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“I need you to fuck me,” said Brielle in the video – teasing, ditzy, slutty. She was lying on her back, nude, with her legs spread and her cunt showing.

“Jesus,” gasped Joel. ‘Fuck.” His cock was rock hard in his pants, and from her position kneeling at his feet, Jillian couldn’t help but notice it.

She had taken the time to edit the video she had shot of Brielle before visiting Joel. Relevantly, she had edited herself out of it. Brielle had been a bitch on her church camp – praying that she and Jillian might stop being lesbians, just so that she could fit in with her homophobic church friends – and she deserved to have her nudity exposed to Jillian’s friend Joel. (Or at least Jillian told herself that, to justify what she was doing.) But Jillian wasn’t quite ready to give Joel footage of *herself* naked, licking her wife’s pussy and being licked in return.

It didn’t matter. The short clip of Brielle nude and begging to be fucked was enough for Joel’s fantasies. He played it again.

“I need you to fuck me,” whispered Brielle again, in that seductive, slutty voice. She had been saying it to Jillian, but now it was Joel who was hearing the message, and fantasizing about accepting Brielle’s offer.

“This was just before Brielle and I had sex,” said Jilian. “I was naked as I was filming it, and afterwards I licked Brielle’s cunt, and then knelt over her face afterwards while she licked mine.” These specific and demeaning details were part of the deal. She wasn’t sure if Joel liked picturing her naked, or enjoyed her blushing humiliation in the confession, or both, but if it let him justify paying Jillian five hundred dollars for three images of Brielle, then she was willing to play along.

“It’s so good,” moaned Joel, playing the video a third time. He reached out and stroked Jillian’s hair as she knelt at his feet. 

The hair-stroke should have been demeaning – it was exactly as he might have petted a household dog – and yet Jillian blushed not with shame, but because it felt good. It was an act of affection and approval, and she *liked* that she had made Joel happy. She felt more wanted right now, clad in a sexy dress and kneeling at the feet of a wealthy man, than she had felt in her relationship with Brielle for some time.

And of course, there was the question of why her cunt was wet – a riddle she couldn’t solve, and which she was choosing to ignore.

Joel played the video a fourth time, and when his hand left Jillian’s hair, it went unconsciously to his crotch, stroking his rock-hard cock through his pants. Then he jumped, suddenly, realising what he was doing and in front of whom.

“God, I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s just – she’s so hot. It’s hard not to want to…”

Jillian’s eyes were fixed on the bulge in Joel’s pants – the concrete proof of how she had betrayed her wife. Joel’s arousal was entirely because he was seeing Brielle nude without her consent.

Jillian heard herself speak, even as she couldn’t quite believe what she was saying. “I don’t mind,” she said, in a quiet voice. “If you want to.” Then she bit her lip, and added, “For another two hundred dollars?”

Joel looked at her. “Are you sure?”

She was still staring at the bulge in his pants. “For two hundred dollars, you can do it in front of me. She *is* sexy. I understand.”

Slowly, Joel unzipped his pants, pushed his underwear aside, and freed his cock. Jillian stared at its hard, uncircumcised length. There was already pre-cum dripping from its tip. She honestly hadn’t ever looked closely at a cock before – they had never held any interest for her, and had seemed, if anything, somewhat gross – but now she felt hypnotised by it. It was a living symbol of her guilt, and her betrayal of Brielle.

Joel took it in his free hand – the other still holding the phone displaying the video of Brielle – and pumped it a couple of times. More pre-cum welled at the tip.

But then he stopped. “Fuck, if I do this, I’m going to cum everywhere,” he said. “It will be messy.” He pointed at the small table at the end of the couch. “There’s condoms in there. Can you get me one?”

Jillian moved to the table – crawling on all fours, as it was only a short distance – and found the packet of condoms in the table’s drawer. She pulled one out, and then ripped open the packet, holding out the latex ring within to Joel.

Joel looked at her, and took a deep breath. “You know, that’s kind of a tease in itself,’ he said. “You kneeling like that, offering me a condom.”

She smiled. “That would be way more than a few hundred bucks, mister. You can’t afford me.”

He grinned. “You’d be surprised what I can afford.”

“Back off,” she warned – but still smiling. “One lesbian is enough for you for one day.” Then, before she could think about what she was doing, she said, “But here’s a freebie.” And she leaned forward and placed the condom over the tip of his cock.

