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Kitty scowled suspiciously at Emma Frost.  “An initiation challenge?” she asked.  “Like what?”

She had a bad feeling about this.  She didn’t really want to join Emma Frost’s New Hellions – or at least she told herself she didn’t.  Their purpose appeared to be the systematic secret rape and abuse of the students of the Xavier School.  It was repellent – no matter how confusingly wet the thought might make her.  But by joining, Kitty had the chance to protect her friend Illyana, who Emma had turned into a “cunt-slave” – and it seemed inevitable she was going to have to play along with Emma’s minor evils to save her pretty friend from something worse.

“Just a little… preparatory work,” said Emma.  “On the table behind you, you will find some foils of medicine.  They have been cleverly designed by a business I have some interest in to look exactly like the birth control pills that the school doctor prescribes to the girls here.  However, these are not birth control pills.  They will instead promote sexual arousal and, in some cases, lactation.  You will take these to the rooms of three women on this campus, and swap their pills.”  She paused.  “Oh, and while you are there, use your powers to phase their clothes off their sleeping bodies, and then photograph them naked for us.”

“Why?” asked Kitty.

Emma looked at her as if she were insane.  “Because it will be amusing, of course,” she said.  “Really, Katherine, do you *need* a reason to look at girls naked?  Are we going to pretend you haven’t been waking up orgasming from the dreams I’ve been sending you this last fortnight?”

Kitty squirmed.  Somehow Emma had a talent for crafting everything she said to make Kitty feel ashamed and aroused.  She wished she were doing something *easy* instead – like battling Magneto or escaping from a planet full of Brood.

Instead, she asked, “Which three women am I doing this to?”

Emma waved vaguely.  “Oh, you can choose.  One hormonal teenaged mutant slut is much like another.”  She paused, struck by an idea.  “Unless you want to play with the *faculty* – in which case I’ll be fascinated to see your results.”

Kitty dithered.  She looked at Illyana.  “Should I do it… now?” she asked.

“My Hellions do not *dally*, Katherine,” said Emma.  “Yes, *now*.  Don’t worry, nothing terrible will happen in your absence.”  She grinned.  “Unless Illyana *wants* it to….”

Illyana looked at Emma and licked her lips hungrily.

Kitty blushed, picked up the pill packets, and fled, phasing through the wall.

Back in the corridor, she paused to think about what she was doing.  There was no question that Emma’s plan was, on its face, immoral – but were she not doing it, Emma might be mind-controlling Illyana into being impregnated by her own brother, as she had threatened to do last night.  And swapping some pills and taking some photos wouldn’t really *hurt* anyone.  She could pick three women who weren’t sexually active anyway, and the worst that would happen would be that they’d feel a little horny, and Emma would see a photo of them naked – and Emma could peer into their mind and see what they looked like naked anyway, if she wanted to.

But who to choose? 

She thought about who she might want to see naked.  Rachel Grey?  Rachel was indeed quartered on the campus, an active member of one of the X-Men teams – but she was a light sleeper, and a telepath herself.  Even phased, Kitty had limited confidence she wouldn’t wake her sexy redheaded friend by accident.

Storm?  The primal, uninhibited, ebony-skinned sexuality of Ororo Munroe had been instrumental to awakening Kitty’s pubescent sexual leanings – but seeing Storm nude was hardly a challenge.  She stripped naked at the slightest rainstorm.  And swapping her birth control meds – if she even took any – seemed petty.  If Storm was to be made to submit, she deserved a more royal set of shackles than mere pills.

Who else?

The memory of Empath abusing Illyana came back to her, and it sparked a thought – a half buried memory of a bitchy, beautiful girl in need of a little karmic payback..  If Empath was back at the Xavier School, then maybe the other original Hellions were too.  She ghosted to her room, and checked the school records on her computer.  They were!  Which meant Kitty knew exactly who her first target would be.

Jennifer Stavros, known as “Roulette”, had the mutant power to alter people’s luck – and as a member of the Hellions, she had used it to be cruel and abusive.  She had, of course, died once, and been resurrected in complicated circumstances, but Kitty had heard nothing of the girl making amends for the past, and thought Jennifer was a fitting target for a little revenge.

