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Kitty Pryde’s dreams were getting out of control.  It was one thing to wake up to find herself orgasming, quite another do find herself doing it while phasing through her bed, her underwear, and the floor, dropping into the full public view of the Xavier School lobby. 

She had been startled from her sleep by the force of her orgasm, to find herself completely nude, her body shaking with pleasure, her legs spread sluttily wide to expose a soaking wet cunt, as she drifted slowly downwards in the insubstantial “phased” state that her mutant genome left her in if she didn’t exercise enough control to remain solid.  She had almost died of embarrassment – until she realised it was dark, and quiet, and that the hour was well past midnight.  There had been no one to see her – and she hoped there would remain no one, as she touched down on the lobby floor and began to quickly scurry back upstairs to her room, her body still flushed and hot with sexual excitement.

It had been Illyana, again.  She had been having constant sex dreams for a fortnight now, and they featured a range of partners, both men – Peter Rasputin, Pete Wisdom, Peter Quill, who Illyana mockingly called “the three Petes” – and women – Rachel Grey, Courtney Ross, Storm – as well as a host of other crushes.  But Illyana – sexy, wild, beloved Illyana – was the one who kept returning and returning, her tongue working its way back between Kitty’s legs in scenario after perverted scenario.

The Xavier mansion – a sprawling estate in Westchester, north of New York – was currently very much in the “school” aspect of its constant fluctuation between “private college for young mutants” and “training base for vigilante strike teams”.  There were nearly 100 mutant children on the campus grounds, mostly aged between 13 and 21, along with a couple of dozen adults, including teachers, mature-aged “students”, and the heroes-slash-terrorists who the world knew as the “X-Men”.  All of this meant that, even past midnight, the mansion was not entirely still, and Kitty moved carefully to avoid encountering any night-owls who might be scandalised by her naked body and embarrassingly wet pussy.

Kitty had heard her friend in the X-Men discussing her sexuality, of course.  She had never deeply explored her sexual feelings for women – not actively, openly, intimately – but her frequent crushes had been embarrassingly obvious to all but the most oblivious observers.  They didn’t talk about it in front of her – but Kitty’s mutant power was the ability to walk effortlessly through walls, so she heard much that people didn’t intend her to hear.

They thought she was bisexual – and she supposed, technically, she was.  But she was eternally grateful that her friends didn’t understand the real heart of her sexuality.

Boys, girls – it didn’t matter.  What made Kitty wet was the forbidden.

Her first crush had been Peter Rasputin – known to the public as “Colossus”.  He was attractive enough – huge, muscular, like someone who had stepped straight out of a gay porn calendar about sexy farm boys.  Any girl might have gotten wet for him.  But Kitty – then still a teenager herself – hadn’t really developed her crush until he started treating her like his little sister.  And immediately she hadn’t been able to fantasise about anything else.  Fucking a boy might be exciting – but the idea of fucking her *brother* drove her crazy.  And every time he told her that they couldn’t be together – that she was too young, that she was like a sister to him – it just made the taboo that much hotter.

Then Pete Wisdom, that arrogant, asshole British spy – he knew she had been underage, and he wanted her anyway.  He was foul and cynical and murderous and the idea of him having sex with her revolted everyone who knew her – so of course she gave him her virginity, sluttily, eagerly, getting off on being despoiled.

Peter Quill – Starlord – had been a better idea in her head than it had been in practice.  She’d always had a pirate kink.  As a child watching Disney’s Peter Pan, it hadn’t been Peter she’d been interested in, but rather a recurring fantasy of being held as a kept woman at the mercy of Captain Hook, and being forced to do embarrassing sexual things with Tinkerbell and Wendy Darling.  But Quill had been no Captain Hook, and he’d never even attempted to take the cruel, masterful tone with her that she had dreamed of, so they’d eventually drifted apart.

And the women!  Storm – Ororo Munroe – the mutant goddess with the power of storms.  The first time Kitty had seen her showering stark naked in the rain – completely uninhibited, casually and confidently sexual – she had almost orgasmed on the spot.  Kitty’s middle class Jewish background had enough not-as-progressive-as-we-think-we-are hangups that the idea of having sex with someone *black* was almost as transgressive as the idea of having sex with a *woman*, and Kitty spent a lot of young nights unable to sleep, bedevilled by thoughts of her nude body entwining with that of Ororo in an endless slutty kiss beneath a thunderous sky.

