Everyone agreed that Erin was an annoyingly talkative bitch. Whether at work, at home, or among friends, she couldn’t seem to shut up, insisting on offering her brainless thoughts no matter how much she bored or offended the people around her.

Perhaps that was why no one intervened when she started dating Brendan. The man was obviously manipulative and controlling. He never called Erin by her name, instead calling her “pet” or “sweet-cheeks” when he was happy with her, or “cunt” or “bitch” when he wasn’t. He belittled her appearance and her intelligence in front of her friends, and any embarrassing or silly mistake she made became a story that he shared with everyone who knew her. 

The first time he slapped her in front of a group of her friends was transformative. It was a hard slap, directly across the face, and he showed no sign of regretting it. Her friends were paralysed, shocked by the sudden violence – but none objected to it. Erin *had* been telling an incredibly annoying and offensive story, and they *had* all desperately wanted her to stop.

As Erin looked around her friends, her mouth wide with surprise, her face reddening from the slap, she realised that no one was going to come to her defence. And it became clear to her that it was *okay* for Brendan to have slapped her, that she *deserved* to be slapped. It was *normal* for a girl like her to be slapped by a man.

Brendan slapped her again, later the same night, just to establish that it wasn’t a one-off, and everyone was still fine with it. This time one of her friends even told her she should apologise to Brendan, and she did, and thanked him for slapping her.

After that, Brendan had a new rule for Erin: mouth closed, legs open. The only thing of value she had to contribute to a conversation was her cunt, so she would no longer wear panties, and in social settings she would sit with her legs spread, her pussy visible, and her mouth firmly shut.

Whenever she violated this rule, she got a slap, and a repetition of the command: “Mouth closed, legs open.”

She probably would have learned the lesson just from Brendan, but she didn’t need to, because Brendan got her friends on board. Even if Brendan wasn’t present, if Erin made the mistake of opening her mouth, one of her peers would slap her across the face sharply and demand, “Mouth closed, legs open.”

Erin resisted the first time Brendan made her show her pussy at work, but a few good slaps put out the spark of rebellion, and it turned out her boss and workmates liked her better when she was seen and not heard too, and with a little encouragement they also got in the habit of slapping her and reminding her of her place.

Her last defiance was when Brendan took her to dinner at her parents’ place. She wailed and screamed at the idea of showing her cunt to her own mother and father, but there was no resisting Brendan, especially once he wrestled her legs open and started slapping her pussy instead of her face.

But she needn’t have bothered. Her parents fully approved of the new Erin.

“You always were a mouthy bitch, Erin,” her father told her over dinner, staring at his daughter’s pussy.

“It’s true,” said her mother. “On the day you were born, the only good thing that came out of my cunt was another cunt.”

Erin sobbed with humiliation and shame.

“Is she wet? Is that arousal?” asked Erin’s father, still staring at her pussy.

“Oh yes,” said Brendan. “She was difficult about coming here, so I punished her by making her masturbate to the edge of orgasm for three hours thinking about showing you her cunt. She’s very confused right now.”

“Can I see inside her pussy lips?” asked Erin’s father.

“Absolutely!” said Brendan. “In fact, Erin, I think it’s time we improved on your rule. From now on it’s ‘mouth closed, cunt open’. Go on and spread your cunt lips with your fingers so your daddy can see….”


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