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“I’m sorry about this,” said Kitty Pryde, as she secured the ball-gag in Roulette’s pretty mouth, “and I know you won’t understand, but it’s for your own good.”

Jennifer Stavros – the luck-altering mutant known as Roulette – was bound tightly in rope, on the floor of her room at the X-Mansion, with her hands behind her back, her feet together – and now she was gagged, so all she could do was glare daggers of pure hatred at Kitty.

Kitty thought it was rather a shame that there had been no good reason to remove Roulette’s clothes.  She looked good in her pink-and-black outfit – a variant of the one the original Hellions had worn – but she had looked better last night, nude, asleep, with her pussy spread to Kitty’s gaze.

Kitty blushed, and dismissed the embarrassing thought. 

“Illyana,” she said.  “I think we’re ready to go.”

“Finally,” said the sexy blonde teenager.  “I thought you were going to take all day.”  She had been waiting impatiently by the door as Kitty put Roulette into bondage, no longer wearing the slutty kitten outfit of the night before, but rather her normal outfit, a cross between a sexy little black nightclub dress and the spiked battle pauldrons of a demon warrior. 

Two more bound and ball-gagged girls sat at her feet, their faces red with outrage – the red-headed Scottish teen Rahne Sinclair (known as Wolfsbane) and the all-American blonde teen Paige Guthrie (known as Husk).

Kitty felt irritation flare through her.  She hadn’t slept all night, it was now the middle of the morning, and she was running low on patience.  “You know, you could have done the rope, Illyana,” she said, testily.  Illyana had bound the first two girls, and Kitty couldn’t help but note that their bonds were neat, efficient, professional, and attractive, compared to Kitty’s haphazard sprawl of knots. 

“No, you needed practice,” said Illyana lazily, with a smile.

“Practice?” asked Kitty.  “Why?  For what?”  She paused.  “Wait a minute, where did *you* get practice?”

But Illyana was ignoring her, instead focusing on the stepping disc that would take her, Kitty, and their three prisoners to the hellish dimension of Limbo.

There was a flash – and they were somewhere else.

It took Kitty’s eyes a moment to adjust.  She had been to Limbo before, but the disturbing pocket dimension seemed to change its nature and properties every time – although it was always menacing, always alien, always suffused in a suffocating background radiation of malice and cruelty.

It was Illyana’s home.

As a six-year-old child, Illyana had fallen through a magic portal to Limbo, which was then ruled by the ancient, evil sorcerer Belasco.  She had lived there for years, growing into a teenager, sometimes serving as the slave, student and plaything of Belasco and his demon bodyguard S’ym, at other times training in magic and martial arts with corrupted alternate-timeline versions of Storm and of Kitty Pryde herself. 

Belasco had aimed to corrupt Illyana’s soul and use its power to enable his conquest of the Earth – but though Illyana’s soul *had* been permanently scarred by his magic, Illyana had learned the secret of forging a Soulsword – a magical extension of her identity – and used it to defeat Belasco and become the new Mistress of Limbo, controlling the fundamental nature of the dimension and ruling over its demonic inhabitants.

Illyana’s natural mutant power was the ability to summon “stepping discs” that allowed her to teleport herself and others from Earth to Limbo, or from Limbo to any location on Earth.  On top of that, her unusual upbringing gave her a competent command of practical magic, a fearsome aptitude for physical combat, and an affinity and rapport with all things demonic. 

They stood now in Illyana’s fortress at the heart of Limbo – a place that was dark red, menacing, and sulphurous, lit by an omnipresent sourceless crimson radiance.  It was warm, but not comfortingly so.  Stone walls loomed towards a distant ceiling in a way that suggested the indoors of a castle – but somehow only *suggested* it.

Kitty shivered, despite the heat.  “Does Limbo have to look so… evil?” she asked.

“Technically no,” said Illyana.  “The realm adapts to the wishes of its mistress.  But its nature is fundamentally chaotic, not ordered, and it slips when I’m not paying attention.  Sometimes it reflects my subconscious.  Sometimes it throws up fragments of its past rulers – Belasco, Margali, Amanda Sefton and others.  Sometimes it just lets its true nature as a realm of primal corruption show through.”  She shrugged.  “These days I don’t bother wasting energy on any particular shape for it unless there’s good reason to.”