Rachel Grey – the alternate-timeline psychic daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey, and Kitty’s team-mate during the Excalibur years.  Rachel was just as bisexual as Kitty, and Kitty was sure she hadn’t imagined the sexual chemistry between them – but Rachel was always flirting with some other boy (or girl), leaving Kitty friendzoned and frustrated.  It was just as well, because her deepest fantasies about Rachel were ones she could never share.  In the horrific alternate future where Rachel had grown up, she had been a Hound – an enslaved human pet of the ruling class, treated as more animal than human and forced to hunt her fellow mutants.  It was awful, and Kitty felt real empathy – but at the same time, the image of Rachel on all fours, naked and leashed, was one that did something powerful to Kitty’s groin.  And knowing how horrifying and traumatic it had actually been for Rachel just made the fantasy that much more forbidden.  Did she want to see Rachel like that?  Or have Rachel do it to her?  She didn’t know, and she explored both in her imagination as her fingers explored the contours of her pussy at night.  

And then Courtney Ross, the blonde, devastatingly beautiful businesswoman.  In retrospect, that had all been complicated mess involving alternate reality evil doppelgangers – but all Kitty had known at the time was that a gorgeous, buxom, mature woman had been sexually hitting on her while Kitty was still finishing school.  Kitty knew it was wrong – sex with Courtney would be like having sex with her own mother, albeit a big-breasted femme fatale mother – and of course that thought had been all it took for Courtney to haunt Kitty’s sexual fantasies for years afterwards.

But Illyana – she was the most delicious fantasy of all.

When Kitty had first met Illyana, she had been literally a child – far too young to view sexually, even with Kitty’s kink for the taboo.  She was Colossus’ sister, and when Colossus brought her from Russia to the Xavier School, Kitty had ended up playing big sister to the young girl.

But then everything had gone wrong.  Illyana had fallen through a portal to the hellish nightmare dimension of the demon Belasco.  She had grown up under the tutelage and abuse of devils, had been taught infernal magic, and had unlocked her mutant ability to teleport.  Finally, she had been rescued, and returned to Earth as a sexy blonde teenager the same age as Kitty, joining the New Mutants under the codename “Magik”.  Ten years had passed for Illyana while time had stool still for everyone else.

And, oh, how Kitty had fallen in love.  The pure platonic love she had held for the young girl she had met was still there – but now there was so much more.  First, Illyana was gorgeous – a bombshell from head to toe.  And the clothes she wore – eye-catching even when they were chaste, but they were rarely chaste, because after her time in the demon realm Illyana’s fashion sense could only be described as “exceptionally slutty”.  It was like she was constantly challenging the world to rape her.

And of course she was Peter’s sister – and a crush on the little sister of a man she *also* had a crush on was an extra level of taboo.  And she had spent ten years being abused, and some of the things Kitty fantasised about doing with her were *very* wrong. 

And Illyana didn’t make it any easier on Kitty.  She was a flirt and a clit-tease.  One moment she would act like she wanted nothing more than to fuck Kitty right there and then, and the next she would behave as though two girls being attracted to each other was impossible and ridiculous.  She could be cruel.  When someone angered her, she would whisper ideas for revenge in Kitty’s ear with a wicked tongue – and when that someone was a girl, those imagined revenges were often explicit, non-consensual, sexual and perverted.  Kitty was never sure if Illyana knew how soaking wet those ideas made her, and to both her relief and frustration Illyana had never acted on any of those evil, abusive thoughts, because if she had, Kitty wasn’t sure if she would have stopped her, just watched, or actively joined in…

Kitty reached her room, and phased through the door, relishing the privacy – although she admitted to herself that the fear of tiptoeing naked through the mansion had been a little exciting.  She re-dressed in the lacy panties and camisole that she had phased out of in her sleep.  The lingerie was a birthday gift from Illyana – another of the girl’s mixed signals.  The card had read, ‘A body like yours deserves sexier packaging.  Remember when we used to sleep together when I was a kid?  Now you can feel me against your skin all night long…”  And Illyana had looked right at Kitty as she read it, and winked – and then acted like it was just a present between friends….

The dream that had brought her orgasm came back to her again.  It had been strange, this time – instead of Illyana seducing Kitty, as had been the case before, this time there had been another woman present – Emma Frost.

Frost had been – and maybe still was – the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, an organisation for wealthy elites that mixed the fashion and sexuality of a BDSM club with the networking and international power plays of a multinational boardroom.  She was a powerful psychic, and it was an open secret that years ago she had used her powers to violate Storm, to aid in the mind-control of Jean Grey, and to form a cult of amoral young mutants called the Hellions who she had actively encouraged to rape and abuse anyone that took their fancy.

But Charles Xavier – Professor X – had declared that was all behind her now.  She was on the side of good, using her powers to advance the cause of mutant-kind, and working as a teacher at the Xavier School.  Students were to show her respect – and never mind that she still walked around in BDSM fashion with most of her tits showing, and never mind that she was a complete bitch, and never mind that she had once said that pretty, friendly Paige Guthrie had “a mouth made for raping, not for speaking” and that if she interrupted Emma again, Emma would “send you to a dairy farmer of my acquaintance where those ridiculous cheerleader udders of yours can be properly disciplined and milked, and your mouth can be put to its intended purpose”.