Roulette’s room turned out to be not far from her own, and she phased quietly through its walls to regard the interior.  Jennifer had clearly been using her control of probability to rook casinos or other gambling dens, because her quarters were lavishly decorated in expensive-yet-trashy frippery. 

Jennifer herself was sound asleep in her bed, and Kitty moved to look down at her.  Blonde, big-titted, gorgeous – Roulette was everything Kitty had envied when she was younger.  The girl was dressed in expensive cotton pyjamas, unbuttoned down the front to show a tempting expanse of pale, shapely tit-flesh.

Kitty turned from the bed and entered the room’s small bathroom. She rifled through Roulette’s medicine cabinet and handbag until she found her birth control medication, and swapped the pills.  Then she went back to Roulette, gently touched the girl’s pyjamas, and phased them away, pulling their now-insubstantial cloth straight through Roulette’s body before dumping them on the floor.

Roulette now lay completely nude.  Kitty realised for the first time that Jennifer’s breasts were enhanced – the product of expert plastic surgery – and her pussy was so unnaturally hairless that she must have had the follicles permanently removed.  She was a pornstar sex-doll, nude, helpless and asleep.

Kitty took out her phone – a specially shielded one that Beast had made for her, because her power normally fried electronics – and snapped a few pictures of the naked girl.  They were good, even in the limited light of the darkened room, possessed of a sort of illicit eroticism that sent little thrills through Kitty’s cunt.  But after two weeks of Emma’s embarrassing wet dreams, and the confusing and arousing events of the last two nights, something other than pure rationality was driving Kitty now.  It felt increasingly like her wet, perverted pussy had a vote in her decision-making, and right now it wanted more from Roulette than just a candid shot of her naked body.

Placing her phone on the bedside table, Kitty carefully used both her hands to ease Jennifer’s legs apart – and then wider still, until she was splayed spread-legged on her bed.  She showed no sign of waking.  Her cunt was wide-open and vulnerable, and Kitty felt her own twat pulse with approval.

Shaking with fear and desire, Kitty lent in and touched Roulette’s pussy.  Kitty had never touched another woman’s cunt before, and an electric thrill went through her.  She realised that she wanted to do more than just follow Emma’s instructions.  This fake-titted bitch had once tortured Kitty and her friends, side by side with Empath, and now here she was at the Xavier School, slutting around with her shaved cunt and blonde whore-hair, and the X-Men were acting like all was forgiven, as they always did whenever some irredeemable sociopath like Sabretooth or Blob or Callisto wanted to play tourist among the heroes. 

A carousel of cruel, perverted revenges cascaded through Kitty’s mind, so quickly she barely consciously registered any of them as more than a quick, needy squeeze of the muscles in her fuckhole, but the fear of Roulette waking up meant she instantly discarded them.

Instead, she settled for just one thing.  A single, symbolic violation. 

She reached in, and with trembling fingers, she spread Roulette’s labia.  Within, the hooded nub of Jennifer’s clitoris and the opening of her vagina were exposed.  Gently, Kitty used a finger to lightly trace the space between Roulette’s fuckhole and her clitoris – and as she had hoped, the girl moaned, and her pussy visibly wettened, her clitoris perking up slightly.

Kitty’s nerve failed.  This would have to be enough.  She picked up her phone, and with one hand still spreading Roulette’s cunt open, she took several photos, one of them clearly capturing both Roulette’s identifiable face, and the explicit detail of her pussy.  Then Kitty phased out of the room, leaving the girl naked in her bed.

She stood momentarily in the corridor outside Roulette’s room, her heart racing, her pussy throbbing.  She felt dizzy.  She was doing the right thing, wasn’t she?  For Illyana?  And it felt good.  She wanted to do it.  And anyway, she *had* to do it, so it wasn’t her fault.  Never mind that Emma hadn’t asked her to touch Roulette’s cunt.  The girl had deserved it.

So who next, she wondered?  What pretty girls might she find within the mansion?  Maybe Rogue?  She’d always wondered what the sexy southern belle looked like nude.  But no, she didn’t dare touch Rogue’s skin, phased or otherwise, lest she trigger Rogue’s mutant power of absorption, so that was out.  Maybe Jean Grey?  She was hot, and so untouchable and tempestuous that the idea of violating her in her sleep seemed powerfully erotic.  But no – Jean was a telepath and telekinetic of world-shattering scale.  Entering her room while she slept would be quite literally playing with fire.