She gestured casually at the three bound girls on the floor, and they levitated effortlessly into the air.  Illyana beckoned with one finger, walking towards a corridor that exited the vast chamber, and the floating girls followed helplessly along behind her.

Kitty looked up at the vast tapestries along the nearest wall.  They depicted women – naked women – being dominated, enslaved and raped by female demons.

“Is this your ‘mood’?” she asked.

Illyana stopped and looked back at Kitty with a devilish grin.  “Don’t overthink it, Kitty,” she said – and then turned back and resumed her march.

Kitty followed, nervously.  “Are you sure Emma hasn’t seen us doing any of this?” she asked.

“My magic protected us from telepathy at the mansion,” said Illyana.  “And not even the brain of Mistress Frost can penetrate Limbo.  Our minds are free.”

They reached an antechamber, containing a large bed.  The bed itself was made of bone – the huge, bleached skeleton of some monstrous creature.  But the mattress that it supported was sumptuous, red, and inviting.

Illyana clicked her fingers, and the floating girls were unceremoniously dumped on the bed.  She clicked her fingers again, and the girls’ eyes went blank and unfocused.

“They can no longer hear us, see us, or speak,” said Illyana.  “We have privacy.  Now do you want to tell me why we’ve abducted these girls?  I assume it’s not just so you can rape them again – although if it is, I’m intrigued.”

Kitty blushed – but she was still irritated.  “If you could make them silent with your magic, why did we need to ball-gag them?”

Illyana smiled wickedly.  “They look prettier that way, don’t you think?”

Kitty felt anger rising.  “Illyana, this is serious….”

She was interrupted as her friend stepped forward and grabbed a handful of her hair.  Kitty gasped – it was a forceful gesture, and an intimate one, and it felt surprisingly *good*.  The scalp is a surprisingly sensitive area, and every nerve in Kitty’s was now at attention.

And then, with Kitty’s mouth still open from the gasp, Illyana leaned in and kissed her.

Kitty froze.  Her body felt hot.  Illyana was kissing her – was *choosing* to kiss her – and her mouth didn’t taste like Emma’s cunt this time, it was all Illyana.  Excitement raced through her body, and suddenly she wasn’t tired and frustrated and angry anymore – she was *alive*… and aroused.  She felt her nipples stiffen, and her groin grow hot.  Eagerly, she kissed back, moaning, hungrily pushing her lips against Illyana’s – but Illyana was already pulling away.

“A little light sorcery,” said Illyana, biting her lip mischievously.  “To refresh and replenish.  Feel less tired?”

“Yes…” Kitty admitted.  “That was magic?  I thought it was just…”  She stopped, blushing.

“There’s more than one kind of magic, Kitty,” teased Illyana.  “A healing spell is good, but a healing spell and a Band-Aid is better, if you follow my meaning.  Now, what are we doing here?”

“We’re saving these girls,” said Kitty.  “From Empath.  From Emma.”  She paused.  “But Illyana – you called Emma ‘Mistress Frost’ just now.  Are you sure her telepathy doesn’t reach here?”

Illyana looked deep into Kitty’s eyes, and took Kitty’s hands in her own, causing Kitty to tingle at the touch.

“Yes,” she said.  “We are safe.  Emma can alter memories and leave compulsions even after it leaves the range of telepathy – but for me, travelling to Limbo resets me.  I don’t know if Emma doesn’t know that, or doesn’t care, but it’s true.  Part of the way that it tries to engage my infernal heritage means that it also washes away charms and telepathic tricks from the real world.  I am in every way the Illyana you have always known.”

“But…” said Kitty.

“Kitty, shut up,” said Illyana, and pressed a finger to Kitty’s lips.  “I know you’re trying, but you don’t understand.  Mistress Frost has been messing with my mind, yes – but I *want* her to.” 

