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Nicole had said yes, she would stay with her husband, even after what had happened on her wedding night, so everything afterwards was her own fault, really.

When she thought of her wedding night, she still flushed with horror and shame, even as her pussy wettened with remembered arousal. After protecting her virginity for her entire young life, like a good Christian girl, so that her first time would be with her husband, her husband Jaime had had her gang-raped by his best friends, making a mockery of her chastity and her faith while he laughed at her violation.

Of course, the sex had been mind-blowing, and the fear and shame and humiliation had just made it hotter for her, no matter how much she had tried to resist such a slutty reaction to her own rape. And at the end, lost in a haze of lust, she had told Jaime that yes, she still belonged to him, forever and ever.

Foolishly, she had thought that her wedding night might be a single, exceptional event, and that thereafter she and Jaime might live a normal married life, perhaps featuring some lovemaking that was more violent and passionate than she had expected in her innocent youth.

But Jaime had loved her reaction to the ravishing of her innocence and the betrayal of her ideals, and he wanted more.

She was nervous on the first Sunday morning after their honeymoon. Jaime wouldn’t let her put on any clothes except a pair of long black high-heeled boots he had bought for her. He made her do her hair and makeup, and then placed a black dog collar around her throat, to which he attached a leash. From her breasts, he hung a silver chain, clamped at each end to one of her nipples. He placed her hands in handcuffs. Then, with no further clothes, he made her get in his car.

She was uncomfortable and embarrassed in the outfit, but she assumed Jaime was taking her to some remote location to fuck her in the woods. Or maybe he was taking her to a hotel room, for his friends to gang-rape her again. The first option mildly excited her; the second thrilled her, although she refused to admit to herself that it did.

But Jaime was doing neither of those things, and when he pulled up in the parking lot of Nicole’s local church, Nicole suddenly realised what was happening, and became frantic.

“No, Jaime!” she squealed, trying to sink down in her seat so her nudity wouldn’t be visible through the window. “This is where my family goes to church! My parents’ friends! All of *my* friends!”

Jaime laughed. “I know, honey,” he said. “And they all need to see what a good little fuckbunny you really are.”

“Please!” she wailed. “They won’t let us in. Father Dominic will turn us away. I can’t go to church like this!”

“Oh, I think he’ll let you in,” said Jaime. “Anyway, isn’t a church supposed to offer salvation to anyone, even an exceptionally rapeable whore of Satan like you?”

She wept and struggled, but Jaime got out of the car, went around to her side, opened the passenger door, and began to pull her out by her leash. When that wasn’t enough, he used his free hand to simultaneously pull on the chain hanging from her tits, and that proved very effective in making her get out of the car.

The parking lot was full of families arriving at the church. She felt every gaze on her. She saw parents averting the eyes of their children. She heard approving comments from men, and disgusted ones from women. “Slut. Whore. Jezebel. Blaspheming cunt.”

She kept her eyes down, and tried to get to the church doors as quickly as possible, but Jaime stopped her, pushed her legs apart, and pushed his fingers into her pussy – right there, in front of everyone. When he pulled them out, the sticky nectar of her arousal was visibly dripping from his index finger. 

“She’s so wet,” Jaime said loudly. “What kind of whore goes to church with her pussy dripping, am I right?”

There were some chuckles. Nicole couldn’t think straight – the humiliation was overpowering – and Jaime was right, because she suddenly realised she was *incredibly* aroused. What was wrong with her?

At the church door, they were met by Father Dominic. The middle-aged priest had been a young man when Nicole was a child, and had taught her and raised her in Sunday School, like a second father. She knew that he would turn her away. He might even take her away from Jaime, and chastise Jaime for making her do this. He would put clothes on her, and make her safe. 

She simultaneously wanted that to happen, and feared it, because despite everything she didn’t want Jaime’s control over her to end.

As Father Dominic approached, Jaime whispered in her ear, “Masturbate, until I tell you to stop.”

Nicole moaned. She couldn’t touch her pussy, here at church, in front of the priest. But she couldn’t resist Jaime either. And besides, she *wanted* to masturbate. She lowered her hand to her crotch and began to rub her clit eagerly. Father Dominic will stop this, she thought. He’ll make it stop.

