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Illyana walked in on Kitty while Kitty was raping Paige Guthrie.

Kitty had initially promised herself she wasn’t going to abuse the pretty cheerleader from Kentucky any more than she had to in order to satisfy Emma Frost’s cruel demands.  She felt guilty about what she had done to the poor girl, and told herself that she wasn’t a rapist, but a good person trying to navigate a difficult evil.

But all night after her meeting with Emma she had tossed and turned, her mind full of erotic thoughts, her pussy growing wetter, and eventually she had taken out her mobile and texted Paige the trigger words: “Visit me.”

It had taken Paige only minutes to turn up at Kitty’s door, wearing nothing more than an oversized sleeping T-shirt.  She looked haunted and flushed, and Kitty remembered that Emma had said that Paige would have erotic dreams about rape every night now.

“Hi, Kitty, what’s up?” asked Paige – the voice of a friend, the voice of someone who liked Kitty and liked spending time with her.  The voice of someone whose mind had been altered to prevent her from remembering her sexual abuse except while it was actually happening.

Kitty dithered for a moment.  Maybe she should just invite Paige in and chat.  Be friends.  Discuss the world, and school, and boys.  Be normal.

But Paige looked so hot in that T-shirt. Kitty could see the girl’s erect nipples poking against the soft fabric; the curve of her perfect tits.

She closed the door behind Paige, and then pushed Paige up against it and began to kiss her.

Paige struggled for a shocked, horrified minute – and then she went limp, as her hypnotic controls kicked in, and she became unable to resist Kitty’s molestation.  Kitty pushed her tongue deep into Paige’s mouth, and squeezed her breasts, and then moved her hand lower, reaching under Paige’s shirt hem and finding her pussy.  No underpants – just a wet cunt.

It felt amazing, doing anything she wanted to a girl with no repercussions.  Kitty still felt a little embarrassed and ashamed of her sexuality.  She had known, deep down, that she liked girls as well as boys for a very long time, but the recent awakening of it was sudden and overwhelming.  Kissing Illyana – being openly sexual with her – felt like a dream.  She was still terrified Illyana was going to reveal it was all a cruel prank, and laugh at her and her slutty fantasies.

But with Paige, there was no fear of that.  Paige was helpless.  She couldn’t judge Kitty – and if she did, it didn’t matter.  Kitty could just slap Paige in the face until Paige apologised, and then Paige would forget it had ever happened after Kitty was done using her anyway.

Kitty pulled off Paige’s shirt, and Paige allowed her to.  There was an accusing look in Paige’s eyes – none of what Emma had done to the girl had made her *like* being raped – but also a look of lust.  Pain and rape and humiliation made Paige wet now, whether she liked it or not.

“Whore,” whispered Kitty playfully, and watched Paige blush as she grew evidenceen wetter.

Kitty guided the girl back to her bed, laid Paige on her back, and then straddled the girl’s face, pushing her own pussy down onto Paige’s mouth.  Kitty had only been wearing a thin nightgown, leaving her own cunt easy to access.  She sighed as Paige began to obediently lick.

Kitty spent a moment toying with Paige’s tits – first squeezing them, then slapping at them experimentally.  Each slap made Paige jerk with pain, and that felt good against Kitty’s pussy, so she slapped Paige a bit more.

Then Kitty leaned further forward, until she was lying atop Paige in a 69 position.  An idea had been running through her mind, that one day she might end up being given a chance to lick Illyana’s pussy.  The very thought of using her tongue on her sister-friend’s cunt made her wild with lust – but she was afraid she wouldn’t be *good* at it.

Paige was the ideal opportunity to practice.

She had tongue-fucked Paige once before, when she had first raped the girl, and her memory that Paige’s pussy tasted *good* was confirmed as she pushed her tongue between the girl’s labia and began to lick her clitoris.  She took her time this time, exploring every fold of Paige’s pussy lips with her tongue, pushing it into Paige’s fuckhole, flicking it over her urethra.  Paige moaned into Kitty’s cunt, but part of the fun of this was that Kitty didn’t have to care even a little whether Paige liked it.  In fact, she took the opportunity to bite Paige’s clitoris lightly, just because she could, and enjoyed the sound of Paige screaming her pain into Kitty’s twat.

She licked and licked at Paige – and, just as had happened the last time, Paige orgasmed before Kitty did.  She bucked, and shuddered, and then started squirting cum so forcefully she looked like she was pissing.

Last time Kitty had been surprised, and let the fluid splash on her face.  But she knew, as clearly as she knew her own name, what Illyana would want Kitty to do if this happened between the two of them.  Kitty opened her mouth, and swallowed every last drop of Paige’s squirt.

And of course, that was when Illyana turned up.  The beautiful blonde girl didn’t need doors; she teleported straight into Kitty’s room using a stepping disc.  She was in her fully Limbo Queen outfit – black leather straps that left little to the imagination.

She took a moment to orient herself, during which Kitty jerked upright, and tried to pretend that nothing strange was going on – before remembering that she still had a naked girl between her legs.

Illyana got her bearings – and smiled as she saw Kitty.

“Oh, couldn’t stay away from her, huh?” said Illyana.  “I don’t blame you.  It’s okay, keep enjoying her.”

Kitty scrambled to climb off Paige.  “Can’t you knock or something?” she said, blushing.

