The isolated village of Canham didn’t get many visitors from the big cities, nor was it connected to the internet, and nor did it have much interest in the newspapers or books or television of the city folk. So it took it a while to hear of this strange new idea called “feminism”.

When it did, it didn’t like it.

Canham liked its women exactly how they were – obedient, submissive, and sexually available. The men who led the town met to decide how they should best resist this worrying new idea.

They decided that the solution was language. They need only embed the correct ideas in their language, and there would be no fertile soil for this “feminism” to take hold. They drafted up a list of changes to the local dictionary, and promulgated them around town, and the men of Canham eagerly adopted them.

The women, somewhat less eagerly, had no choice but to follow.

First, the town simply wouldn’t use the word “women” anymore. The female gender were “girls”, to imply they simply never reached the same level of adulthood and maturity as a man, and more specifically adult girls were “whores”, because an adult woman and a person whose job it was to be fucked were the same thing. 

A range of words were used to remind women that they were closer to animals than to humans. The breasts of a lactating woman were “udders”. An aroused woman was “in heat”. It was acceptable to call a woman a “bitch” or a “cow”. Women were no longer “educated”, but rather “trained” or “domesticated”. They didn’t “fall pregnant” – they were “bred” or “inseminated”.

Some words were given gendered usages. Men had clothes; women had costumes. Men had jobs; women had duties. Men spoke; women “made noises”. Men got angry; women got “pouty”. Men had thoughts and opinions; women had “confusion”. 

“What’s the bitch pouty about?” a man might ask.

“Oh, she’s making noises because she’s confused about why I slapped her,” would be the reply. 

(The town crafted a supply of adult pacifiers with nubs shaped like thick cocks, and it was normal to push them into the mouth of a pouty or emotional woman to stop her from making noises.)

A woman’s pussy was frequently her “rapehole” and her breasts her “rapemelons”, to provide her what they were primarily designed for. 

Signs were put up around the town instructing women on how to do simple things. For instance, a door might say, “Whores – turn handle to use door”. Such books as the town had received stickers saying, “Contains complex ideas – not suitable for girls”. 

The women of the town objected at first – but over time, the constant reinforcement of their inferiority and helplessness became internalised. The whole world told them that they were empty-headed obedient fucktoys – and so they were.

And when a feminist finally did come to Canham, to report on the town’s “horrible misogynistic culture”, the women of Canham were the first to quietly abduct her, strip her naked, and invite the men of the town over to help “domesticate” her…


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