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“Do you always just slut around in your underwear, bitch?” spat Illyana. 

“You’re one to talk, cunt,” returned Rachel hotly.  “Have you fucked any demon cocks today, or were you forced to pleasure your stuck-up twat with that misshapen dildo you carry everywhere with you?”

“That’s my soul-sword, you disgusting wench!” shrieked Illyana, and raised it, ready for battle.

In response, Rachel began to flicker with the ominous red light of the Phoenix Force.

“Stop it!” yelled Kitty, pushing between the two women.  “Stop it!  I need your *help*!  Please!”

They were in Rachel’s bedroom in the school.  It was a room that showed the tension at the heart of Kitty’s friend.  There were personal effects and individual decorations in the room, yes – a coloured lamp Rachel liked beside the bed, posters of some attractive punk-y female singers and artists on the walls.  But it was all impermanent.  There was nothing here Rachel couldn’t either take with her on a moment’s notice, or leave behind forever without a second thought.

As for Rachel herself – well, Kitty was trying not to think about her too much.  She was very… distracting.

Kitty had always had feelings for the gorgeous redhead.  As a teenager she had thought Rachel’s short spikey (dykey) red hair was the epitome of sexy rebellion.  She had idolised Rachel’s ability to casually throw herself at men (and women) without looking desperate or submissive.  And Rachel’s casual sexuality, her flirtatious teasing, and her affinity for wearing what were basically dog collars had given Kitty more than a new sleepless nights of desperate masturbatory fantasy.

When Illyana and Kitty had decided they needed Rachel for their nascent rebellion against Emma Frost, Illyana had – in typical fashion – teleported them straight to Rachel’s bedroom, not troubling herself with concepts like doors or knocking, and thus they had found Rachel barely dressed, wearing nothing but some tight (yet comfy-looking) underwear that, to Kitty’s eye, did an outrageous job of accentuating just how invitingly her toned calves led upwards inexorably towards her pussy, and how breathtakingly curvaceous-but-not-oversized her breasts were.

Every time she looked at Rachel, Kitty felt herself blushing, and her pussy wettening.

So she tried not to look.  And tried to remember a time not too long ago when every last thing in her life hadn’t been somehow speaking directly to her pussy…

“Tell your devil-fucking bitch friend to stay in her lane, and we won’t have a problem,” said Rachel coolly, still outlined in the first flame of the terrifying Phoenix Effect.  If she was at all embarrassed to be caught in her underwear, she didn’t show it.  Rachel could look more dressed in her underwear than some women could look in a ballgown.

Illyana was smiling evilly – a dangerous smile, Kitty knew.  It was a smile that could lead to murder.  “Tell the mind-raping dyke that if she’s so interested in my ‘dildo’, I’m more than happy to help her fit it *right* up her filthy cunt.”  She flexed her grip on the soul-sword.

“STOP IT!” screamed Kitty.  And she did something that she didn’t entirely think through – she slapped Illyana across the face.

Illyana blinked, and stepped back.  The soul-sword vanished.  “Ow!” she said, a look of disbelief on her face.

“And you!” yelled Kitty, turning to Rachel.  “You have *nothing* to prove to Illyana, so stop feeling like everything has to be a pissing contest!”

Rachel looked shocked – and then her lips twitched upwards in a smile, a quickly suppressed, choking laugh.  “Oh, Kitty, she *wishes* this was a pissing contest…”

Kitty ignored her.  “Sit down, both of you.  You’re both my friends…” – well, they were both her wet dreams, but this was neither the time nor place – “… and I know you don’t get along, but I need you play nice, because I *need* you right now.”

To her immense relief, Rachel and Illyana sat, and looked at her, and waited for her to speak.  The attention of the two gorgeous women made Kitty blush, but with some effort, she began to tell the story of recent events.

She almost immediately ran into trouble.  The story was *embarrassing*.  It was *shameful*.  How could Kitty tell this woman she admired that she had sucked Emma Frost’s pussy juices off Illyana’s tongue?  How could she admit that she had raped Roulette and Wolfsbane and Husk, and then acquiesced to their subsequent mindwipe? 

She felt herself grow silent, and her cheeks redden with a deep blush.

Rachel looked at Kitty in sympathy.  “Kitty, do you want me to just…”  She raised her hands to her forehead and extended her fingers out, in a gesture meant to imply telepathy.

Kitty blushed deeper.  All her recent thoughts and experiences were so – well, *slutty* – and if she let Rachel into her head, there would be no pretending they hadn’t happened. 

But she trusted Rachel.  That was why she was here.  She needed Rachel to understand.