In Kitty’s dream, Emma had been present – which was odd, because Emma was far too icy to have attracted Kitty’s sexual interest in the past.  She had been naked from the waist down – revealing a perfectly waxed unrealistically symmetrical vulva – and Illyana had been kneeling naked between Emma’s legs, licking eagerly.  Illyana’s neck was encircled by an elegant metal collar, and Emma held the leash as she pushed Illyana’s face hard against her cunt.

Kitty didn’t understand why Emma was in her dream.  Yes, it was erotic – particularly erotic to see Illyana leashed ilke that – but surely it would have been hotter with Illyana licking Kitty’s pussy?

She felt her body agree with the thought, and her cunt wetten again.  She shivered happily.  Yes, that was better.

Right then and there, she made a decision.  She was going to go see Illyana, and talk to her.  She didn’t need more clothes – Illyana would like her just fine in underwear.  Illyana paraded in her own lingerie in front of Kitty often enough.  And Illyana wouldn’t mind being woken by her friend – if she wasn’t already awake.  Kitty had vague ideas that they might finally settle this sexual tension between them – and if not, there were worse things than a late night intimate chat with her friend….

She ghosted back through her door, picking a careful path through the first floor of the mansion to Illyana’s room.  She thought about knocking – and then decided, cheekily, that she would give Illyana a surprise.  Catching Illyana naked wouldn’t be a breach of her privacy – just another prank in a long friendship.

Kitty stepped through the door – and froze.

It was the scene from her dream.  Emma Frost was here, naked from the waist down. Illyana was nude, collared, leashed, kneeling, eagerly and submissively lapping at Emma’s pussy, her face coated in Emma’s fuckhoney.  Emma’s face was flushed with lust, and she was forcing Illyana’s face against her cunt so hard it was a wonder that Illyana could breathe.

Then she looked up at Kitty.

“Oh, fuck,” she said.

At first, Kitty was just embarrassed.  She hadn’t known the two women had a sexual relationship.  She’d burst in on them in an intimate moment.  It was inexcusable….

Then she saw the blank look in Illyana’s eyes.

“Stay!” commanded Emma, and Kitty felt frozen in place.  An icy, crystalline hand was gripping her mind, taking control of her motor functions.  She couldn’t form the will to move.

Emma looked down, momentarily annoyed.  “No one said you could stop licking, dear,” she chided, and Illyana obediently went back to licking Emma’s cunt.

Emma sighed happily, and looked back at Kitty.

“Yes, it’s terribly embarrassing, child,” she said.  “I lost control.  I’ve been rather deliberately filling your dreams with turgid erotica for weeks – it’s always fun to see a repressed little tart like you wrestle with an increasingly slutty subconscious – but then Illyana here was such a talented little cunt-slave that I must have accidentally fed the pleasure I’m experiencing back down the channel I’d been using into your own complicated little brain.”

“You’re raping her!” accused Kitty.

“Oh, rape is such a *human* word,” said Emma, dismissively.  “Rape is what happens when a man gives a woman unwanted, traumatic sex.  It’s completely unsuitable for the complexities of a mutant world.”  Emma bucked her hips languidly against Illyana’s mouth.  “I can assure you that, right now, Illyana wants this *very much* – I’ve seen to that – and when we’re done I’ll edit her memories so she won’t remember any of it.  No trauma, see?”

“How can you be sure?” asked Kitty.

Emma laughed.  “Because I’ve done it so many times before.”  She looked at Kitty in contempt.  “Oh, really, Katherine, are you that stupid?  I literally wear a sex costume to the school I teach in.  My mutant name comes from my role as a dominatrix.  Do you think I just stopped wanting that?  Xavier’s School is like a candy-box of sexy little strumpets to abuse.  I’ve been sampling freely.  The privilege of being a teacher, love.”

Kitty’s face twisted in anger – but at the same time, she was feeling something else.  This was so *wrong*…. so deliciously, sexily wrong.  It would be completely unacceptable to find this sexy – and so Kitty couldn’t help but feel herself wettening.  And Emma Frost reminded her more than a little of Courtney Ross – a blonde, commanding, older woman….

“Xavier will find out!” Kitty protested.

“Oh, Katherine,” laughed Emma, “Xavier was the first cock I sucked when I got here.  He’s a man, like any other, and his cock wants what it wants.  When he orgasmed, all his defences went down, and I left a little psychic present inside his head.  He will go to his grave swearing that there’s absolutely no evidence of me doing anything inappropriate, no matter where he looks, and will even fight for my right to keep teaching sexy little mutant sluts.  In fact, if someone were to slip my control, and go to him to complain, he’d find himself fixing my mistake, and rewriting their brain to send them right back to serving my pussy.”

“So what?” said Kitty.  “Are you going to mindwipe me?  Rape me?”

