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Keeping up with teen fashion was hard work. 

Maria had enough difficulty explaining to her mother that *none* of her friends would be caught dead wearing underwear, and that *no* popular girl had worn a skirt that covered her pussy in *years*. 

And that was just the *start* of this year’s fashionable look. Maria had bought the cutest little vibrating clitoris clamp last weekend, which would leave her aroused and in pain just like all the most glamorous models, and she’d been stuffing adorable silver plugs into her ass for a month. But her mother would never understand these, so Maria had gotten skilled at adding them to her outfit in the back seat of her friend’s car, after she had already left the house.

Maria thought she looked pretty hot in that ensemble already, but for tonight’s trip to the Kitten Cage nightclub Maria and her friends were going to go a step further, and try something that was *really* cutting edge, that all the celebrity women were doing for their glamour shots these days. The girls were going to rub their faces in each other’s wet cunts, so that they had cunt juices visible on their faces, and then they were going to handcuff each other’s hands behind their backs so that they would be completely defenceless to any man who took an interest in them.

Maria practically glowed as her best friend clicked her cuffs into place. The other girls at the nightclub were going to just *die* when they saw how fashionable Maria looked…


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