Illyana walked over to Kitty, and cupped her chin in her hand.  Kitty instantly grew still, looking up at Illyana with big, round eyes.

“I said keep enjoying her, Kitty,” she said.  “That wasn’t a suggestion.”

Kitty felt her cunt throb with sudden passion, and she couldn’t have resisted the temptation to lower her pussy back onto Paige’s mouth even if she had wanted to.  She meekly returned to straddling the cheerleader’s face, and moaned as Paige’s tongue resumed caressing her clitoris.

“You like it when I tell you what to do, don’t you?” Illyana asked.

There was no answer Kitty could give but the truth.  “Yes,” she said, meekly.

Iyana smiled – then whispered three words – “Cum for me” – and then leaned down and kissed Kitty on the lips.

Kitty orgasmed, immediately, instantly, moaning loudly into Illyana’s mouth as she kissed back passionately while violently humping Paige’s face.  Her body melted and her consciousness flickered.  All that mattered was Illyana, and her pussy – her pussy and Illyana – and those two things had become perfectly and intrexicably linked.

When the kiss was over, Kitty was dazed, happy, and unfocused, still resting straddled across Paige’s face as Paige continued licking at her.  Illyana sat down on the bed beside Kitty, and idly worked a finger into Paige’s exposed pussy, more out of a desire to fidget than any sexual interest.  Paige moaned and tried to buck against Illyana’s finger, but Illyana skilfully moved it with Paige’s movements, denying the girl any pleasure.

“Kitty, do you want to belong to me?” she asked.

“Yes,” said Kitty immediately, eagerly – but then, “No.”  Her brow furrowed.  “I love you, Illyana,” she said – and it was true, in every sense of the word – “but we’re friends – family – and I don’t want to fuck all that up.”

Illyana looked at her earnestly.  “Kitty, you will *always* be my first and best friend, my truest sister, and the love of my life.  You know that, right?”

Kitty just blushed.

“But Mistress Frost is awakening the wonderful dirty slut that I have always known is inside you,” said Illyana, “and if this is a journey you’re going on, I want to go on it with you.  You *know* you want to be owned, and you *know* you want me to be the one who owns you, and if you don’t submit to me you’re going to end up doing something stupid with another asshole like Pete Wisdom.  You know that, right?”

Kitty was still just blushing.

“Say yes, pet,” said Illyana.

“Yes,” said Kitty quietly.

“I’m not doing this unless you want it.  You can say no, and if you say no, I won’t ask again,” said Illyana.

There was a tension in those words.  Did Illyana mean that she wouldn’t raise the subject again – or that next time she wouldn’t *ask*?  Kitty shivered, not knowing which she would prefer.

But it didn’t matter, because she knew her answer.

“No,” she said.  “I want it.”

Illyana cupped her chin with one hand again.  “What do you want, pet?”

“I want you to own me,” moaned Kitty.  “I want to be yours.  I want to be your… pet.  I want to be controlled.”

The idea was instantly perfect in her mind.  No more guilt about raping girls.  No more shame at her desires.  Illyana would tell her who to fuck, who to rape, and it wouldn’t be her choice.  She would just be a pet – a pet of the girl she loved most in the world.  

She wanted it more than anything.

“Call me Mistress,” said Illyana.  “Tell me you belong to me.”  Her face, too, was flushed now, and she was definitely aroused.  She idly pinched Paige’s clitoris, for fun, but her eyes were locked on Kitty.

“Yes, Mistress,” said Kitty, shyly.  “I belong to you.”

“What can I make you do, pet?” asked Illyana.

“Anything,” purred Kitty.

“What if I make you fuck other men, or fuck women?” asked Illyana.

Kitty shivered.  “Anything,” she said.

“What if I make you hurt innocent girls?” asked Illyana.

Kitty shivered again.  “I trust you,” she said.  “Anything.”

“What if I give you forever to another owner – one who will hurt you and abuse you – and never see you again?” asked Illyana.

Kitty felt like crying – but she knew her answer.  “Anything,” she said.  “I give my everything to you.  I want to do this because I don’t think you *will* do something like that to me – but I also want to know that you *could*, and I would obey.”

Illyana’s eyes were wet.  Were those tears?  Was the Demon Queen of Limbo tearing up at Kitty’s declaration?  Illyana moved to semi-straddle Paige, a knee between her legs, pressing into her cunt, the other knee against her hip.

“Illyana…” said Kitty.

“Shut up,” said Illyana, her voice hoarse, and leaned in, and kissed Kitty again.  Her hand was at Kitty’s throat – in the right position to choke her, but gentle, caressing.  Kitty kissed Illyana back as if she was dying of thirst and Illyana’s mouth was the last water in the world, and she felt herself orgasming again, and again, against Paige’s mind-controlled face.

“Now and forever,” said Illyana,, softly, between kisses.  “My pet.  Only mine.”

“Yes, mistress,” replied Kitty, and kissed her again.

Later, Illyana showed Kitty how good a girl’s mouth could feel on her nipples, and then Kitty got her first chance to lick Illyana’s pussy.  They kissed, they 69ed, they explored each other’s body with their fingers and mouths and tits.  They used Paige as their personal masturbation toy in every configuration possible, until the girl’s nude body was completely coated in their sex juices.

And when it was done, Illyana explained to Kitty how she intended to train her.

Because, after all, every good kitten needs to be housebroken.


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