But Father Dominic didn’t intervene at all. Nicole would later learn that her husband had made a very sizeable contribution to the church, on the condition that the church was “accommodating” of Nicole’s behaviour.  

“It turns out she’s the most incredible whore,” Jaime had told Father Dominic on the phone the night before. “Things you only learn when you marry a girl, right? Well, her soul’s not going to be saved if she can’t go to church, but she’s intent on behaving like a slutty little bitch on Sunday. So in view of the money, I’m hoping you’ll look the other way. Or, hell, look *at* her, if you want. She’s easy on the eyes. So tell her what a tart she is, but let her in, and then after the sermon you can give her some spiritual correction. Or whatever else you think she deserves.”

So now, Father Dominic did not make an outcry about Nicole’s nudity, or turn her away, or rescue her. Instead he looked at her nude, aroused body; noted her humiliated masturbation, and said:

“Ah, Nicole. You look like a prostitute, dressed up like that. Imagine fingering your breeding hole like a needy bitch before a man of faith. It’s an insult to God, and you’ll surely be raped forever in hell for your self-pleasure, and for baring your whore’s tits in a house of the Lord like that. I have to say, I always knew you’d grow up to be nothing but a toy for men’s lusts. Now get inside, and hope that the Lord takes pity on your sinful little cunt.”

And standing in the middle of her community, nude and masturbating, the priest’s words pushed her over the edge. She orgasmed from the experience of having a man she had trusted all her life tell her she was nothing but a sex-object who was going to hell.

“Thank you, father,” said Jaime quietly, and led Nicole into the church on her leash.

The topic of the sermon was, “A Lustful Woman Is Like Unto A Female Dog”, and as Nicole listened to it, naked but for her dog collar and leash, she continued to masturbate, as Jaime hadn’t told her to stop. Father Dominic explained how Jesus had respect for the prostitutes, and that female dogs bore no sin for they had not partaken of the fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil, but that a woman who simply chose to be a slut deserved no respect. He explained that a whore of Satan could be used and raped and mocked without censure from God, and explained that such women were not really people, but rather objects such as a man might masturbate with. 

The whole congregation kept looking at Nicole throughout the sermon. She orgasmed three more times.

After the service, Jaime waited till everyone else had left, then told Nicole to stop masturbating, and led her to the priest’s office. He didn’t let her walk, but rather made her crawl like a dog.

“Ah, Nicole,” said Father Dominic. “I am glad you have come seeking correction for your whorish ways. Now, you don’t have to seek salvation – you can leave right now, and go to hell, as I’m sure you will.”

Nicole made a muffled squeak.

“Or,” said Father Dominic, “we can pray for your soul.”

“I’m so sorry, Father,” said Nicole. “Will prayer save me?” 

“Oh, not by itself,” said Father Dominic. “You must be purified. And as your wickedness comes from the sticky slime of your devilish cunt, it is by the seed of the faithful that you will be purified.”

He adjusted his robes, and Nicole blushed as his erect cock emerged.

“It’s like holy water,” said Father Dominic. “Only – holy seed. The more seed you take from the faithful, the better condition your soul will be in.” He pushed his cock towards Nicole’s face.

“Go on, Nicole,” chuckled Jaime. “Drink up.”

Slowly, Nicole parted her lips. Father Dominic pushed his cock into her mouth, and Nicole began to suck. She knew she was sucking the cock of a priest – of a priest who had helped raise her – and it just made her hotter.

Jaime moved behind her, and said, “I suppose I’d better put some seed in at the other end as well.” He lifted knelt between her legs, and a moment later she felt his cock push into her cunt. She squealed with delight, around her mouthful of the priest’s cock, and began to buck her hips against him immediately.

“And next week, Nicole,” said Father Dominic, as he fucked her face, “I’ll specifically mention you in my sermon about ‘How The Minions of Satan Have No Rights’, and say that you need a great deal of corrective rape, and that you’ve specifically asked the men of the congregation to assist you in this. We’ll have a post-service gathering for any men who want to help you. Do you want that, Nicole?”

And though neither of the men could really understand her with her mouth plugged with Father Dominic’s dick, once again, Nicole said, “Yes.”


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