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Storm was naked, Completely nude, from head to toe. She was bent at the waist, as she tended to a small flowering bush in her sprawling attic greenhouse, with her full tits hanging downwards, and her leg spread to expose her ass and pussy to Kitty’s gaze. Her cunt lips were parted slightly, revealing the pinkness within. Her dark Kenyan skin was beaded with drops of moisture from the greenhouse sprinkler systems.

Kitty stared at the cunt of her friend and mentor – the woman known as Ororo Munroe, or “Storm” of the X-Men – and felt her own fuckhole moistening in response.

She blushed, and coughed slightly.

Storm straightened, and turned towards Kitty without the slightest hint of embarrassment at her unclothed state – although a gust of wind, summoned by Storm’s mutant power, discreetly arranged her long white hair to partially cover her breasts.

“Kitten,” she said. “What brings you here? You normally avoid the attic while I am having my private time. You know I prefer to go without clothes in my greenhouse.”

“I… uh… “ began Kitty. She didn’t know how to say what Illyana had told her to say. It was embarrassing. It was humiliating.

“Kitten?” prompted Storm.

Kitty wanted to turn and run. But if she did, she would be disobeying Illyana, in the very first task her new mistress had given her. She would be *failing* Illyana. And there was no reason why she couldn’t – Illyana wasn’t *forcing* her to submit – but then, she wasn’t submitting because she had to. She was submitting because she wanted to. She wanted to please Illyana. She wanted her sister / friend / mistress to be proud of her, as a slave, as a lover, and as a pet. 

And so she would do what she was told.

“I wanted to learn how you do it,” she said. “Go naked, like this, and not care.”

Ororo seemed genuinely surprised. “Where does this come from, Kitten?” she said. “Why now?”

Kitty blushed further. This was, in many ways, the most difficult part. Illyana had told her to be honest – and Kitty knew that Illyana was right. Storm respected honesty, and despised lies between friends. And regardless, Kitty couldn’t lie to this woman, who had been not just her friend, but a kind of surrogate mother. 

“Me and Illyana,” she began. “ – I mean, Illyana and I – we – I mean – we’ve started…” She looked at the ground, and took a deep breath. “We’re lovers. I mean, more than lovers. She’s – I’ve decided…”

She swallowed, and then blurted it out.

“I’ve chosen to be Illyana’s pet. And she wants me to learn how to go naked.”

Ororo raised an eyebrow, and an amused smile crept onto her face.

“And this is your own choice, Kitten?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” said Kitty, quickly. And that was true. Though her commitment to being honest with Storm didn’t go so far as to talk about all the surrounding context. No matter how much she trusted Storm, she knew she couldn’t talk about Emma Frost, or her Hellions, or raping Paige Guthrie, or all the rest of the recent erotic changes to her life.

“Well, it’s about time,” said Ororo. “I’ve been wondering when the two of you would admit what you wanted from each other.” She gestured, and a gust of wind tugged two cast-iron chairs from the far side of the greenhouse across the floor, placing one behind Storm, and the other behind Kitty. Ororo sat, her legs spread, as if challenging Kitty to stare at her naked cunt.

Kitty did stare, and found herself asking a question she had often wondered. “Storm, why is your pussy waxed? I would have thought…”

“You thought I would be hairy there?” asked Storm, and laughed. “There is nothing wrong with natural hair Kitten, and don’t let anyone tell you there is. But I find, in gardening, a waxed body offers less places for thorns and twigs to become caught. It’s easier, is all.” She paused, and then bit her lip, playfully. “And besides, both Yukio and T’challa enjoy it this way.”

Then Storm waved one hand in a dismissive gesture. “But your mistress did not send you here to ask about my pubic hair, Kitten. You want to learn how to go naked.”

“Yes,” said Kitty. “I want to know how to not care if people see me nude, like you.”

“No,” said Ororo. “You don’t.”

Kitty was taken aback. “What do you mean?”