A thought came to Kitty, and it was so cruel that she couldn’t put it aside.  Rahne Sinclair – Wolfsbane – Kitty’s friend and companion in both the New Mutants and Excalibur.  The girl had been raised in Scotland in a fundamentalist Presbyterian setting, to the extent that she still had residual guilt that being a mutant might make her the spawn of Satan. 

The girl was the very definition of repressed.  She blushed bright red at the thought of showing her *ankles*, let alone being seen nude.  Kitty knew, unshakeably and intimately, that if Rahne was aware someone had photographed her naked in her sleep, she would both be humiliated and degraded to the depths of her soul – and also feel that somehow it was her own fault, and that she had deserved it. 

It would be a fundamental betrayal of a girl who Kitty had considered a close friend over many years.  She knew it was inexcusable. 

But it won’t *hurt* her, Kitty thought.  She’s certainly not *fucking* anyone.   She’ll never *know*.  And Kitty’s cunt was so wet….

And so she walked down the corridor, and phased through the door into Rahne’s room.

Unsurprisingly, it turned out the self-conscious Scottish redhead slept fully dressed in heavy pyjamas.  Kitty had seen people go out in the snow in less concealing outfits.  But that didn’t matter – heavy clothes would phase off her just as easily as underwear.  The real problem was it turned out Rahne didn’t *take* birth control – because of course she didn’t.  It would be sinful, wouldn’t it?  But Kitty rummaged in Rahne’s bathroom further, and to her relief she discovered that Rahne *did* take vitamins each morning – and they looked *reasonably* close to Emma’s pills, and Rahne didn’t pay a lot of attention to medicine…

Kitty tipped out Rahne’s vitamins and replaced them with the aphrodisiacs.

Then she phased Rahne’s clothes away and looked at her friend nude.

Rahne’s tits were relatively small, but perky.  Her cunt was decorated with a wild patch of curly red hair, because of course Rahne would never do something so slutty as to shave her twat.  Kitty regretted that it stopped her getting a closer look at her friend’s pussy.

As she stared at her friend, Kitty’s hand went to her crotch, and began casually rubbing at her pussy through the thick denim of the jeans.  It was only when she realised she was about to slip her hand beneath the waistband of the jeans to access her wet pussy for masturbation more directly that she realised what she was doing, and jerked her hand away guiltily.

Quickly, blushing, she photographed her friend – and then, as with Roulette, she carefully spread Rahne’s legs, parted her labia, and teased the unconscious girl’s pussy and clitoris with a finger.

As with Roulette, Rahne gasped, and moaned, and her pussy began to wetten alarmingly.

I knew it, thought Kitty.  I knew you were a slut deep at heart.  All your talk of purity and sin, and the touch of a girl’s finger on your cunt makes you wetter than the English Channel.  Less wolf than bitch in heat, really.

She took her camera, and photographed Rahne’s nude form, and her glistening, aroused twat. 

She was turning to leave when an even crueller thought came to Kitty, and she acted on it before she could talk herself out of it.  She took Rahne’s right hand – currently resting casually on her pillow – and shifted it, so it was resting on her nude, splayed pussy – exactly where it might be if she were masturbating in her sleep.  And then she carefully filled a small bowl of water, placed it beside the bed, and dipped Rahne’s left hand in it. 

She knew exactly what would happen within a few minutes.  Responding to the sensation of her hand being in warm water, Rahne would wet herself, soaking her bed.  And she would wake to find herself naked, and believe she had been simultaneously masturbating and pissing in her sleep.  The shame and humiliation she would feel would be intense…

Kitty barely made it out of the room before needing to dip her hand into her jeans, pushing aside her panties to furiously finger her clit.  She gasped, and moaned, her mind full of perverted thoughts.  She hated herself, and shouted angrily inside her mind, even as she kept masturbating.  Why did being cruel make her so *aroused*?  Why was she getting wet from abusing a girl who trusted her?

She knew why.  Because she was a perverted little slut with a kink for the forbidden, and always had been.

She was close to cumming.  She moaned.  She didn’t deserve to cum.  She didn’t want to be that kind of slut.  Plus she worried that if she orgasmed, the arousal would drain out of her, and in the absence of lust the crippling guilt and shame of what she was doing would prevent her from completing her mission.