Carefully, Kitty built a little box in her head to hide her most secret thoughts, as Professor Xavier had taught all his students to do.  Into the box she placed all her thoughts about Rachel herself, including her confusing and perverted sexual fantasies.  She also put all the intimate secrets she knew about Illyana, because she knew that Illyana would rather die than have them shared with her red-haired telepath rival.

With that done, she looked at Rachel and nodded.  “Do it,” she said.

Rachel’s eyes closed, and immediately Kitty could feel her friend inside her mind, like a pair of ghostly hands caressing her innermost self.  Telepathic content could feel different, depending on the telepath, their purpose, and their relationship with their target.  Professor Xavier’s mind had always felt cold and clinical, like the scalpel of an expert surgeon.  Emma Frost’s mind felt like a set of leather straps, restraining the target’s resistance and baring their vulnerabilities.  Rachel had, in the past, felt sometimes like a burning fire, and other times like a shot of hard whiskey – but now her touch was sensuous, gentle, caressing. 

Kitty shivered, and felt her pussy wettening.

But Rachel was having a reaction herself.  “Oh!” she said, surprised.  And then “Oh!” again – a deeper sound, like a moan.  Kitty and Illyana watched in surprise as Rachel’s cheeks flushed, and her nipples visibly stiffened within her bra.  Her legs parted – and then suddenly she screamed, a long, low wail of mixed horror and sexual ecstasy, and her body bucked, and the front of her panties darkened as they flooded with moisture.

Rachel had just orgasmed – and squirted into her panties – from what she had seen in Kitty’s mind.  Kitty had never been more humiliated in her life.

Rachel’s eyes opened, and she looked at Kitty in shock and bafflement.  “Kitty!” she breathed in a hoarse voice.  “What have you done?”

But before Kitty could answer, they were both interrupted by Illyana, who had begun to laugh – a high, cruel, mocking laughter.  “Oh, you little mind-fucking skank!” she giggled.  “Did you just piss yourself with lust at Kitty’s little sex adventure?”

Rachel’s eyes filled with rage.  She made an inarticulate scream, and launched herself across the room bodily at Illyana.  The two collided, and fell to the floor, wrestling, Rachel clawing at Illyana’s face, and Illyana still giggling uncontrollably.

“This is your fault!” screeched Rachel.  “You just had to be Emma Frost’s little cunt slave, and now Kitty is being forced to rape her friends!”

“You’ve seen Kitty’s mind,” replied Illyana.  “She was barely forced into anything.  She loved it.”

Rachel screamed again, and Kitty moved across the room to try and break the two girls up.  She was genuinely worried they were going to maim each other – or worse.  She had no idea how she would separate them, but she couldn’t just let Rachel claw Illyana’s face off.

But then Rachel’s scream became muffled, and its pitch lowered, into a moan.  Illyana had placed her mouth over Rachel’s.  The girls were *kissing*.  And Illyana’s leg was moving rhythmically. She was bringing her knee up to kick Rachel between the legs, right in the cunt, and with every thud of her knee into Rachel’s pussy, Rachel moaned again, and kissed Illyana harder.  Rachel’s hands were still arched into claws, but they were on Illyana’s breasts, digging their fingernails into the beautiful blonde’s titflesh, and Illyana was arching her back to press herself harder against that pain.  Illyana’s hand was down her own pants, and Kitty was sure that she was frantically rubbing her clitoris.

Within minutes it was over.  Rachel orgasmed again, squirting against Illyana’s knee, and then Illyana broke off the kiss with a deep moan, and shuddered as she reached her own climax.  The two girls separated, gasping for breath.

“Slut,” whispered Illyana, looking at Rachel.

“Bitch,” replied Rachel, her face red, her breathing heavy.

“So you’ll help us, then?” asked Illyana.

“I’ll help Kitty,” said Rachel.  “If it helps you too, I suppose that’s a price I’m willing to pay.”

“And afterwards?” asked Illyana.

Rachel looked at Kitty.  “It seems our Katherine is all grown up,” she said.  “But she’s a little out of control.  I think she needs a strong hand to guide her.”

“Two strong hands, maybe,” said Illyana, grinning.

“I *have* two hands,” said Rachel.  “But Kitty could benefit from being trained alongside a whorish blonde sister-slut.”

“I think Kitty would prefer a generous mistress who gave her a slutty red-headed puppy-slave to play with,” replied Illyana.

Kitty could take it no more.  If her face got any redder, she felt like she’d die of embarrassment.  She turned around, and phased through the wall, to leave her friends to fight.

And besides, she admitted to herself, she needed to go and find somewhere private.  Because right now, the only thing she could think about was her two friends hate-fucking each other to orgasm, and the only way she could respond to that thought was putting her hand between her legs and rubbing her pussy hard, until she felt herself cum, and cum, and cum again….


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