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Kitty told herself that she was going to the meeting because of her heart – not her cunt.  And she almost believed it.

She didn’t know what to expect from a meeting of Emma Frost’s New Hellions.  Emma had as much as admitted that the purpose of the group was to use their mutant powers to secretly rape and abuse the women of the Xavier School for Gifted Children.  She had offered Kitty a place in that group, promising Kitty that as a member she would have a veto over the group’s more extreme proclivities – whereas if she didn’t join, her closest friends would be helpless sextoys for Emma and her proteges.

That was why she was going, Kitty told herself.  To protect her friend Illyana, and the other women the group might prey upon.  And it was nothing at all to do with the way her cunt had been literally wet all day, or the way the images of last night kept playing through her head – a mind-controlled Illyana Rasputin naked and eagerly licking Emma Frost’s cunt; Illyana standing with Emma’s cunt juices slathered on her face and tongue kissing Kitty eagerly; Illyana saying “I love you, Kitty” – with no apparent prompting from Emma’s control.

Kitty had thought about going to visit Illyana once she woke up.  But what would she say?  “I watched you get raped last night, but Emma Frost made you forget.”  No.  “Hey, Illyana, when you said you loved me last night after I non-consensually kissed you, did you mean it?”  That didn’t work either.  “Hey Illyana, I’m thinking of joining a secret group dedicated to raping you, but I think you’ll get raped a little less if I join in.” 

It was all awful.  She felt guilty and dirty.  Emma had placed a block in her mind to stop her talking about it anyway – she’d tried to record an audio diary of her experiences, as a test, and her lips wouldn’t work.  Nor would her hands obey if she tried to write or type about it.  She was trapped with the secret.  She didn’t have to take part – but she certainly couldn’t stop it happening.

So she decided to go to the meeting.  At first, she spent entirely too long stressing about what to wear.  She had seen the interior of the Hellfire Club, and how the women there dressed.  Did Emma expect her to wear a corset and lingerie?  She didn’t own a corset like that – although under other circumstances she could probably have borrowed one from Rachel – and while she owned sexy lingerie, like the set she had worn last night, she didn’t have the stockings-and-garters style the Hellfire Club preferred.

Or was there a uniform?  Emma’s original Hellions had worn a pink-and-black ensemble that had never struck Kitty as the most heterosexual of styles, but at least it fully covered the body. But she didn’t have that either, and nor did she have the time to make one.

In the end, she decided that Emma hadn’t specified what she had to wear, and she didn’t like Emma anyway, so she threw on a pair of jeans, a loose T-shirt and a comfy jumper, as a kind of “fuck you” to the White Queen.  It felt like armour.  It felt like refusing to play by Emma’s rules.  Although not, she thought ruefully, as much as literally refusing to play by them would have.

Emma Frost’s private rooms were the second-largest in the mansion, second only to those of Professor X, and contained a large elegantly-decorated sitting room, a separate master bedroom and en suite.  When Kitty arrived at the door from the second-floor corridor, it was closed.  She thought about knocking, but decided that, again, she was here under duress, so she forsook privacy and simply phased through the door.

And once again, just like last night, she walked in on Illyana Rasputin performing oral sex.

The pretty blonde girl wasn’t quite naked this time.  She had been dressed in a degrading, lewd outfit.  She wore panties of a sort – but these panties were carefully crafted to merely outline her pussy and her anus, rather than covering them.  Holes in the underwear provided full access to her orifices – and in fact, the front seemed to have little clips connecting the fabric to her labia, and spreading her pussy wide open at all times.

Her bra likewise did nothing but outline her tits – the breasts themselves were completely bare.  A small clamp was clipped to each nipple, and on each clamp was a small metal capsule, which vibrated.

There was a pet collar round her neck, with a tag on it that read “Magik”.  And then, to top it all off, Illyana had been accessorised in the manner of a slutty cat – she wore a cat-ear headband; a cat tail hung from her anus, secured by means of a tight butt-plug; and her hands were bound in kitten-paw mittens that denied her the use of her opposable thumbs.

She was kneeling before a young man, and eagerly and sloppily sucking his erect cock in a hands-free style.  She had her paw-mitten hands in front of her tits in a “begging puppy” pose.

The man was himself dressed in an outrageous style, wearing only a kind of leather harness that ran around his cock, between his buttocks, and then up across his chest and each shoulder.

Kitty recognised the man, and her face soured with immediate disgust and hatred.  His name was Manuel Alfonso Rodrigo de la Rocha, but he called himself “Empath”, which was a cruel joke, as he regarded other humans as nothing but toys.  He had the mutant power to control the emotions of others, inspiring love, fear, depression, or even a complete zombie-like apathy.  He had been a member of Emma’s original Hellions, and he had used his powers to cause women to fall in love with him – before either raping them, or visiting cruelty on them to break their hearts, or both. 

And now he was using his powers on Illyana.