She pulled her hand out of her jeans, denying herself a climax, absently licking her own arousal from her fingers without really thinking about what she was doing.  In fact, she wasn’t thinking coherently about much of anything now.  Robbed of its orgasm, her cunt was in control.  Her panties were soaked through with its juices, and if Kitty had thought to look she would have noticed a small wet patch developing on the crotch of her jeans.  It wanted what it wanted – and what it wanted right now was to sexually abuse another pretty girl.

And that desire led Kitty straight to her third target, without even thinking – Paige Guthrie, known in the X-Men by the codename “Husk”.  Kitty and Paige had never been on the same team, but Kitty knew Paige had spent a year as a student at Emma Frost’s reformed Massachusetts Academy, following Emma’s “conversion” from villain to “hero”.  Had Paige never had a clue that Emma was using her powers to rape whoever took her fancy?  Had Paige been one of Emma’s victims?  Had Paige *co-operated*?

Paige had a reputation as being almost disgustingly wholesome and innocent.  When she wasn’t using her mutant power, she looked like a perfect southern Cheerleader – blonde and curvy and fresh-faced and pure.  Kitty didn’t really believe that Paige had been a party to Emma’s sexual games – but on the other hand, it wouldn’t be the first time Kitty had been a poor judge of character.

Either way, Kitty knew that this was *not* going to be a harmless prank.  Paige was definitely sexually active.  She seemed to have a different boyfriend every month.  It wasn’t that she was a slut – it was that she was passionate, and pretty, and she just seemed to keep falling into romance.  But she would be relying on that birth control….

Kitty didn’t care.  Her lust was doing the thinking now.  She swapped Paige’s birth control for the fake pills without letting herself think about it, and then eagerly phased away the loose shirt and shorts Paige had fallen asleep in.

The girl was gorgeous, every curve perfect, her pussy (surprisingly) almost as waxed as Roulette’s had been.  Kitty would have thought Paige too nice-girl to wax her cunt, but she supposed you never knew how a girl treated her cunt until you saw it.

She photographed Paige – several times – and then spread her legs and pussy and took some more photos.  She paused, then teased Paige’s clit with a finger, and saw the same accompanying arousal that Roulette and Rahne had demonstrated, and she took more photos of Paige’s twat as it became sluttily wet.

But she hesitated to leave.  Her pussy was throbbing with need, and Paige was so pretty…

A voice spoke in Kitty’s head.  “She *is* pretty, pet.  Would you like to use her?”

It was Emma.  Kitty blushed.  “Get out of my head,” she thought.  Had the White Queen been watching her all along?  Had she seen *all* of Kitty’s thoughts?  She felt humiliated, violated – but still her pussy was very, very wet.

Emma tutted in Kitty’s mind.  “That’s not an answer, Katherine.  Would you like me to make her sleep more deeply, so you can play with her?  Or possibly wake her with instructions to pleasure you?”

Kitty’s pussy was so wet it was hard to think.  “No,” she protested.  “It’s fine.  I’m almost done.”

Emma sounded distracted.  “What was that, pet?  It sounded like your brain said one thing but your groin said another.”

Kitty visualised an upraised middle finger.

“Really, Katherine,” chided Emma.  “How crude.  And it’s not *me* that you want to put that finger up right now, is it?”  She paused.  “Surely you want to do just a *little* more with Paige?  Just a touch?  A taste?”

Kitty felt her resistance draining.  “Maybe…” she admitted.

“Don’t you want to feel a girl’s tongue on your pussy, pet?” asked Emma.  “Wouldn’t it feel *good*?  Let Auntie Emma make it happen for you.”

Kitty swallowed, guilty but horny.  “How?” she asked.

“We’ll do it just like with Illyana, pet,” said Emma.  “We’ll make her be a cunt-slave, and then wipe the memory all away.  It will be less than even an erotic dream.  We’ll make her enjoy being used.  No one will be harmed.”  Her voice in Kitty’s mind was sweet, coaxing.  “Just start by saying ‘yes’, pet.”

Kitty blushed.  She wanted to masturbate.  She wanted to stop feeling so horny so she could think clearly.  If she could just feel Paige’s tongue on her pussy, she knew she would cum, and then she could think.  She felt the last of her will drain away.  “Yes,” she thought – a thought filled with need and longing.

