Kelly had what could be called “daddy issues” – that is to say that, deprived of affection and attention from her own father, she had an insatiable urge for cockteasing and seducing the fathers of her friends. 

She would turn up to her girlfriends’ birthday parties dressed like a ridiculous fucktoy. Often this lost her friends, but if she ended the night upstairs being simultaneously spitroasted on the cocks of her friend’s father and brother, she didn’t really care.

Once word got around about how available she was to any older man who was prepared to fuck her roughly, fathers started inviting her to their daughter’s social occasions whether she was friends with them or not. More than one disgusted local teen girl had to put up with Kelly’s whorish costumes and teasing behaviour just so that Kelly would be available to be fucked by her father.

The contempt she got from other girls hurt Kelly, but not enough to make her stop. She needed her “daddies” to fuck her, hard, and she couldn’t fight that urge. But once she realised that fucking a girl’s father often gave her unrestricted access to that girl’s bedroom while she was out of the house, her behaviour developed a second stage, and soon she was confronting girls she knew with evidence of their drug use, sexual behaviour, or most perverted sexual fantasies and blackmailing them into joining her little sexual escapades. 

She’d never considered herself a lesbian, but she discovered that grinding her cunt on a crying girl’s face was intensely arousing, and that there were deeply satisfying delights in blackmailing a girl who had treated her like garbage into fucking her own father or brother, completely unprotected from pregnancy…


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