“There is nothing in the female body to be ashamed of, and there is no reason you should care if people see you nude,” said Ororo. “What they feel when they see you is about them, not about you. But I doubt that is what your new mistress wants you to learn. I know that girl, and she enjoys making others blush and squirm. She doesn’t want you to not care about being naked. She wants you to be completely humiliated, but go naked anyway.”

Kitty immediately knew Storm was right. That was exactly what Illyana wanted.

“Then…” she began.

But Ororo interrupted her. “Strip,” she said. And her voice had changed. It was a voice full of command. It was the voice of a warrior, of a goddess, and it was a voice which brooked no argument.

It was a voice that made Kitty’s cunt throb with sudden, overwhelming desire.

She didn’t even think of disobeying. She began to undress, kicking off her shoes, then lifting her shirt over her head, uncinching her skirt and letting it drop to the ground, and then blushingly removing her bra, and pulling her panties down her legs, until she was completely naked in front of the seated black woman.

Ororo let her eyes deliberately roam over Kitty’s petite breasts, and her visibly-aroused cunt.

“What I see before me is nothing but a beautiful, mature woman,” said Ororo, slowly, “and I have no comment except that you have grown from the child I once knew into a magnificent and attractive adult.”

She paused, then continued.

“But if it was our friend Colossus seated here, he would avert his eyes, and tell you that you are being a disgusting slut,” said Ororo.

She spat the last word with a venom that made Kitty involuntarily flinch, and Kitty felt her face burning with embarrassment. She could picture it – exactly what Ororo was describing, her friend and childhood crush disgusted by her whorish behaviour – and she felt like she might cry.

Ororo leaned forward. “There, Kitten,” she said. “That feeling, right now. That is what Illyana wants you to feel when you expose yourself in front of others. That insecurity, that degradation, that sense of worthlessness – hold onto that, and associate it with this feeling of exposure, and your mistress will be pleased.”

Kitty moaned. It was confusing – this sense of objectification in her head, and the simultaneous arousal in her pussy. And strange, being naked here with Storm. She was still staring at Storm’s cunt. How had she never wondered before what Ororo’s pussy might taste like? She was wondering now.

“Now picture that it is our friend Remy who is looking at you,” said Storm. “Gambit, our resident lecher, who will fuck anything that moves. Imagine him staring at your disgustingly aroused cunt, little one. Picture all the respect you have ever earned as his teammate fading away into nothingness, as he realises that you are nothing but a hole for him to stick his cock into.”

Kitty had joined the X-Men as a child, and had had to fight hard to earn respect from her teammates as she grew to adulthood. The idea of all that respect vanishing, and being put back into a new box – no longer as a child, but instead as a fucktoy – drove her wild. Partly with humiliation – but also partly with a sudden, surprising desire for it to happen.

When she had been young, everyone had been a parental figure, and as much as she argued to be held as an equal, it had been good knowing that ultimately someone else was making the decisions, and that someone else was taking the responsibility. The thought of going back to that place, where her opinions didn’t matter, and no one expected her to achieve anything, because she was nothing but a stupid sex-toy, was exciting, in a terrifying, humiliating way.

“Now, I believe that next week Professor Xavier has asked you to begin teaching a class on ‘Cultures and Perspectives’, for some of the advanced students at the school,” asked Ororo.

Kitty was confused by the sudden change of topic, and finding it hard to think of anything but her pussy. “Yes?” she replied. “For a group of the 18 and 19 year old students, who might be joining an X-team next year. He thought that my Jewish background would…”

Ororo raised a finger to silence Kitty. “I think you will teach these students a more important lesson,” she said. “I think you will teach them how to work alongside a disgusting submissive slut.”

Kitty’s eyes widened. “Ororo! No! I can’t…”

“No one is making you, Kitten,” said Ororo. “You are doing this because you choose to, yes? Because you want to please your mistress, Illyana?” She smiled, and then added, “And, I think, because you want to please *me*. You do want to please me, don’t you, Kitten?”