Emma laughed.  “Good little Kitten,” she said.  “But now let’s be honest, pet.  Say ‘Yes, Mistress Frost, I want to rape Paige.’”

Kitty was silent for a long while.  Then – “Yes, Mistress Frost, I want to rape Paige.”

“*Good* girl,” said Emma, in a deeply satisfyingly approving voice – and then, just like that, the presence was gone.

Paige’s eyes flicked open.  Kitty jerked, and nearly fled through the wall – but there was a distant look in Paige’s expression.

“Kitty?” said Paige dreamily.  “I’m going to lick your pussy, aren’t I?  The White Lady says I am.”

Kitty bit her lip.  “Yes, Paige,” she said.

“Mmmm,” murmured Paige sleepily.  “You’re going to rape me.  The White Lady says you’ll use me like a sex toy.”  She made a languid, throaty noise, like a cat purring, and then, “You know I’m not into girls at all, Kitty?”

“Yes, Paige, I know,” said Kitty.  As she spoke, she pulled off her jumper, and then began unbuttoning her shirt.

“If this was real life,” said Paige, “I would cry and scream.  I don’t want to lick a girl’s pussy, Kitty.”

“But it’s not real life,” said Kitty, taking off her shirt, then her bra.

“No,” said Paige happily.  “It’s just a sexy dream.  I can feel something in my mind.  I don’t want to lick your pussy, Kitty, but I think I’ll enjoy it if I do.  I think I’ll get wet.”  She looked up at Kitty.  “You have very pretty tits, Kitty.”

Kitty blushed.  “Thank you,” she said, and pulled down her jeans.

“I screwed Colossus once,” said Paige vaguely.  “Did you know?  I was very drunk, and he was moody because he was in love with you but he couldn’t be with you.  I felt very jealous, because I was right there but he was still obsessed over you.  It made me feel ugly and second-best.”

She giggled.  “Oh, but Kitty, when I showed him my tits it definitely got his attention, and once his cock was in my mouth he forgot *all* about you…”

Kitty hurriedly pulled down her panties.  She didn’t need to hear this.  But Paige went on.

“And then when we moved to the bed, and – his cock really is *very* big, Kitty, I didn’t think it would fit – I had a wicked thought, and I told him to call me by your name.  You should have felt his cock twitch inside me.  I told him he could call me Kitty, but also call me a whore, and he did.  He had some very nasty names for you, Kitty.  He’s had some surprisingly explicit and disturbing fantasies about you.  It made me feel *very* dirty.”

She sighed dreamily.  “And then, Kitty – I’m so sorry, I’m such a bitch when I’m drunk – I told him he should imagine me not as grown-up Kitty lilke you are now, but as innocent jailbait Kitty that he first met – and oh god, he came so hard when I said that, it was like being fucked by a fire hose…”

Kitty felt anger boil inside her.  “What can I do to her?” she thought at Emma.

Emma laughed in Kitty’s mind.  “Anything you like, pet,” she said.  “She’s powerless to do anything but lie there and lick your cunt, and when you leave the room she’ll forget it ever happened.”

“But you made it so she’ll enjoy it?” asked Kitty.

“Enjoy it – but not WANT it,” said Emma.  “A delicious little difference.”

Kitty thought about what Emma had said.  She felt the wild anger in her heart, and jealousy over Paige’s encounter with Kitty’s childhood crush – and she also felt the confusing, overwhelming lust in her pussy.  Between them, they left no room for rational thought.

So Kitty dropped her panties in the floor, stepped up to the head of Paige’s bed – and slapped Paige across the face.

Paige gasped.  “Kitty!” she said.  “It hurt!  It’s not supposed to hurt in a dream…”

“Stay away from Colossus, you trailer trash whore,” hissed Kitty.  She slapped Paige again.  It felt good.  It felt fun.  The little whimper and flinch Paige made when Kitty’s hand connected produced a very pleasing reaction in Kitty’s pussy. 

She knew what was next.  She climbed up onto Paige’s bed.

“Kitty?” asked Paige again – and then her voice was muffled as Kitty straddled her face, and lowered her now naked cunt against Paige’s mouth.