She had to realign it immediately, because as soon as she touched Joel’s cock, it twitched involuntarily, shaking off the condom, and Joel gasped in surprise and arousal. Jillian used her free hand to grab the cock – marvelling at how warm it felt, and how soft the skin was – and then pushed the condom down over the tip, rolling it out until the whole shaft was sheathed in latex.

Her left hand had sticky wetness on it when she was done. Lube from the condom, or pre-cum from Joel’s cock? Mischievously, looking at Joel, she raised the hand to her lips and licked it clean.

It didn’t taste like lube.

Joel was staring at her, and suddenly Jillian blushed. What the hell was she doing? Playing with Joel’s cock? Tasting his cum? Her face bloomed with heat and shame, and she suddenly moved back, away from Joel’s groin, avoiding eye contact.

“Thank you, Jillian,” said Joel – a surprised, and somewhat tender note in his voice. And then he began to breathe heavily, and when Jillian looked up, she saw he was masturbating, staring at Brielle on his phone.

“I need you to fuck me,” whispered Brielle again.

Joel’s eyes were fixed on the screen – and Jillian’s were fixed on Joel’s cock, biting her lip unconsciously as she watched his hand stroke his condom-sheathed erection.

“What are the other images you have for me?” asked Joel, after a while. 

Jillian sent him the next one. It was another video, and this time it showed Brielle in the shower, soaking wet, and washing her tits with a sponge. In the video, she looked up as she saw Jillian filming and said, “Hi there! Want to join me?” Her face had a mischievous, seductive look, and Joel groaned as soon as he saw it.

“That’s an older video,” said Jillian. “I was just out of bed, and wearing nothing but panties. I said I couldn’t get in the shower because I was still wearing underwear, but Brielle made me put down the phone, and then she pulled me into the shower and started kissing me. My panties got soaked.”

“I bet they did,” said Joel, still masturbating. He watched the video repeat, again, and again, each time with Brielle’s sultry invitation to join her.

Then it was time for the third image – and this time it really was just an image, a still photograph. It showed Brielle, naked, completely unconscious, legs spread, on the floor of Jillian’s living room. There was a wetness on her face.

“What’s this?” asked Joel.

Jillian blushed. This was embarrassing, in a way – but she knew it would please Joel.

“This is about forty minutes after Brielle and I had sex,” she said. “The wetness on her face is my…” – she paused, trying to control her blush – “my juices. Brielle fell asleep almost as soon as she orgasmed, so I got dressed and went down the shops to buy us some dinner. But when I left, I didn’t close the door properly, and when I came back it was wide open. Anyone coming to the door could have seen Brielle like this on the floor just inside – or come in and raped her while she was asleep.”

Joel took a deep breath, and then another, and then made a quiet, moaning noise – and just like that, he was cumming, discharging sperm into the condom, filling the bubble at the end with milky white fluid.

“Fuck,” gasped Joel. “Fuck. Fuck.”

Jillian had no doubt what Joel was picturing. He had just orgasmed to the vivid fantasy of raping Brielle while she was asleep.

His hands came off his cock, and Jillian reached out and slowly worked the condom off his dick. His cock twitched again as she touched it, firing a little more sperm into the latex sheath, and when she had removed the condom, his dick was still slimy with his juices. 

She tied the condom off at the end, to trap the cum inside, intending to make it safe for the bin. She placed the condom on the side table, and then took tissues from a tissue box and used them to clean off Joel’s cock. 

She didn’t quite know why she was tending to the erect dick of a man who had just jacked off to fantasies about raping her wife, but it just seemed the polite thing to do – or rather, the kind of thing that a woman who was kneeling at a man’s feet might properly do for him. Joel watched her work with amusement and puzzlement.

When she was done, she mischievously licked her fingers again. She actually found she quite liked the taste – salty and warm. Then she picked up the tissues and the condom and went to stand, intending to take them to a bin.

“Feed it to her,” said Joel, suddenly.

“What?” she asked.

“The condom,” he said. “The cum. Put it in her food or drink. Get her to eat it. She’ll never know. I’ll pay another three hundred dollars.”

Jillian’s mouth fell open. It was perverted. It was gross. It was completely inappropriate.

… but didn’t Brielle deserve it? Shouldn’t Brielle do her part for the household finances, given it was such a small thing, and she’d never even know it had happened? A little cum in her mashed potatoes, a little semen in her coffee – she’d never notice.

“Five hundred,” said Jillian.

“Four hundred,” said Joel. “With the opportunity to earn more in the future, if you want more.”

Jillian looked down at the condom of cum.

“Deal,” she heard herself say.


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