She led Kitty to the bed, to a corner away from the bound girls, made Kitty sit, and then sat beside her.  Illyana was serious now, the mischievous smile gone.  “I spent ten years as Belasco’s slave, Kitty,” she said.  “My childhood and early teenage years were nothing but trauma and abuse.  And beyond that, he literally scarred my soul.  There’s a part of me that is nothing but demonic evil and cruelty – and the worst part is, I don’t think that’s to blame for the entirety of my evil thoughts.  I think part of it has always been me.”

Kitty sat still, entranced by the nearness of her gorgeous friend, by the unaccustomed intimacy and honesty of Illyana’s words.  She gazed into the blonde girl’s eyes, unaware she was breathing heavily.

“Mistress Frost turns down the volume of my mind, Kitty,” said Illyana.  “She makes all those thoughts go away.  She makes me simple and happy.  I know she values me, and I know she will give me what I need, and I know that nothing I do is my fault because she’s making all the decisions, and I don’t need to feel guilty.  I’ve never felt like that, Kitty – and it’s amazing.” 

She paused.  “And I *needed* her to force me, because you know I would never have let anyone in willingly.  I need to be *made* helpless, to find that real happiness.  Kitty, I will go back to Mistress Frost willingly to make that happen.  You have to understand that.”

And then her eyes flashed mischievously, and she bit her lip, and added, “And besides, her cunt tastes *divine*…”

Kitty blushed, and felt a hot surge of jealousy.  She had thought Illyana was being controlled to have sex with Emma Frost – but all this time, she had *wanted* it…

“So… are you her girlfriend now?” she asked, her voice sharper than she meant it to be.

Illyana just laughed.  “Oh, Kitty, you’re so innocent.”  And then she leaned forward and kissed Kitty again.

This time Kitty was ready, and responded immediately, leaning eagerly into the kiss.  She reached a hand up to stroke Illyana’s perfect blonde hair, and felt Illyana’s hand tangling in her own.  Illyana was moaning, and Kitty was too, and Kitty thought that if she just leaned back onto the bed, Illyana would follow her down, and then…

But Illyana was pulling away again.  Kitty was at least pleased to see that Illyana’s face was flushed too.  If Illyana was going to tease Kitty like this, she could at least be affected by it herself.

“Kitty,” Illyana said, “I’m Mistress Frost’s cunt-slave.  That’s my relationship with her.  And I’m more than free to have any other relationship with any other person – girlfriend, lover, cunt-licker partner-in-crime – as long as the only person I am a cunt-*slave* to is Mistress Frost.”  She reached out with her left hand and gently traced the curve of Kitty’s cheek.  “Not that I have much interest in being a *slave* to anyone, ordinarily.  I prefer being in control.”

Kitty swallowed.  She thought about leaning forward and just kissing Illyana again.  Would Illyana let her?  But no… she had been thinking with her cunt all night.  She had work to do now, with limited time, and anyway Illyana mattered to her too much to ruin that relationship in the way.

Instead, she swallowed, and asked a difficult question.  “You know Empath raped you last night, don’t you?” she said awkwardly.  “If Limbo has removed any mind control, you must remember.  He made you love him, and then suck his cock…”

Illyana twisted her mouth in a look of mild annoyance.  “Being Mistress Frost’s cunt-slave means that I may have to do things – or have things done to me – from time to time that I don’t necessarily want.  She was very clear about that.” 

“Being raped?” asked Kitty, incredulously.

“She’s in control of my mind, Kitty,” said Illyana.  “It’s not traumatic.  She can make me enjoy it, if she chooses.  But no, Empath wasn’t supposed to do what he did to me, and Mistress Frost disciplined him.  My little love-bite on his disgusting little prick was just a teaser of what happened later.”  She looked a little sad.  “Empath’s a monster, but I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for him.  He’s what’s called a switch – sometimes he gets pleasure from being in control, sometimes from submitting – but he’s had so much weird stuff happen to him that even he doesn’t know whether that’s just naturally how he is, or if it’s a response to past abuse.  He’s happier with Mistress Frost too – but all the mind control in the world can’t stop him from being a cowardly little dickweed from time to time.  He won’t do it again, though.”

“So… you’re okay?” asked Kitty.

“I’m *fine*,” said Illyana.  “If Mistress Frost doesn’t kill me for this little rebellion you’ve pulled me into.”  She looked at the three bound girls.  “Now, for the third time – what are we doing here?.”