And oh God, it was good.  This was her first real lesbian experience – and here she was, raping a girl – and it felt so erotic that Kitty nearly orgasmed immediately.  She pushed her sopping wet pussy down hard against Paige’s mouth, not caring if the girl could breathe, and felt Paige’s tongue reluctantly slide between Kitty’s pussy lips and begin to tease lightly back and forth across Kitty’s clitoris.

The image was still in her head now – her beloved Colossus ejaculating into this whore while fantasasing about raping her as a child.  She reached out, grabbed Paige’s nipples, and squeezed hard.

Paige bucked underneath her, squealing her pain into Kitty’s cunt – so Kitty squeezed harder.  And that was when Kitty had her first lesbian orgasm – cumming from Paige’s pain.  She shook and bucked against Paige’s face, and moaned with slutty happiness.

But she wasn’t done with this girl yet.  She grabbed a round hairbrush with plastic bristles off Paige’s bedside table.  Then she leaned forward – Paige’s perfect tits pressing into her belly, Kitty’s resting against Paige’s stomach – and investigated Paige’s cunt.  Her groin was still over Paige’s face, and she gave Paige’s tit another twist to remind her to keep licking.

God, even Paige’s *cunt* smelled nice.  How did a girl make her *cunt* smell nice?  Was it some kind of secondary mutation?  She extended her tongue, using it to part Paige’s labia – and, yes, it *tasted* nice too.  Nice, and also wet.  For all that Paige was making muffled noises of protest into Kitty’s pussy, the girl’s own cunt was sopping wet, her labia engorged, her clitoris poking up eagerly for attention.

The wet pussy was a source of relief to Kitty, because beneath her lust was a wild panic at what she was doing.  She was *raping* a girl – using her completely without consent.  Paige didn’t want this, and but for Emma’s mind control she would be fighting for all that she was worth.  But her cunt was dripping with lust, and that helped Kitty forget her panic and pretend that really, deep down, this little slut wanted exactly what she was getting. 

She dipped her tongue into Paige’s pussy, and moaned with delight at the taste of Paige’s thick sex juices.  She flicked her tongue back and forth across Paige’s clit – and soon Paige’s protesting noises from beneath Kitty’s groin melted into low, slutty moans, and she began to eagerly buck her hips upwards to receive more of Kitty’s attention.

As she licked, Kitty reflected on the fact that this was her first taste of another girl’s sex.  And she knew also that she was always going to be branded with the memory that her first time with another girl had been rape.  She felt guilty – but at the same time, Paige’s tongue in her cunt felt good enough that she didn’t care. 

And besides, that thought of Paige and Colossus kept circling through her mind, and the bitter, petty thought that she couldn’t escape from was that Paige *deserved* all of this. 

And to that end, she took the hairbrush and pushed it into Paige’s fuckhole, bristles first.

Paige screamed into Kitty’s cunt, and bucked.  The spiky bristles were very definitely NOT something she wanted inside her pussy – but Kitty judged they’d do her no real damage, so she began to slowly fuck the hairbrush in and out of Paige’s perfect little twat. 

Paige did not want this, and nothing Emma had done prevented her from experiencing the pain – but the things Emma *had* done to her were ironclad, and so, despite the pain, every thrust of the hairbrush made her wetter and brought her closer to an orgasm. 

It was wildly erotic to Kitty.  Every time she pushed the hairbrush into Paige’s pussy, she saw the girl’s fuckhole spasm wildly around it.  Every time she pulled it out, Paige screamed loudly into Kitty’s cunt.  And every time Paige screamed into Kitty’s cunt, it vibrated Kitty’s clit in a very pleasing way.  She kept humping Paige’s face, and sawing the hairbrush in and out of Paige’s cunt while simultaneously licking at Paige’s clit, seeking her next orgasm from Paige’s pain.

To her disbelief, Paige orgasmed before Kitty reached her second cum, starting to suddenly buck and squirt uncontrollably.  Her juices splashed over Kitty’s face, and Kitty felt her make a low humiliated moan into Kitty’s cunt. 

Kitty couldn’t believe the little slut had been able to orgasm from pain and humiliation before Kitty had reached her own satisfaction.  And so she stopped licking Paige’s clitoris – and started biting it.  And that was when Paige started *really* bucking.  Mind control or no mind control, she really wanted to get her cunt away from Kitty now.  But Kitty held her down and kept torturing her, and soon she felt a different type of wetness against her thighs.  Paige was *crying* – weeping from some combination of pain, humiliation, and the confusing desperate arousal brought about by Emma’s mind control – and the feeling of those tears gave Kitty her second orgasm – and her third a moment later. 