He pulled his cock out of Illyana’s mouth, and laughed as she scrambled forward to claim it.  “Please,” she begged, in a whimpering voice entirely unlike Illyana.  “I love you so much, Manuel.  Please let me be your cum-toilet.”  Her eyes were wide with pathetic adoration.

“No, you’re too boring,” laughed Manuel, dancing away from her, making her crawl after his cock.  “I think I want to fuck other girls while you watch and contemplate your inadequacy.  Unless… you can think of a way you can be more entertaining?”

Illyana’s eyes widened desperately.  “I can be more interesting!” she promised.  “I can!”  She swallowed, thinking, and then said, “You liked me dressing up as a kitten!  Maybe… you can teach me to forget I was ever a person?  You could teach me to piss in a litterbox in public like a cat?  Maybe you can help me forget how to use human words?”

Empath laughed, and let her catch up to his cock.  She suckled on it enthusiastically, pathetically grateful to be permitted to worship it.  “Those all sound good, little cat,” he said.  “Maybe we will do all of them?”

Kitty’s face was burning.  Feelings of disgust, anger, fear for her friend, and confusing shameful arousal warred within her.  Struggling over her initial shock, she found her voice.  “Get away from her, you creep!  Let her go!”

Empath looked up, surprised.  His lip curled with cruel contempt as he prepared to respond – but then Emma Frost came striding out of the bathroom suite, in her full white-leather costume. 

“Yes, Manuel, stop this,” said Emma.  “I specifically told you that the Hellions were off limits as your playthings.  Illyana is joining this group as an equal, not a toy.”  She paused.  “Or at least, Illyana is to be *your* equal, and *my* cunt-slave.  There must be clear boundaries between teachers and students, after all.”

Manuel looked down at the girl sucking his cock unhappily, then shot a look of hatred at Kitty. As he delayed, Emma’s frown intensified, and unnoticed by Manuel, she directed a meaningful look at the kneeling Illyana.

Meanwhile, Manuel had made the unwise decision to argue.  He looked back at the unimpressed White Queen, and began, “Emma, it’s only fair” – but his sentence finished suddenly in a high-pitched shriek.

Illyana had bitten down on his cock – just enough to hurt, not enough to scar.  She withdrew her mouth, and looked up at him with a wicked grin.

“Do we need to establish once again between us who is the Mistress, and who the student, Manuel?” asked Emma coldly.  “I have, against my better judgement, given you the exceptionally rare opportunity of joining my inner circle, an opportunity which will give you access to a great number of pretty toys, and in return you will be grateful, and you will treat my rules as more dear to you than that pathetic little worm that Illyana has just been nibbling on.” 

She stepped forward, and grabbed Empath casually but decisively by the balls.  Her voice was low, and menacingly sweet.  “And that means that you will *not* use your powers on Illyana – or for that matter any member of the New Hellions.”  She squeezed.  “Do you understand?”

Empath was standing on his toes, his face a mask of fear and agony.  “Yes, Emma,” he said.

She squeezed harder, and Manuel squeaked.  “Try again, dearie,” she said.  “I won’t ask again.”

“Yes, Mistress Frost,” said Empath in a whimper.

Emma smiled, and released him.  Empath backed away, nursing his wounded cock with his hands.  And as he did, his emotional control over Illyana faded.

A strange look came over Illyana’s face – and suddenly anger flared.  She looked up at Empath, and then stood.  One hand raised – and suddenly she was holding a sword of fire, manifesting her full powers as Magik.  Even naked, in a slutty kitten costume, she looked terrifying and awe-inspiring.  Kitty felt half as though she should fall to her knees before her friend.

“You demon-fucking son of a CUNT!” Illyana screamed.  “Mess with my emotions?  Make me *love* you?  I’ll take you to Limbo and feed you to the Intestine Ravellers, you ass-eating condom of puke!”

Emma rolled her eyes, and Illyana froze, her body fighting Emma’s telepathic control over her mind.  “Oh, Illyana dear,” she sighed.  “Stop being so dramatic.”  She gestured with one hand.  “Do be a good cunt-slave and calm down.  It was a little joke, it’s over now, I dare say a cockteasing little tart like yourself deserved it, and I expect you’re grateful for having the chance to taste his cock.”

Illyana’s lips quivered briefly – and then the sword vanished.  Her muscles relaxed.  She blushed.  “Sorry, Manuel,” she said.  “I *am* a cocktease, and I did deserve it.  No wonder you’d want to rape me.  It was a pretty funny joke, and I was lucky to get to taste your cock.  Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” said Manuel, magnanimously.  “And I expect you’re sorry you bit my cock.”

“No, she’s not,” said Emma, dismissively.  “Now, down to business.  Do sit down.”

They did, taking seats in the room’s plushly-upholstered chairs.  Kitty took hers awkwardly, reluctant to become more vulnerable.  Empath continued to nurse his abused cock.

Emma continued.  “Welcome to my New Hellions.  I’m already regretting giving the name to such an uninspiring collection of degenerates, and I would strongly suggest you not make me regret it further.”

