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“You’re very presumptuous to attempt to make *deals* with me, Katherine,” said Emma Frost, her lips pursed in disapproval.  They were in her private chambers in the X-Mansion, and Emma was dressed in her customary white corset, gloves, and thigh high boots.  Her panties, however, had been removed, to allow her to sit spread-legged with Illyana Rasputin’s pretty blonde face servicing her visibly wet vagina.

Illyana herself was completely nude, and every time Kitty lowered her eyes from Emma’s she found herself blushing at the erotic spectacle of her best friend (and main sexual crush) lapping eagerly at the older woman’s fuckhole.

“I’m sorry,” said Kitty, “but I can’t let Empathy impregnate Rahne.  She’s my friend!”

“Your friend who you eagerly raped,” noted Emma wryly.

“You made her forget that after I did it,” said Kitty.  “There was no harm done.”  As she spoke, she tried to believe it.  These were Emma’s words, coming out of Kitty’s lips – that a rape someone didn’t remember wasn’t really a rape – but they were easier to believe when Kitty was aroused and lustful, and now that her pussy was dry they felt like a hollow justification.

“So?” asked Emma.

“So pregnancy is forever,” said Kitty.  “So I’m not letting you do it.  You can take this new deal instead.”

“I’m not exactly happy that you saw fit to spirit away my potential toys to some place out of my reach,” said Emma.  “I suspect my pretty little pussy slave here may have had something to do with it.”  She reached down and grabbed Illyana’s hair, pulling her head up so that Emma could see her face.  “Am I right, Illyana?  Are you a rebellious little slut?”

Illyana, currently under Emma’s mind control, nodded as best as she was able in Emma’s grip.  “Yes, mistress, I helped Kitty take the girls to Limbo.  Then that red-haired bitch Rachel Summers helped us make them forget.”

Kitty winced, and berated herself.  She had thought she was so clever, sneaking around behind Emma’s back to arrange her alternative deal – but all her secrecy had gone out the window the second Illyana had resumed her identity as Emma’s cunt-slave.

“Naughty, naughty girl,” chided Emma, shaking her head at Illyana sadly.  “You’ll need to be punished for this quite thoroughly.  I believe I shall whip your tits and your nasty little deceitful pussy with a belt later tonight – but of course, you’ll enjoy that, won’t you, slave?”

Illyana nodded.  “Yes, mistress,” she said eagerly.

“So let’s add on a punishment you won’t enjoy so much,” said Emma.  “Masturbate, slave – and don’t stop until you have a dirty little orgasm.”

Illyana moaned, and moved a hand between her legs to rub her naked pussy.

“And slave,” added Emma, “I want you to imagine fucking your brother while you masturbate – and don’t stop doing *that* until you cum, either.”

Illyana’s eyes widened in horror, and her mouth opened to protest – but Emma pushed her face back down on her pussy, and held it there until she felt Illyana start to lick.

“She’s crying, you know,” Emma said to Kitty.  “It serves her right, the underhanded little wench.  And besides, I find there is nothing so erotic as the feeling of someone’s tears on one’s cunt.”  She sighed happily.  “Tell me the deal again, Katherine.”

“You leave Rahne alone, and so does Empath,” said Kitty.  “Empath can have Roulette as his plaything – she deserves it anyway.”

“Volunteering a woman to be raped and abused?” observed Emma archly.  “How very practical of you.  You might have potential yet.”

Kitty blushed, both at the embarrassing backhanded compliment, and at what she was about to say next.  “And I get Paige as my sex slave,” she said.

She reminded herself why she was doing this.  Illyana and Kitty had agreed that Emma would only take a deal if Kitty volunteered herself for further corruption.  She had to ask for this, in order to save Rahne.  Only now it didn’t sound like Kitty was doing a good thing.  It sounded like she was volunteering to sexually abuse an innocent girl.

Emma laughed with delight.  “Oh, Katherine, what a wicked little lesbian you are.”  She thought for a moment, then said, “Very well.  And do you have young Paige to hand?”

“She’s back in her bedroom,” said Kitty.

Emma nodded.  “Very well.  I have sent her a telepathic summons.  She will be here shortly.”

Kitty blushed, and waited, and watched Illyana licking Emma’s cunt.  As she watched, Illyana moaned, and shuddered, and Kitty realised she had cum – and not just cum, but orgasmed while imagining fucking her own brother.

“So fast, Illyana!” said Emma in surprise.  “Have I discovered yet another of your perverted fantasies?  Then let’s go a step deeper.  This time I want you to imagine that he’s impregnated you, and he’s marrying you in front of all your friends, and you’re naked at the wedding.”

Illyana made an incoherent noise of horror and humiliation.  Emma forced her head back down on her cunt, and said, “I really don’t take kindly to being betrayed, slave.  Maybe this will help you make better decisions in future.”

There was a knock at the door, and Kitty opened it.  Paige stood there – completely nude, desperately trying to cover her tits and pussy with her hands.

