A Novella of High-Fantasy Degradation

Collects the erotic fantasy novella “The Ternish Betrayal”, plus bonus stories.
(73 pages / 29,473 words)


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73 pages / 29,473 words

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For generations the Kingdom of Terna had been a feminist paradise – until, under the effects of a curse of lust, young and pretty Princess Kisantha sells her people’s freedom to the misogynistic Empire of Gart.

Now Kisantha is known as “Slut-Queen Kissy”, and wears the emperor’s leash.  She is forced to enact the Emperor’s cruel policies, dooming the women of Terna to a life of rape and exploitation – even as she degrades and humiliates herself before her subjects for the Emperor’s pleasure.

Ternish women are treated as sex-toys and human cattle for the cruel Gartish soldiers – and soon the corruption even spreads to infect the beautiful women of the neighbouring elven forests.

Can Kissy find a way to throw off the Gartish yoke?  And if she can, what price will her – and her people – pay for that freedom?


The Ternish Betrayal is a novella length story of of erotic degradation in a world of magic and high fantasy.  It contains strong themes of non-consent, gender degradation, corruption, incest, MF and FF sex, hucows and ponyplay.

This collection contains all six chapters of “The Ternish Betrayal”:

  • The Ternish Betrayal
  • Kissy Holds Court
  • The Bitches of Clemence
  • The Livestock of Terna
  • The Elves of Terna
  • The Freedom of Terna

It also contains the exclusive bonus story The Farmers of Terna.

As a special bonus, it contains the following additional stories:

  • Princess Ellie
  • Princess Ellie and the Herd

Please note that portions of this e-book have previously appeared in other All These Roadworks collections.

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.  A single purchase gives access to all file formats indicated above.

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