Kitty blushed bright red. She realised she was staring at Ororo’s cunt again. “Yes,” she said, quietly.

“Then you will invite them up here, right now,” said Ororo. “You will tell them that if they come, they will see you naked. It is their choice whether they come – after all, consent is important. Then you and I will explore each other’s bodies until they arrive. When they come, you will tell them that you are a submissive slut, and that Illyana is your mistress. You will spread your pussy for them to see. And if *all* of your students choose to come and see you, then you will teach your classes for them nude, all semester, and encourage them to address you as ‘Miss Kitten-Cunt’ in class.”

Kitty stared at Ororo. Surely she wasn’t serious? She couldn’t! She couldn’t!

But…. Storm wanted her to. And Illyana wanted her to. And her cunt was so *wet* and *needy*. And there was that intriguing thing Ororo had said about “exploring each other’s bodies”…

“Yes,” she said, quietly. “I’ll do it.”


Kitty had seven students enrolled in her class – four boys and three girls – and all of them came to the attic. And Kitty immediately knew that no matter how long these young mutants knew her, they would always judge her by the first time they saw her – nude, moaning, wet-cunted, and entwined on the ground in a lesbian 69 with Storm, her tongue buried in Storm’s pearly-pink snatch as Storm licked expertly at Kitty’s own fuckhole.

Storm made Kitty keep licking, as the students watched, until Storm had orgasmed.

Then Kitty stood – Ororo’s cunt juices still shining wetly on her face – and did her best to smile at her new students.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Kitty Pryde, and I’ll be teaching you on cultures and perspectives this semester.”

She couldn’t believe she was saying this. The students were smiling in disbelief, looking like they might laugh. All of the boys had visible erections, and she thought the girls looked pretty horny too.

She continued. “One of the perspectives I’ll be teaching is how to work alongside a complete slut, so I’d like you to address me as ‘Miss Kitten-Cunt’ in class, and if it’s all right with you, I’ll be teaching you while completely nude.” Then she reached down and spread her pussy lips with her fingers. “And this is what the cunt of a complete slut looks like,” she finished.

One of the boys raised his hand – a tall, muscular 19-year-old from South Africa. Kitty vaguely remembered his name.

“Yes, Arno?” she asked, nervously.

He was grinning – the grin of someone who didn’t remotely respect the person he was talking to, the grin of someone who knew they were going to get away with doing something inappropriate. 

“Can I touch it, Miss Kitten-Cunt?” he asked. And when he called her “Miss Kitten-Cunt”, there was already a mocking, contemptuous undertone to it.

Kitty knew what Illyana would want her to say.

“Yes, Arno, you can,” she said. Her voice shook a little as she said it.

But Arno didn’t just touch her cunt. He stepped forward and grabbed a handful of her hair in his hand, and forced her face against his. Their lips met, and she felt his tongue push into her mouth.

And then he lowered his hand to her cunt – the cunt that she was still obediently spreading open for him – and pushed two of his fingers into her fuckhole, pumping them into her once, twice, three times – and then curving them in a beckoning gesture, to press against her G-spot.

Shocked, unable to process the speed with which she had been dominated and violated, Kitty did the only thing that a nude slut like her knew how to do in this situation.

She orgasmed, her cunt spasming against the invading fingers of her student, her tits pressing urgently against his body, her mouth sucking needily on his tongue.

And as the other students burst into loud, spontaneous laughter, and Kitty realised that none of them would ever see her as a teacher, or a teammate, or a colleague, or mentor, but just as a hilarious porn-doll, she realised that despite her humiliation and insecurity and sudden feeling of complete worthlessness, she was also deeply, surprisingly happy.

Because she had done what Illyana wanted. And that would make Illyana happy. 

And whatever made her mistress happy was exactly what made Kitty happy.


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