“Oh, did I forget to give you time to get dressed before attending me?” said Emma, amused.  “Tut, tut.  I really must be more mindful.  Come in, Paige dearest.”

Paige shuffled awkwardly into the room, still blushing.

“Now, Katherine, Paige here currently remembers none of what you’ve done to her in the past,” said Emma.

“Done to me?” asked Paige.  “What – what do you mean?”

Emma ignored her.  “Katherine, be a dear and slap her across the face, then kiss her.”

Kitty stared at Emma.  So did Paige.

“Oh really, Katherine, you just asked for permission to make her your rape-slave,” said Emma.  “Don’t get shy now.  Be a dear and slap her.  Or else the deal is off.”

Kitty turned back to Paige.  “Sorry, Paige,” she said – and slapped the pretty girl across the face, hard.  Then, as Paige reeled back in shock, Kitty stepped in, grabbed Paige’s hair, and pressed her lips against Paige’s own in a deep tongue-kiss.

It felt good.  It felt so good – and Kitty couldn’t deny that most of that feeling was precisely because Paige wasn’t consenting.  It was so wrong – and it made her so wet.

Paige started to struggle – but then she went limp.  Emma’s mind had taken control of the pretty midwestern cheerleader.  Kitty finished the kiss, and then stepped back.

“Now, Paige dearest,” said Emma.  “I know you don’t remember it, but Katherine here has been quite a slut recently, and has chosen of her own free will to rape you on several occasions.  I understand she’s quite enjoyed it.  You must be very enjoyable to rape.”

Paige’s eyes went wide, but Emma didn’t allow her to speak.

“And now you’re going to become Katherine’s very own pussy-slave,” said Emma.  “which I approve of immensely.  I’m just putting some little instructions into your mind to facilitate that arrangement.”

Emma’s eyes flicked to Kitty.  “Katherine, be a good girl and finger-fuck Paige while I tell her how this will work.”

Kitty avoided eye contact with Paige, and worked her fingers between Paige’s pussy lips, and into her fucktunnel.  She began pumping them in and out, and noted that Paige was quite wet.  Was this natural lubrication, or a product of Emma’s mind control?

“First,” said Emma, “you will keep your mobile phone with you at all times.  When Kitty messages you the words ‘Visit me’, you will attend her bedroom immediately, and stay until she releases you.”

“Secondly,” Emma continued, “you will be physically unable to resist Kitty in any way.  If she desires to hurt, control, or abuse you, you will be unable to defend yourself.”

Kitty looked up at Paige’s face.  Paige’s expression was twisted in horror and violation.  Filled with guilt, Kitty looked away again, and concentrated on finger-raping Paige’s twat.

“Third,” said Emma, “when Kitty hurts you, degrades you, or humiliates you, it will make you aroused, in proportion to the pain, degradation or humiliation.  If Kitty wants you desperate to fuck her, all she has to do is pinch your clitoris a few times and call you a whore, you see.”

“Fourth,” Emma continued, “any time you sleep, you will dream about being raped and violated by Kitty, and it will make you uncontrollably aroused, and when you wake up you will find yourself orgasming.”

Paige moaned, and squirmed against Kitty’s intruding fingers.

“And fifth,” said Emma, “when you’re not being abused by Kitty, you will have no memory of any sexual abuse you have suffered at any time in your life, and will regard Kitty as a good friend.  You will be unable to talk about anything that Kitty does to you, or causes to happen to you, with any other person for any reason.”

Emma paused, looked at Kitty, then looked at Paige again.

“You may cum now,” she said.

Paige, helpless to resist, did as she was told, bucking her hips spasmodically and squirting ejaculate over Kitty’s hand and onto the floor.

Emma sighed.  “What a messy little slut,” she said.  “Be a good girl and lick up your mess, would you?”

Paige dropped to the floor on all fours, her face red with shame, and began to lick up the puddle of her girl-cum like a kitten. 

Kitty stared at her, flushed with arousal, desperately wanting some privacy now to reach her own orgasm.

“Are you satisfied, Katherine?” asked Emma.

Kitty turned back to the White Queen quickly.  “Yes,” she said.  “We have a deal?”

“We have a deal,” said Emma.  “You know, I’m quite proud of how far you’ve come in such a short time.  Of course, you do have your dear Auntie Emma as an educator, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  I have high hopes for you.”  She laughed.  “Now, stop cluttering up my chambers with your messy new slave, and go and enjoy her.  And I expect you back here tomorrow, Katherine.”

“Tomorrow?” asked Kitty.

“Oh yes,” said Emma.  “Now that we’ve resolved this tiresome little pissing competition over who will and won’t get raped, it’s time for my New Hellions to get serious.  We have work to do, Katherine.  I expect to see you tomorrow, and I would very much urge you to *not* disappoint me.”

Kitty opened her mouth to reply, and didn’t even realise what she was about to say until she said it.  The words just came to her lips naturally.

“Yes,” she said, and added, “Mistress Frost.”


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