The three rapists liked to give their victims a choice. They liked their victims to know they had *chosen* the particular violation they received. 

When they caught Jesse picnicking alone down by the river, they first told her she could expose her tits and cunt herself, or have her clothes ripped off her. She chose to do it herself, and they enjoyed her resulting strip-tease twice as much because of the expression on her face that showed she knew she had *chosen* this.

They asked her if she was on birth control, and she said that she wasn’t, and begged them not to cum inside her. So then they gave her the second choice. 

Either she could ask them to each to cum in her pussy, likely impregnating her – but they would be gentle with her, and give her her clothes when they were done. 

Or they would keep her clothes, beat her tits and pussy with a belt until she screamed, and then ejaculate on her face and tits and make her walk home nude and covered in sperm – but none of their cum would end up inside her.

The expression on her face as she tried to choose was so delightful, they photographed it…


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