A novella of high-fantasy degradation

Collects all six chapters of “The Ternish Betrayal”, plus two “Princess Ellie” stories.
(8 stories.  60 pages.)


A new story collection is available!
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Formats available:
* PDF (recommended);

The Ternish Betrayal – A Novella of High Fantasy Degradation tells the story of Princess Kisantha, doomed by magic to betray her kingdom to the misogynistic Gartish Empire, and consign her female subjects to rape and subjugation.

This collection deals in themes of magic, slave-princesses, non-consent, objectification and petplay, and systemic oppression.  It totals 60 pages of content.

It contains all six chapters of “The Ternish Betrayal”:

  • The Ternish Betrayal, Part 1
  • The Ternish Betrayal, Part 2: Kissy Holds Court
  • The Ternish Betrayal, Part 3: The Bitches of Clemence
  • The Ternish Betrayal, Part 4: The Livestock of Terna
  • The Ternish Betrayal, Part 5: The Elves of Terna
  • The Ternish Betrayal, Part 6: The Freedom of Terna

As a special bonus, it contains the following additional stories:

  • Princess Ellie
  • Princess Ellie and the Herd

Please note that portions of this e-book have previously appeared in other All These Roadworks collections.

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.  A single purchase gives access to all file formats indicated above.

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