Kitty sighed – and blushed, for the story didn’t reflect well on her.

“Okay, so as you know, last night Emma made me pick three girls in the mansion, and switch their birth control with aphrodisiac pills while they slept, and then take pictures of them naked,” she started.

“Made you?” asked Illyana.  “You chose!”

“So that she wouldn’t do worse things!  Like, to you!” protested Kitty.

“Like what?” asked Illyana.  “Make me lick her pussy?  Like I said, Kitty, she doesn’t have to *make* me…”

“She said she’d make you fuck your brother,” said Kitty.  “And get pregnant to him.”

Illyana gasped, and blushed.  Kitty marvelled – she very rarely saw Illyana embarrassed, but apparently this had not been something she expected.  But then Illyana’s face twisted into a wicked smile.

“God, that is so evil,” she said.  “And hot.  I mean, no, I don’t want to do that, I don’t want that to happen – but you have to admire her ideas.”  She put her hand on Kitty’s knee, and Kitty again tensed at the closeness.  “But she wasn’t actually going to do that, Kitty.  She was just messing with you.  She just wanted to make you choose to be a pervert. And you fell for it.”

“I’m sorry,” said Kitty, abashed.

“God, no, it’s hot,” said Illyana.  “MIstress Frost shared what you were doing with me and Empath by telepathy.  It was so fucking sexy seeing you rape Paige.  The stuck-up cheerleader bitch had it coming.  We got so horny that Mistress Frost had to make that Lifeguard girl get up out of bed and come to her quarters so we could use her to cum.”

“But it’s *rape*, Illyana,” said Kitty.  “I feel so guilty…”

“They won’t remember.  It didn’t damage them,” said Illyana.  “So how is it any different from just fantasising?  If there’s no consequences, did it matter whether it happened?”

Kitty was so confused.  “I don’t know…” she said.

“That’s why I like being Mistress Frost’s cunt-slave, Kitty,” said Illyana.  “She makes the decisions.  She takes the responsibility.  It all becomes so simple.”  She stared into Kitty’s eyes, grinning.  “Don’t you think *you* might like to have a mistress, Kitty?”

It depends on who it is, thought Kitty immediately, her cunt now soaking wet, her body feeling like it was on fire.  She wondered if Illyana might grab her hair again – grab it, and not let go…

But instead she just blushed and ignored the question.  “Anyway, after it was all done, Emma said that she was going to get Empath to make all the girls love him, and then make them compete for his love by getting each other raped by men, and then Empath would rape them too.  And I switched out their birth control, Illyana – they’ll all get pregnant!”

Illyana laughed, and rocked backwards with amusement.  “Okay, *one*, that is incredibly hot. Mistress Frost is the best.  But *two* that’s not how birth control works, Kitty.  If they took it yesterday, they’re not going to be magically fertile today, even if they *are* in a fertile part of their cycle.  You should know that.”

Kitty *did* know that – but in her panic she hadn’t been thinking clearly.  She felt embarrassed.

“I was going to protect them by bringing them to Limbo…” she said.  She felt foolish now.  “But I didn’t need to, did I?”

Illyana sighed.  “Well, no, Mistress Frost probably *was* going to give them to Empath, and he probably *would* have both raped them and made them get each other raped.  And Rahne doesn’t use birth control anyway, so who knows if she’s fertile now.  And Mistress Frost can make people forget things – but she can’t make them forget they’re pregnant, nor can she reliably affect emotions long-term, if Empath kept them in love with him.”

She frowned.  “But how does this help, Kitty?  We can’t keep them here forever.  And when we send them back, Empath will just use them, AND they’ll remember that we kidnapped them, AND Mistress Frost will be furious.”

“I thought we could make Emma a deal,” said Kitty.  “Empath doesn’t matter – he’ll do what Emma says.  If we please Emma, we can make it better.  And I won’t be responsible for getting Rahne raped and impregnated.  If it happens now, it’s my fault, Illyana.  That’s worse than if she just got raped.”

Illyana’s eyes flicked across the bed to the bound girls, and settled on Paige.

“And what about their memories?” she asked.

