The rich girls of the neighbourhood put their pocket money in a betting pool each fortnight. The queen bee of their social circle – named Kayden, but more commonly called ”that bitch” by her friends – would name a man, and the first girl to fuck him won the pot. 

Kayden, pretty, blonde and big-titted, almost always won. Micah and McKenzee were tired of losing, so when Kayden named Micah’s uncle as the fortnight’s target, the two girls decided to join forces – they would win together and split the winnings. After all, what man could resist two topless bare-titted teens turning up at his house? 

There was a secondary attraction in it for both of them, of course. Micah had always fantasised about fucking her uncle, and peer pressure finally gave her the incentive to make her slutty dream come true. And McKenzee – well, she had always dreamed of fucking Micah, and if she needed to let Micah’s uncle take her virginity in order to have a chance to lick Micah’s pussy, then that seemed like a fair trade…


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