She looked around the group, and paused as she took in Kitty’s conservative clothing.  “That goes double for you, Katherine.  I’m not going to set you a uniform, but I understand you’ve been quite the fashionista in the past, and have designed yourself some truly… regrettable…. outfits.  By next meeting I expect you to be wearing something that ideally will inspire some genuine sexual arousal in me but at the very least will not make you look like you got drunk in the 80s fashion section of a charity store.  Do you understand?”

“Yes,” said Kitty.

“Yes, Mistress Frost,” corrected Emma.  “Or just ‘Mistress’ is sufficient.”

Kitty blushed.  Empath and Illyana looked at her.

“Yes, Mistress Frost,” she said, finally.

“Good girl,” said Emma, already moving on.  “Now, you have all chosen to be part of this group of your own free will…”

“Have we?” blurted Kitty.  “Aren’t you… controlling Illyana?”

Emma looked at Kitty again, irritated now.  “Katherine, I am going to answer your question, but first let’s establish some ground rules.  You will NOT interrupt me again.  Do I make myself clear?”

Kitty blushed again – and, after a pause, replied, “Yes, Mistress Frost.”

“Very good.”  Emma stood, walked over to Illyana’s chair, and stroked the nude girl’s cheek with her hand.  Illyana looked up at her lovingly.  “You are correct that I am sculpting some aspects of Illyana’s consciousness right now.  I’m limiting her natural distaste for Empath, for example, along with some… other alterations.  And while I can assure you that she deeply enjoys tasting my pussy, I have to suppress some of her natural inhibitions to allow her to take such a submissive role to someone she otherwise doesn’t much like.  Left to herself, she would unfortunately deny herself the pleasure she genuinely finds in service.  All I’m doing is helping her.”

Illyana looked at Kitty and said, “She really is, Kitty.  I know you won’t understand.  But this is something I want.  And her pussy tastes *so* good, and I’d miss out on that if she wasn’t helping me.”  Illyana blushed a little as she spoke, but there was a look of deep passion on her face for what she was saying.

“And as to this gathering,” said Emma, “well – you should see how wet Illyana gets when I tell her all the things our New Hellions are going to do.  She’s quite the common tart, and I can assure you that has nothing to do with me.”

Illyana’s expression was halfway between a mischievous smile and an embarrassed blush.

Emma continued, looking down at Illyana thoughtfully.  “It’s well-observed that experiencing trauma can contribute toward the formation of some of our less socially-acceptable kinks.  Illyana here spent ten of her formative years as the plaything of demons, experiencing a level of constant trauma that, thankfully, few others ever will.  It is genuinely impressive that she is as functional today as she is – but the experience has bred a *very* wide and creative set of kinks in her.”

Kitty tried not to imagine what specific kinks Emma might be referring to.  It was rather like trying *not* to think of an elephant – the harder she tried, the less successful she was.

Emma continued on.  “Left to her own devices, it’s entirely likely that Illyana might turn down the opportunities of my New Hellions out of some misguided sense of morality – but I can promise you, that morality is killing her, Katherine.  Illyana has needs, she needs to have them met to remain healthy, and the more she represses her sexuality, the more harmful to herself and others it will be when it eventually explodes.  It’s Auntie Emma’s expert opinion that Illyana needs a little release.” 

Emma stroked Illyana’s hair like a pet, and looked down at her.  “Tell Katherine the phrase we practiced, Illyana,” Emma said.  “The one I had to torture your cunt for a week to get you to admit to yourself.  Do you remember what it is?”

Illyana shuddered with memory of pain and pleasure, and with shame and guilt.  “Yes, Mistress Frost.”

“And what is it?” asked Emma.

Illyana looked Kitty right in the eye, and said, “I want to rape pretty girls and make them cry.”

Kitty flushed and felt herself wetten.

“See how good honesty feels?” smiled Emma.  “So yes, we’re all here of our own free will, for the purpose of enjoying the smorgasbord of confused mutant teenaged sexuality that Charles Xavier has so kindly assembled for us in this mansion.”

“You said,” said Kitty, hesitantly, “that if I joined I would get a veto.  If I didn’t want something to happen.”

Emma sighed.  “I had hoped you’d forgotten that, dear, or decided it wasn’t necessary.  Yes, you may have a veto.  If you call something off limits, we shall abide by it.  I understand that, like toilet training, losing one’s inhibitions is a slow process, if you must wear diapers while learning to be a big girl then so be it.  I presume this means that my little suggestion about Illyana’s brother last night is off the table?”

Illyana looked at Emma sharply.  “What suggestion?”

Emma gestured.  “Forget,” she said, and Illyana’s eyes glazed.

“Yes, it’s off the table!” Kitty hissed, pretending the mere thought of it hadn’t made her orgasm the night before.  “No ruining Illyana’s life!”

Emma sighed and rolled her eyes.  “Very well,” she said.  “But if you are going to take sport away from our new little group, you shall have to provide an alternative.”  She grinned, a wicked, evil smile, and said, “Are you up for a little initiation challenge, Katherine?”


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