“I thought about that,” said Kitty.  “We wipe them, just like Emma does.”

“I’m not a telepath, Kitty,” frowned Illyana.

“I know,” said Kitty.  “But we know someone who is.  Someone who’ll help us…”

Illyana’s face flushed with anger – and jealousy.  “No!” she said.  “Not her.  You know she’s going to judge us about this.  She won’t understand.”

“There’s no other way, Illyana,” said Kitty.  “But we’ll go to her once we’ve got a deal worked out.”

Illyana was still looking at Paige.  “If we’re going to mind-wipe them anyway, I think it’s only fair that I get a taste of what you got last night.”

Kitty followed her gaze.  “What?  No – Illyana, you can’t!”

“Why not?” asked Illyana.  “You raped her last night, and then reset her memory.  If we’re going to reset her memory later, why can’t I have a turn too?”  She looked back at Kitty.  “Be a good kitten and take off her clothes, would you?”

She flicked a finger at Paige, and Paige’s eyes focused.  The anger returned to her face, and she started to struggle.

“*Now*, Kitty,” said Illyana forcefully, and Kitty found herself obeying.  She went to the blonde girl, touched her clothes, and phased them away from her body.  Her underwear followed afterwards, revealing the girl’s big, naked tits and shaved pussy.

Illyana had slipped her own panties out from under her skirt in the meantime – pink lace, Kitty noted, oddly out of place in the demonic surroundings.  She moved to near Paige’s head, and carefully undid the girl’s ball gag.

“Illyana!  Kitty!  Let me go this instant!” Paige yelled immediately.  “What are you doing to me?  Why are you….”

“Hush,” said Illyana, and straddled Paige’s face, pushing her cunt down firmly against Paige’s lips.  “Lick,” she instructed, and there was a long pause – until Illyana smiled, and Kitty knew that Paige must be obeying.

“That’s better,” said Illyana contentedly, grinding her hips back and forth languidly against Paige’s non-consenting face.  “Now, let’s talk about the deal you’re going to do with my mistress.”

“Maybe…” Kitty struggled to think what Emma might want.  She hadn’t thought this part of her plan through.

“There are two key things we’ll need to address in a deal,” said Illyana.  “Number one, there has to be something for Empath.  Mistress Frost can’t just keep vetoing every girl he wants to rape.  He needs to put his cock into some sweet non-consenting little bitch.  If we can’t deal with that, Mistress Frost isn’t going to be able to agree.”

She idly tweaked at Paige’s nipples, and Kitty heard a muffled squeak come from beneath Illyana’s cunt.

“And two, Emma wants to see you grow and develop, Kitty,” said Illyana.  “She sees a wonderful perverted slut in you, and she wants to help it blossom.  If you offer to do something wicked – to take a little step down the path to being a rapey little sex-kitten – I think that might interest her more than what she originally had planned for these girls.”

Kitty tried to think.  It was very difficult, with Illyana riding Paige’s face in front of her.  Most of what was going on was concealed by Illyana’s short skirt, but every now and again as Illyana bucked against the blonde rapetoy, she could glimpse her friend’s naked, wet cunt spread across Paige’s face.

“Something for Empath,” she said.  “We can give him someone who deserves it.  Roulette, maybe?  I don’t mind so much what happens to *her*.  It was mostly Rahne I was worried about.  And Paige, I suppose.”  She knew Paige didn’t deserve to be raped – but it was hard to convincingly say that when she’d used the girl last night and was helping Illyana to use her now.

“It’s a pity those Stepford Cuckoos aren’t around,” said Illyana.  “They’re clones of Mistress Frost, you know, and their off-again-on-again relationship with their genetic mother is currently ‘off again’, so I suspect Mistress Frost wouldn’t object to Empath having fun with them.  And he’d probably *love* to vent some anger on identical triplets who look *just like* his mistress…”

“You don’t know where they are?” asked Kitty.

“Not in the mansion,” said Illyana.  “Other than that, I have no idea.  But Roulette will do.  What about the other half of the deal?”

Kitty looked at Paige.  “Emma liked it when I… used Paige last night,” she said.  “Maybe it should happen again.”  She blushed.  “As a regular thing.”

