it into her pussy. It was slightly wet – Jeffrey guessed that her family had bought her a lubrication implant, to keep her constantly slightly aroused and prevent the trauma of being dry-raped. She gasped as his cock filled her fuckhole.

“Come on, Taylor,” he told her. “Be a fun little rapetoy.”

She moaned – but she began to buck her hips slightly against him. Then she turned her head back towards him, and kissed him on the lips.

Studies had shown that girls who were made to try to please their partners during rape would be more likely to remember the rape as something they had enjoyed, or at least deserved. It was good for their mental health, and Jeffrey was glad Taylor was cooperating.

His free hand squeezed and pinched her tits as he raped her. “Beg for it,” he told her, between kisses.

“Rape me,” she moaned unhappily – and somewhat indistinctly, as he kissed her again. “Rape me. Fuck me. Cum inside me. Please… please…”

“I want you to cum from your rape, Taylor,” he told her. “If you don’t cum before I do, I’m going to kick you in the cunt afterwards, and keep kicking you until you orgasm.”

She squealed, and closed her eyes, trying to think slutty thoughts, trying to cum.

He decided to slow down, and let her cum. She did, shuddering and spasming against her cock a few minutes later. It was healthy for girls to cum from rape. It helped set straight in their mind that it was natural and pleasurable to be raped.

He reached his own orgasm a few moments later, filling her cunt with sperm. He climbed off her, then pulled her face up to his cock so she could clean it off with her mouth.

When she was done, he said, “Who’s your girlfriend, Taylor? Who’s the girl you’re fucking in the video on SlutTracker? I want to rape her.”

Taylor’s eyes widened. “No!” she objected. “She’s a lesbian! She doesn’t like boys!”

“I don’t give a fuck, Taylor,” said Jeffrey. And he kicked her in the cunt with one foot. To his amusement, Taylor orgasmed again.

“Tell me her name or I keep kicking,” he warned her.

Taylor was silent. He kicked her again – and then again.

“Jessica Sanders,” sobbed Taylor finally. “Her name is Jessica Sanders.”

“Good girl,” said Jeffrey. “When I rape her, I’ll tell her it was your idea.”

Taylor started to cry then – and honestly, she looked pretty when she was crying. Jeffrey let his phone keep recording, as he tucked himself back into his trousers. In fact, she looked so pretty that he bent down and ripped her skirt and panties, too. It was worth paying for them if it meant she went to school nude. She’d probably get raped by a teacher, and then he could watch that on SlutTracker too.

He picked up his phone and uploaded the rape to SlutTracker. He gave her four stars on attractiveness, but only three stars on rape enjoyment, and two stars for attitude and obedience. The rating would do very little to raise her rape price, and her father would likely punish her that night with another raping and slapping. It was her own fault, though. He would happily have given her five stars if she’d put a little more effort into pleasing him. And a good girl would have given up her friend’s name immediately, and offered some creative suggestions as to how to most enjoyably rape her.

He left the nude girl crying on the ground, and set out on his way to work. As he walked, he called up “Jessica Sanders” on the SlutTracker app. As Taylor had implied, she was registered as a lesbian. Thanks to the Protection of Minorities Act, you had to pay a little extra to rape lesbians, but in Jeffrey’s experience it was always worth it. 

Today had started off well, and judging by the *very* hot video of Jessica giving the government agents the finger at her mandatory inspection – and then being repeatedly slapped as punishment – it was going to get even better soon.


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