The women of the Queen’s Guard were one of the fundamental disputes between the Empire that they served and the people of the Empire’s client state, conquered Dakranim. The Empire saw them as beautiful, skilled, noble heroes exemplifying the virtue of the Queen. The Dakranimi saw them as stuck-up big-titted fascist whores whose authority to investigate and prosecute crime in Dakranim was an insult to every Dakranimi.

When the rebellion came, the Dakrinimi took special pleasure in capturing the Queen’s Guard. They kept the bitches in the dungeons and fed them on a diet of semen, aphrodisiacs, breast-growth hormones and lactation aids.

Each noon they would tart the once-proud warrior bitches up in elegant makeup, dress them in the remaining scraps of their uniforms (but always with their tits and cunt exposed), and parade them, securely bound, through the streets of the capital. Each day the people saw the beautiful warrior women with bigger, leakier tits and puffier, more aroused cunts, and soon began to picture them as having always had cow-like udders, flushed, lustful cheeks, and dripping pussies. Where once the people had told tales of the noble deeds of the Queen’s Guard, now they laughed at bawdy tales of their sexual exploits, which almost always involved a Guardswomen degrading herself out of uncontrollable lust or being raped as punishment for moral failings.

Only Cecilia, the Guard Champion, kept her stubborn pride during all this, long after the other girls had accepted their new role as slutty trophies of the rebellion. It suited the rebellion well. As they slowly rounded up the Queen’s last sympathisers, they would try them in public – a farce, as these captives, dosed on aphrodisiacs, could barely think straight. Then they would offer them a chance to show their contrition by publicly raping Cecilia.

Some of them might have said no. But one look at Cecilia’s defiant, blushing pout, contrasted with her drooling cunt and huge milky udders, sent them over the edge. Nobles, soldiers, and bureaucrats, male and female, all willingly raped Cecilia in the public square. Eventually they caught her father, brother and sister, and they all took their turn too. When Cecilia publicly orgasmed against her father’s cock, that almost broke her, but she kept her stubborn face through her mask of tears.

The last trial was that of the Queen herself, and when the Queen she had served so bravely eagerly raped her too, she finally gave up. The betrayal was worse because of the lesbian crush she had held for her monarch for so many years.

Once she broke, and confessed her sluttiness and hubris and admitted that women were inherently whores, not warriors, they brought an end to her torment. They even gave her a new job.

Because the Queen was not to be executed. Instead she would be wed to the new Dakranimi Emperor as the lowest of his harem, kept in a kennel, and bred every night until she produced babies to forever solidify the Dakrinimi claim to the throne. And the Queen would need a Keeper, someone who could lead her on a leash for her daily walks and keep her dripping wet for her husband. No man could do it, lest they spill seed inside her and create an illegitimate child. They asked Cecilia how often she would rape the Queen if she were made Keeper, and when she vengefully spat “Every chance I get”, they smiled and welcomed her to her new role…


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