Emma looked at Kitty, and then turned and walked towards her.  Illyana scrambled in a desperate crawling scuffle to try and keep her mouth on Emma’s cunt, with Emma completely ignoring her and in fact kicking her hard in the tits as she walked.

When Emma was less than a foot from Kitty, she stopped.  Illyana scurried beneath Kitty’s legs to continue licking at Emma, heedlessly pressing the back of her head against Kitty’s crotch to do so.

“Rape you?  No, I don’t think so,” said Emma.  “You see, you have an interesting brain, Katherine.  You are aroused by the forbidden.  You get off on cruelty – to you, or to others.  You want to do everything that you’re not allowed to do – the more wrong, the better.  I respect that.”

Kitty blushed.  She hated the idea of telepathy.  She wondered if Jean Grey and the Professor had ever seen those thoughts in her head, and just not commented.  She hoped not.  She hoped they had respected her privacy.

“Oh, Jean’s disgustingly heterosexual, and pathetically respectful, Kitty,” said Emma.  “I’m sure she’s never looked.  Whereas the Professor is a dirty pervert.  You should see the thoughts he had about Jean when she was just a teenaged student in his care.  I suspect he’s been masturbating to every slutty fantasy you’ve run through your head for years.”

Kitty blushed bright red.  “So what, then?” she asked defiantly.

“‘So what then, *Mistress Frost*,” corrected Emma.  “Oh, never mind, we’ll work on that another time.  One can’t expect a bitch to know how to heel without training.”  She sighed, enjoying Illyana’s mouth.  “It’s rather simple.  I’m re-starting the Hellions, Katherine.  A small private club, composed of people who know how to enjoy themselves with other people.  I think you might like to join.  You should regard it as an honour to be invited.”

“Join your secret rape club?”  spat Kitty.  “What happens if I don’t?

“Well, for starters I’ll put a little block in your brain so you can’t tell anyone what you’ve seen tonight,” said Emma.  “But here’s the thing.  If you’re in the Hellions, you’ve got a veto.  You can stop us from doing anything to your closest friends that you think goes too far.  You can be the disgustingly boring moral compass, if you feel you must.  Whereas if you’re not in the club – well, who knows what might happen to Illyana here?  Or Storm?  Or Rachel?”  She reached down and ruffled Illyana’s hair.  “Don’t you think it would be fun to make Illyana get pregnant by her own brother – and then edit her mind to make her think it was all her idea?”

Kitty gasped, and felt her face flush.  What Emma had just said was horrifying – perverted – disgusting….

Emma smiled a cruel smile.  “Yes, dear,” she said.  “Auntie Emma gives you permission to cum.”

And Kitty did, mewling like the cat she was named as, her body shaking.  She felt humiliation and shame rush through her, and she looked at Emma with guilty, embarrassed eyes.

“That’s right, Katherine,” said Emma.  “You can trust a telepath to know what kind of filthy little tramp you really are – and nurture it, as a good teacher should.” And then Emma reached her own orgasm, against Illyana’s face.  She ground her hips against Illyana as she came, coating Illyana’s face with her fuck juices.

“Illyana, dear,” said Emma, shaking and stepping backward, “you’ve been quite a naughty tease to your friend Kitty here.  Why don’t you stand up and give her a kiss before she goes back to her room?”

Illyana stood obediently, and leaned in towards Kitty.  Kitty couldn’t move away.  Illyana extended her tongue, and began to sluttily, sloppily kiss Kitty on the mouth – and it was the most erotic thing Kitty had ever experienced.  She could taste Emma’s cunt juices on Illyana’s lips and tongue.  Illyana was uninhibited and passionate.  Kitty let her own tongue slip into Illyana’s mouth – and then groaned as Illyana began to suck on it vigorously.

And when it was over – when Illyana pulled away, her face still shiny with another woman’s sex – Illyana looked straight into Kitty’s eyes, and said, “I love you, Kitty.”

Kitty was electrified.  Emma hadn’t told her to say that – had she?  Did Illyana mean it?  Kitty’s mouth was open and she was breathing heavily.

Emma pulled her pants back on.  “That’s enough, Illyana.  Back in bed now.  Good cunt-slaves need their beauty sleep.”  Illyana obediently crawled into bed, naked, and seemed to immediately fall asleep.

Emma then looked across at Kitty.  “Oh, you can move now,” she said. “I let you go ages ago.”  And it was true – Kitty found she could move.  She blushed, and took a step back – hitting the door with a bump, because she had forgotten it was closed, and that she had phased through it.

“Do be a good little tart and run along,” said Emma dismissively.  “Oh, and Katherine -” she continued, as Kitty turned to leave.  “The first meeting of my new Hellions is tomorrow night at midnight in my quarters.”  Emma smiled evilly.  “Don’t be late, dear.”

Kitty turned and fled.


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