She was satisfied – but the lingering specter of cruelty remained in her mind.  She got off the crying girl, got out of her phone and took some more pictures.  These ones showed Kitty’s pussy juices on Paige’s face, and the hairbrush still embedded in her cunt.

“You have a thought,” said Emma’s voice, amused.  “How very delicious, Kitten.  I’m impressed.”

“Stop spying on me!” blushed Kitty furiously.

“Oh, don’t be a prude,” said Emma.  “Auntie Emma doesn’t judge.  Just tell me you want me to implement your wicked little idea.  I can, you know.  You just have to ask for it.  Explicitly.”

“No!” said Kitty.  Her face was bright red.  The lust in her pussy was fading, and she was already starting to feel guilt for what she had done.

“Very well,” said Emma.  “But you should know that the reason she told you about her and Colossus right now is that around once a week she masturbates while thinking of it, and cums from the thought of how humiliated it would make you to know about it…”

Kitty’s anger boiled again.  “Are you just playing with me now?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” said Emma.  “Was it not clear that I was enjoying toying with your sordid little perversions?  But if you mean am I lying – darling, it’s only fun to lie to one’s equals.  Lying to you would be like kicking a puppy.  I can get everything I want from you with honesty.”

Kitty thought about Paige masturbating to the fantasy of Kitty’s humiliation.  She felt the anger and shame – hot and bitter.

“Do it,” she thought.

“Do what?” asked Emma innocently.

“Make it so she can’t cum from anything – no matter how much she wants to – unless she’s orgasmed in the last 24 hours from fucking herself with hairbrush,” thought Kitty.  “And make it so she knows it.  And I want her to know, right now, that I did it to her, for these few moments, so I can see her expression – but once we wipe her memory, I want her to think that she needs to do this to herself because she’s just a fucked-up little slut.”

Emma chuckled evilly in Kitty’s mind.  “Done,” she said.

Paige twitched for a moment – and then she looked down at the hairbrush in her pussy, as horror dawned in her, and the knowledge of how she had been changed.  Then she looked up at Kitty with pleading eyes.  “Kitty?” she said, desperately.  “Why did you do this?”

“Like I said, stay away from Colossus, you big-titted trollop bitch,” said Kitty.  “And enjoy trying to cum.”

And then she phased through the wall – and suddenly Paige was looking down at her naked body, and her agonisingly sore cunt with the hairbrush stuck in it, and wondering why she had felt the need to torture herself that way – and why she felt like she desperately needed to do it again….

Kitty took a moment in the corridor to breathe deeply – and put her clothes back on.  The brain chemistry of sexual arousal was washing away, leaving her with nothing but shame and guilt at everything she had done.  She had never suspected she was such a whore – that she would do such things – that she would *want* to do such things….

But it was done now.  None of them would remember.  Well, except for Paige’s new kink, and she thoroughly deserved that.  Kitty may have done terrible things, but none of them *mattered*. They didn’t have *consequences*.

When she was dressed, Kitty made her way back to Emma’s room, and phased through the door without knocking, as was becoming her custom – and, as was apparently her custom, she walked in yet again on Illyana having sex.

There was a bleached blonde bimbo in the room, and it took Kitty a moment to place who she was.  It came to her when she heard the girl moan in a distinctively Australian accent. It was Heather Cameron – Lifeguard – a bleached surfer from Australia with a mutant ability to alter her body to respond to danger.  The girl was naked and on all fours on a raised bench, and Empath was enthusiastically raping her cunt from behind, while Illyana was kissing the girl’s mouth and playing with her tits.  Kitty felt another surge of jealousy – she wanted Illyana to be kissing *her*….

Emma Frost was seated some distance away, and watching idly as her students fucked the mind-controlled girl.  Kitty tried to ignore Illyana’s activity, and crossed the floor to stand in front of the White Queen.

“Here are your photos, Mistress Frost,” she said, sending the gallery from her phone to Emma’s. 

“Good pet,” said Emma, smiling.  “I expect you’ve realised that being a Hellion can be very enjoyable?”

