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When Nicole had married Jaime, she had though she was getting a kind, gentle man who shared her Christian values of chastity, modesty, and purity.

Instead she learned he was a cruel sadist who delighted in violating her principles and corrupting and despoiling her faith and her soul.

That had been surprising; but even more surprising to Nicole had been how *wet* she got from each fresh degradation, how hard she orgasmed, and how she kept telling him that yes, he could keep doing it to her, even as she wept.

Right now she was naked, on all fours, fucking five men at once, in the office of the church she had attended since she was a child. One of them was Father Dominic, her priest, who had told her she was an evil whore who deserved to be raped, and prescribed “the seed of the faithful” as her cure. She cried out in humiliation and ecstasy as Father Dominic ejaculated *his* seed deep into her womb, then pulled out and wiped his cock clean on her ass cheeks.

“That’s a good start, my girl,” he said. “Jaime, my lad, stop playing around with her face and feed her your dose.”

Jaime, her husband was standing in front of her. Rather than feeding his cock into her mouth, he was casually slapping it back and forward across her face and cheeks, enjoying Nicole’s pathetic attempts to catch it in her mouth.

“I like making her work for it, Father,” he said. “She knows if she doesn’t manage to get her lips around it before I cum, that I’ll make her wear the cum on her face for the rest of the day. And we’re going clothes shopping today to buy her some new slutty clothes that fit how whorish her soul is.”

Nicole grunted as she felt someone new take Father Dominic’s place behind her – she thought it was Harold Baker, a friend of her father’s – and push his cock into her anus. She hated being fucked in the ass – it was degrading and painful – and of course, that just made it even hotter.

Of course she knew that her soul was not going to be saved by “holy seed”, and that each time a man ejaculated in her it was just making her dirtier; but at some level she also wanted to believe it. She feared if not enough men filled her with sperm that she really might go to hell.

Ren Cameron – who she had gone to school with – was kneeling by her side, and masturbating himself against the soft flesh of her hanging breast. He grunted, and came, bathing her udder with warm cum. He stood, and wiped his cock off in her hair.

At that moment, Nicole managed to catch her husband’s cock in her mouth, just in time for him to cum, flooding her mouth with his delicious semen. She swallowed it eagerly. As soon as he was done, another cock took his place in front of her. She didn’t even know who this man was.

When everyone was eventually done with her, they laid the cum-drenched whore on her back. Jaime and Father Dominic stood over her with leather belts, and Jaime began whipping her tits as Father Dominic whipped her pussy. Her weekly rapings at the church always ended this way, and she knew the beating of her womanly attributes would continue until she orgasmed from the pain.

Today the rapings had been very pleasurable, and she came quickly.

Afterwards, it seemed that Jaime had taken to the idea of making her wear his cum, even though she had managed to catch his cock, and so Nicole obediently transferred Father Dominic’s sperm from her pussy to her face, rubbing it in, but not so much that it wasn’t clearly visible. The cum on her breasts stayed there too.

Nicole felt like a disgusting slut-monster travelling around the local shopping mall with cum on her face – which of course made her soppingly, pitifully wet. She kept her eyes on the floor so she wouldn’t see the disgust on the faces of the townsfolk – which kept her dependant on Jaime to guide her to their destinations.

She had assumed that Jaime would buy her sexy lingerie and tight prostitute-clothes. But instead he took her to the same kind of shops she had always visited, which sold nice dresses, suitable for church. She looked at him in surprise.

She soon learned what he had in mind.

First, he had her try on the dresses in the middle of the shop. This took a payment to get the shopgirl to allow it, but Jaime could afford it. Nicole had to blushingly strip in the middle of the shop, in view of other shoppers and passers-by, and try on each dress. Everyone could see that she was wearing nipple clamps and a butt plug. Everyone could see the last of Father Dominic’s cum dripping from her fuckhole.

The first dress was really nice. Nicole bit her lip shyly at how pretty she looked in it, even allowing for her face and tits having cum on them. Jaime said that he’d buy it – and once the money was paid, he took a pair of scissors, and cut away the front of the dress, and pulled her tits out into view. Nicole looked obscene, like a parody of a nice girl, with her huge cum-covered fuckballoons hanging out of a Sunday church dress.

The next one, he cut away some fabric under the armpits, so the front was narrow, like overalls, and then pulled each of Nicole’s tits out to the side, so they were again visible. 

The one after that, which was a full-length dress that would normally have gone to her ankles, he cut away everything from just above the level of her clitoris. The way the dress stopped so obscenely short when it was clearly intended to go further drew attention to Nicole’s naked pussy in ways that were more humiliating than just being nude.

The next one was a full length skirt and a sweater top, but he cut everything away from the sweater between Nicole’s waist and her nipples, leaving it with full arm-length sleeves and shoulder covering, but completely unable to conceal Nicole’s nipples or her underboob.

Finally he got one really nice dress – the prettiest of the lot – and to Nicole’s surprise he made no changes to it. “You’re wearing that one to church next week,” he told her.

She learned, to her humiliation, what he had in mind for it when Sunday came around. On Sunday morning, Jaime fucked her and filled her pussy with cum. Then he gave her the dress and told her to masturbate with it until she came. Weeping, Nicole used the pretty dress, that she had been so looking forward to, to rub and penetrate her pussy, pushing the fabric into her cum-filled snatch, soaking up the sperm and her cunt juices, until she orgasmed.

When she was done, he made her urinate on it. Then he made her wear it.

“See, Nicole?” he said. “Even when you’re wearing a beautiful Sunday dress like nice girls wear, you’re still a disgusting whore that deserves to be raped. And everyone you have ever known in your life agrees. Now let’s go to church. Are you looking forward to your corrective rapings after the sermon?”

And Nicole was crying – but she was looking forward to it, which made it even worse. And even as Jaime soiled her soul and transformed her into a degraded fucktoy, she knew she was addicted to being this aroused; addicted to the orgasms; addicted to being a sex doll for multiple men.

And so looked up at Jaime adoringly, and she said what she always said when Jaime asked her if she wanted her abuse to continue:



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