The newest drug craze to hit the streets was Nectar – and it was targeted at women.

It wasn’t that the drug itself was addictive. It interacted with oestrogen in the body to cause arousal and reduce inhibition – in men, it caused a mild buzz, and maybe an erection, but in women a dose could turn them into eager little sluts.

The addictive part was almost an afterthought – an unexpected side product. The drug changed the production of a woman’s sex juices while she was under the influence. When a woman was on Nectar, her cunt-honey would develop a pleasant, strawberry-like taste – and become deeply addictive.

From the first taste of her own fuck-juices, a girl would know that she needed more. Addicts would tend to go naked, sitting brainlessly with their legs spread, rubbing their pussies and then licking their fingers in an endless loop. Horny and submissive, they would find themselves unable to muster the will to resist if a man decided to grope them or fuck them, and when a partner was done pounding his cock into the girl’s cunt, the girl would inevitably move to eagerly lick her own addictive juices off his dick.

Of course, it wasn’t just their own juices that could get a girl addicted, and almost immediately addiction spread through the lesbian community as women got their first taste of Nectar-affected pussy. But dealers also started keeping pet women as part of their operation, known as “honey-traps”. Sometimes they would abduct wealthy women and force them to lick the cunts of these girls until they became a profitable, obedient client. More often they would send these girls out to jobs in restaurants and cafes, and have the girls mix a little of their cunt juices into each meal they fed to a woman.

And for long term addicts, eventually a tolerance would develop, where their addiction could no longer be satisfied by their own cunt. They would find only the juices from other girls could meet their needs – and they would reluctantly go out to find a girl whose pussy they could lick – consensually, or otherwise…


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