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When Mr Jones explained to Caitlyn how she was going to masturbate for five minutes in every one of her school classes, it occurred to her that she could refuse. 

After all, how was this helping her – either to improve her grades, or become a stripper? And it would surely get her into trouble, and publicly humiliate her.

But the truth was that she enjoyed doing as she was told. It felt good to follow Mr Jones’ orders, no matter how abusive or degrading they were. She had spent her entire school life existing at the fringes, not really understanding what she was being taught, not really valued or given attention by anyone – and now Mr Jones had a *plan* for her. He gave clear instructions, and offered clear consequences for disobedience. If she was a good girl, she would get to suck his cock, and if she was a bad girl, he would beat her tits like she deserved. 

So she did as she was told, and every class, for five minutes, she would surreptitiously reach under her skirt and begin stroking her wet, panty-less pussy.

She knew from the first time she did it that she wasn’t going to graduate. She was having enough trouble keeping up with her classes without letting her brain switch off and float amidst her increasingly slutty thoughts while the teacher was talking. But she didn’t care. It felt good to touch her pussy. It felt good to obey. It felt good to just give up on learning things and follow her cunt where it wanted to go.


She got caught, of course.

Mr Michaels in History spotted her touching her cunt, but said nothing during class, instead opting to ask Caitlyn to stay back after class.

“Were you masturbating during my class today?” he asked her, after the other students had left and the class was empty.

“Yes, sir,” she said, blushing.

“And what do you expect me to do about that?” he asked.

She knew the answer. She could see his cock was hard through his pants.

“Enjoy it?” she suggested – and fell to her knees, and kissed his groin. When Mr Michaels didn’t object, she knew she had chosen the right answer, and hungrily extracted his cock and began to suck on it enthusiastically.

After he had cum in her mouth, he told Caitlyn she was a good girl – the first time he had ever offered her praise – and said that he would overlook any future slutty behaviour, provided that she apologised with her mouth after class the way she had just done.


Ms Eldham caught her too. This was the same teacher who had first sent Caitlyn to the principal’s office, and she took the same route this time, choosing not to embarrass Caitlyn in front of the other students, but berating her for being a slut once her peers had left, and sending her straight to the principal.

Things with the principal went much as they had before, except this time Caitlyn took the opportunity to practice her stripping for Mr Welks, completely undressing in front of him before climbing over his lap so that he could spank her bare bottom. The feeling of having her ass beaten was amazing – her brain could just switch off and enjoy the thuddy vibrations travelling through her anus and pussy – and when it was done she was genuinely eager to thank the principal by sucking his cock.

Afterwards the principal told Caitlyn to wait, nude, in the corner, and he used the school PA to summon Ms Eldham to his office. She turned up within minutes, looking nervous.

“I understand you had a problem with Caitlyn’s behaviour in class,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” said Ms Eldham, and Caitlyn was surprised to hear the deferential “sir” coming from a teacher’s lips.

Principal Welks turned to address Caitlyn. “You may not know, Caitlyn, but last year Lucy Eldham here was caught having a romantic liaison with a male student, who has since graduated. Seeing as the student seemed unharmed, I very graciously chose not to report the matter to police, and not to fire Lucy.”

Ms Eldham blushed. The principal turned back to Ms Eldham.

“However,” he said, “instead of being grateful, apparently Lucy wants to waste her time punishing girls for doing what comes naturally to any woman.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” said Ms Eldham, her face red. “I didn’t realise…”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion,” said the principal. “Remove your skirt and panties, and take the position.”

And Caitlyn watched in amazement as her teacher submissively stripped nude from the waist down. Her pussy was shaved – and wet, as wet as Caitlyn’s own. Ms Eldham draped herself over Mr Welks’ lap, exactly as Caitlyn had, and received a thorough spanking, exactly as if she were a naughty schoolgirl. 

When he was done, he picked up Ms Eldham’s panties, and dropped them in the waste paper bin.

“I think Caitlyn is setting a wonderful role model for women by going without panties,” said the principal, “and I’d like to see you do the same, Lucy. No panties from now on.”

“Yes, sir,” said Ms Eldham, blushing.

“And if you happen to see Caitlyn playing with her pussy in future, I want you to start playing with your own, too, until she stops,” said the principal. “If you’re sitting behind your teaching desk, no one will see you. It will help remind you of your place.”

“Yes, sir,” said Ms Eldham, and she sounded unhappy – but Caitlyn had a sudden flash of empathy, and realised that Ms Eldham wasn’t *really* unhappy. After all, her pussy was still visibly wet. She was just as happy to be controlled as Caitlyn was. Being told what to do felt good. She was a kindred spirit.

And afterwards, when Caitlyn fingered her cunt in Ms Eldham’s class, she would look Ms Eldham in the eyes, and see her face flush, and know that Ms Eldham’s fingers were buried in her own snatch, and that she was just as wet and slutty as Caitlyn herself – and that knowledge was oddly comforting.


But as embarrassing as her encounters with Mr Michaels and Ms Eldham had been, they had at least been relatively private. What happened with Mr Ford, who taught her science class, was anything but private.

“Caitlyn!” he roared, with starting volume, in the middle of class. “Are you *masturbating*?”

Caitlyn had been pleasantly floating away on a raft of slutty thoughts, when she was jerked rudely back to the present by the interruption. She yanked her hands away from her pussy, blushed bright red, and said, “No!”

The whole class were laughing at her, and staring at her, and she wanted to vanish, to hide, to die.

But even worse, she felt guilty – not for masturbating, but rather for *stopping*. And for lying to her teacher. To a man.

So she said, “Sorry, sir. I mean, yes.”

The laughter grew louder.

“Get up here,” yelled Ford, and Caitlyn stood, and walked to the front of the class with all eyes on her.

When she got there, Ford roughly spun her around by her shoulders to make her face the class – and then he pulled up her skirt, exposing her wet, puffy fuckhole to everyone in the room.

“This, class, is what a *whore* looks like,” he said, and there was further laughter.

Many of the students in the class were Caitlyn’s friends. Others were people she hated, or who hated her. They were all staring at her pussy. She could see the look in the eyes of the boys changing to lust, as they mentally recategorised her from “friend” to “sex object that masturbates in public”. 

To her horror, some had their phones out. They were taking *pictures*.

“Why were you masturbating, Caitlyn?” Mr Ford asked her.

There was only one answer – one *true* answer. She didn’t want to lie. “Because I’m a slut,” she said, in a quiet voice.

“Are you going to keep masturbating, Caitlyn?”

Again, only one true answer. “Yes, sir.”

“Go on, then,” said Mr Ford.

She didn’t want to. She didn’t want to be here. She didn’t want everyone to see her as a disgusting sex-pig.

But on the other hand, she *did* want to. And Mr Jones would want her to. So she did.  

She reached down, and began rubbing her pussy, as everyone stared at her, and took pictures, and filmed.

She pretended she was a stripper, masturbating on stage for money. After all, everyone in the room was looking at her. And if she thought of it that was, she wasn’t being a slut – she was being a *good* stripper. She was entertaining all these people. They *wanted* to watch her.

Suddenly she felt good. She felt like an obedient little sex-decoration. She knew Mr Jones would be proud of her.

And she orgasmed, hard, in front of all of her friends, as they stared at her and laughed, and she was proud of herself too.


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