Illyana’s eyes widened, and she bit her lip flirtatiously as she humped Paige’s face.  “What are you saying, Kitty?”

“I wonder whether maybe *I* should have a cunt-slave,” said Kitty, blushing.  “Emma could make Paige come to me once a day and… serve me.  And the rest of the time she wouldn’t know about it or remember.”

“So your plan,” said Illyana, “is that instead of all three girls being repeatedly raped, you will allow Empath to repeatedly rape Roulette, and you yourself will repeatedly rape Paige, and Rahne will stay chaste and semi-virginal.”

“And none of them will get pregnant!” said Kitty, defensively.  “Well, except maybe Roulette, if Empath fucks her enough, but she deserves it.”

“You know,” said Illyana, “I think Mistress Frost may agree to that.”  She angled her head back, and moaned, bucking more quickly against Paige’s mouth.  “Oh, fuck, Kitty, I’m going to cum.  Get over here.”

Uncertain what Illyana wanted, but eager to obey, Kitty scooted across the bed to Illyana’s side.  It turned out what Illyana wanted was to grab Kitty’s hair, and pull her close for an intense, slutty tongue-kiss.  Kitty’s eyes widened as Illyana’s tongue forced into her mouth, and she made a sound of protest, muffled by Illyana’s lips…

… and then Illyana orgasmed.  Kitty felt her friend buck wildly against Paige’s unwilling face, and Illyana made a noise of wild, animal passion into Kitty’s mouth, her tongue wrestling with Kitty’s, their saliva mixing together, her grip on Kitty’s hair like iron, trapping Kitty against her….

… and then it was over, and she let go of Kitty and climbed off of Paige’s.  The pretty blonde’s face was slathered with a thick coating of Illyana’s sex juices, and with her hands bound she had no way of cleaning it off.  Paige opened her mouth to say something, but Illyana looked down and said, “You can choose to be silent, or you can get the ball-gag, but you *will* be silent,” and Paige wisely closed her mouth again, choosing to silently glare at the girl who had raped her face.

“You just orgasmed from having sex with Paige while you…” said Kitty, trailing off in a blush.

Illyana looked at Kitty in that mischievous flirtatious way she did – but now it was a softer, happy version of that look, the expression of a slut whose lust had been temporarily satisfied.  “Oh, Kitty,” she said.  “I orgasmed from kissing *you*.  Paige was just the toy I was using to masturbate with.”

Kitty blushed deep red. She didn’t know what to say.

Illyana did.  “I love you, Kitty,” she said, simply, plainly.

Kitty still didn’t know what to say.

“Would you like to make me orgasm again some time, Kitty?” Illyana asked.

“Yes,” said Kitty immediately, earnestly.

“Good,” said Illyana, gazing deeply into Kitty’s eyes.  There was a long silence, as something passed between them too vast and intimate for words.  Kitty felt all her worries and guilt draining away as she stared into her friend’s eyes.

Then the moment was over, and Illyana gestured down at Paige.  “Now, be a good girl and lick your new cunt-slave’s face clean,” she said.

Kitty swallowed, and blushed again.  She couldn’t remember the last time she’d gone an hour straight without blushing.  She was beginning to feel like shame and arousal were her default state.

She looked down at Paige’s face, wet with cunt juices.  They were Illyana’s cunt juices.  It would be like licking Illyana’s cunt by proxy.

It occurred to her then that she didn’t know why she was being hesitant.  The thought of tasting Illyana’s cunt did nothing but make her feel sexy and excited.  Who was she pretending to be a chaste little virgin for?  Paige? 

She bit her lip, looked at Illyana with a hint of mischief in her own eyes, and bent down to begin licking, running her tongue over Paige’s cheeks, her forehead, her nose, her lips.  It tasted good.  It tasted slutty and wicked.  She liked it. 

“Good kitten,” said Illyana approvingly.

“We still need our telepath,” said Kitty, between licks.

“Ugh, must we?” asked Illyana.

Kitty said nothing.  Illyana already knew the answer.

“Fine,” said Illyana, throwing her hands up.  “Then let’s go talk Rachel Grey into joining the Hellions….”


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