The rules for the Hot Water Challenge were simple. 

As Justin’s slave, Anastasia was required to play, every morning, while Justin showered for work. 

She played the game nude.

Justin would stand in the shower, wreathed in steam, barely visible, with his cock sticking out for her to suck on.

She had until the shower’s hot water ran out to make Justin cum in her mouth.

She wasn’t allowed to use her hands.

If she succeeded, she was allowed to use the remaining hot water to shower, Justin would tell her she was a good girl, and she would be allowed to masturbate for 15 minutes during the day while Justin was at work and attempt to reach orgasm before her time expired.

But if she failed to swallow Justin’s cum before the water turned cold, Justin would slap her across the face, she would be pushed into the icy water to wash herself, then Justin would masturbate toward her face, and ejaculate over her face and tits. Anastasia would not be allowed to wash the cum off, or wear clothes, until 10 pm that night.

Anastasia was overjoyed on the first day that she won the challenge. She had been playing for two weeks, and not quite managed it. Justin had taken pleasure in inviting many of her friends over in the evenings, and watching Anastasia sit nude at the dinner table, her tits and cunt exposed, with his sperm drying on her face, as her friends quietly changed the way they thought of her from “friend” to either “disgusting trollop” or “interesting fuckdoll”.

That night, Justin was inviting Anastasia’s parents over. Anastasia went wild with horror at the thought of sitting nude in front of her own parents with cum on her, so she sucked with particular enthusiasm and vigour, and Justin orgasmed faster than he ever had before, right down Anastasia’s pretty throat. He called her a good girl, and she beamed with satisfaction.

She had never been prouder to be able to wear clothes than she did that night at dinner. She looked so happy that both her parents commented on what a good boyfriend Justin must be, and Justin didn’t even make her correct them that he wasn’t her boyfriend, he was her owner.

The dinner turned into drinks, and went long into the night, and in the end they offered Anastasia’s parents the guest bedroom, so they wouldn’t have to drive home, and the offer was gratefully accepted.

The next morning, Anastasia heard the shower start, and she quickly crawled nude into the bathroom, eager to repeat her success. She reached into the steamy shower to extract the cock which she had learned to worship, wrapped her lips around it, and started sucking.

To her intense and particular pleasure, she felt the cock twitch in her mouth and begin spurting cum even sooner than it had yesterday – much sooner, in fact – and she wiggled with happiness at her oral prowess.

It was only then that she looked up…. and saw with horror that it wasn’t Justin she had been sucking on at all. It was her father looking down at her in amazement and lust – her father who had gotten up early to shower – and her father whose cum she could still taste on her tongue.

She blanched at the horror and shame of what she had just done….

… and then a moment later felt another wave of horror when she realised that, although she had only just now realised it was her father’s cock she was sucking, her father must have looked down in surprise the second she first put her lips around his cock….

… and he hadn’t said a word, merely let her do it.

“Well done, slave,” said Justin’s voice from the doorway, and Anastasia looked over in humiliation to see her owner watching. 

“I didn’t…” said her father, suddenly mortified.

“It’s all right, it’s what she’s for,” said Justin. “In fact, would you like to send your wife home, and then spend the rest of the day here at the house? Because it seems like you’ve used all the hot water, and Anastasia hasn’t even *started* sucking my cock, which means she’s going to have to spend the whole day nude with cum on her face. And anyway, I think it’s time Anastasia learned to be a good hostess and start offering those oral skills of her to our guests all through the day, not just at shower time.”

Anastasia’s father looked down at his slutty nude slave-girl daughter. Silently she begged him to say no, to leave, to go home.

But instead he smiled. “Yes,” he said, “I think I’d like that very much…”


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