Kitty blushed.  “I feel so guilty,” she said.  “I raped Paige.  And the others…”

“Paige remembers nothing of it,” said Emma, “so no harm was done – except for the interesting experiences she’ll have trying to pleasure her pussy with that awful brush.  And you orgasmed, what, three times on her face?  An excellent trade.  If you feel like using her again, just let me know…”

“No!” said Kitty.  “I won’t!”  And, at least right now, she meant it.

Emma shrugged.  “Very well,” she said.  “But you should know that they’re not exactly going to be left alone now.”

“What do you mean?” asked Kitty nervously.

“Well, tomorrow night Empath is going to play a little game with them,” said Emma.  “He’s going to go to each of them, and show them the photos you took of them, and make them fall in love with him.  And he’s going to tell them that if they can get at least one of the other two girls raped by a man within seven days, that he will reward their love by fucking them and cumming inside them.  But if they can’t, or if they refuse, he’ll show the world the pictures.  With a little mental block from me, of course, to make sure they don’t go for help.”

“That’s – awful,” said Kitty.  So awful her cunt was getting wet again.

“I know,” said Emma.  “Isn’t it delicious?  They’ll probably get each other raped – maybe multiple times – and then they’ll all fuck Empath because they think they love him – and then Empath will put the pictures on the internet anyway.  And thanks to you, none of them are on birth control!  Don’t you think that Paige girl will look gorgeous with a rape baby in her belly?  Or your friend Rahne?”

Kitty backed away, horrified.  “I feel sick,” she said.

“No, you don’t,” said Emma.  “That’s not what you feel.”  She gestured.  “Illyana, pet, would you give Katherine here what she deserves?”

Illyana – naked, gorgeous – crawled across to Kitty on all fours.  She undid the button of Kitty’s jeans – and Kitty let her, and let her draw the jeans down her legs.  Then she pulled down Kitty’s panties – and Kitty blushed to be exposed here, in front of these people, in front of Emma, in front of *Empath* – but again she didn’t protest.

With Kitty naked from the waist down, Illyana gently spread Kitty’s legs, and Kitty shifted her stance to let her.  Then Illyana lifted her head, and as she did so, her nose accidentally bumped against Kitty’s labia.  Illyana flinched, pulling backwards – and when she did, a long rope of Kitty’s sticky fuckhoney followed her, briefly connecting the girl’s nose to Kitty’s pussy by a shiny, wet thread, before the connecting broke and the drool of sex-juices splattered across Illyana’s lips.

Kitty was mortified – but Illyana just giggled, and licked her lips.  She reached up and used her delicate fingers to spread Kitty’s pussy lips, and Kitty made a long, low moan of anticipation.  Illyana’s face was inches from Kitty’s wet fuckhole.  It was everything Kitty had fantasised about – her wettest of wet dreams.

Illyana leaned up.  Kitty felt Illyana’s breath on her cunt, and tried to push her pussy against Illyana’s face, but Illyana wouldn’t let her.  Instead, she felt Illyana’s finger sliding between her pussy lips, teasing her clit, bringing it out of its hood.  She shuddered with lust.

A thought appeared in Kitty’s head.  It wasn’t her own – Emma was putting it there.  It was an image of Roulette, and Rahne, and Paige, all bound in leather straps, nude, their mouths plugged with ball gags, their tits swollen and leaking milk, their bellies bulging with nine-month pregnancies.  All were on all fours, being raped from behind by anonymous men.

Kitty tried to shut it out of her mind.  She couldn’t.  Her pussy was so wet and her brain was full of the thought of abused, pregnant women.

She tried to focus on Illyana.  The sexy blonde girl’s face was coming closer to Kitty’s cunt.  Any minute Kitty would feel her friend’s tongue….

But she didn’t.  That wasn’t what Illyana intended.  She wasn’t giving Kitty what she wanted – she was giving her what she deserved.

Those evil little teeth smiled, and closed.  Illyana bit down, right on Kitty’s clitoris – hard.

Kitty screamed in shock and pain and betrayal.  The girls in Emma’s vision stared at Kitty with mute betrayal, and she knew that she had done this to them, that she had consigned them to rape and sexual degradation.

And with that knowledge in her head, and that overwhelming pain in her clitoris – Kitty orgasmed.


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