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Bunny and Reagan were silent for the entire car trip back to Bunny’s house. Both girls were in a heightened state of lust. Reagan’s pussy was wet; her cheeks were flushed. Everything felt unreal. Had she really just lezzed off with a woman in front of all those men? Licked Bunny’s pussy to orgasm? Squirted on Bunny’s face? It felt unreal – like a dream. And the arousal clouding her brain just made it feel even stranger and more fantastic.

Only once did Reagan speak.

“I don’t even know your real name,” she said.

“Good,” said Bunny. “Let’s just be Bunny and Kisses. It’s hotter that way.”

She was right. Thinking of herself as “Kisses” just contributed to Reagan’s arousal. It made more sense that it was “Kisses” who stripped for men, who lezzed off in public. Reagan was a normal schoolgirl, a popular teen – but Kisses could be a slut, if she wanted.

Bunny’s house turned out to be a nicer one than Reagan had expected. She wondered briefly what Bunny’s boyfriend did for a living – but then she stopped thinking, as Bunny pulled her inside, and started kissing her on the lips, and then Reagan was kissing her back, and both girls were undressing as Bunny pulled Reagan towards the bedroom.

If the evening had been like a dream so far, the rest was just a jumbled sex-fantasy. Afterwards, Reagan couldn’t remember the sequence of events. She knew that Bunny had set her phone up to film them, as she had promised – for whatever reason, the idea of being *watched* as she fucked another girl was central to what was turning Reagan on. Then both girls were nude, and they were each kissing and biting at each other as if they were starving – starving with lust. 

At some point, Reagan tasted Bunny’s nipple for the first time, first kissing it, then biting and sucking at it, and squealing in mixed surprise and delight as a tiny hint of milk squirted into her mouth. She remembered Bunny’s teeth biting into her ass cheeks – mingled pain and pleasure, tilting towards pleasure as Bunny’s hand slipped between her legs and found her pussy.

She remembered kissing Bunny, and thinking that Bunny’s mouth tasted like cunt, so that must have been after Bunny had licked Reagan’s twat – or was it? Had she used her fingers to push her own cunt juices into Bunny’s mouth? Had Bunny sucked at them eagerly?

And then, of course, there was the desperate, frantic 69, each girl humping her cunt against the other’s face, lapping thirstily at the other’s fuckhole with eager tongues. How many times had Reagan cum? Five? Six? And on most occasions squirting – a new experience for her. She had never squirted from masturbation, but now the sense of whorish behaviour and humiliation seemed to provoke it in her. Bunny learned quickly to get her mouth in place, and after taking the first load of clear fluid on her face, she swallowed the rest with pride.

They were still fucking when the sun came up, and when Reagan staggered out of bed and went to call a taxi home, she was so dazed that she almost forgot to put her clothes back on. If Bunny hadn’t reminded her, she would have gone out to the taxi nude.

She kissed Bunny goodbye. “That was… so good,” she breathed, staring into the buxom brunette’s eyes.

“Tell me about it,” giggled Bunny. “I’ll see you at work?”

“Of course,” replied Reagan.


Reagan woke in a cold sweat in the middle of the next night. She picked up her phone and frantically dialled Bunny.

“You have to delete the video,” she said when Bunny picked up.  

There were grunts, and the squeak of bed timbers down the phone. Bunny’s voice was raspy and breathy as she said, “Kisses? Is this you?”

A male voice spoke. “Is that the girl on the video? Tell her she has a sexy pussy.”

“She already knows, honey,” said Bunny to the male. “She saw how eager I was to lick it.”

“Who’s there?” asked Reagan. “Someone’s seen the video?”

“It’s my boyfriend,” said Bunny. “He’s got his cock in me right now, if you must know.” She gasped a little, and then said, “We just watched the video together, and it got him very turned on. And he’s sent copies to some of his friends. That’s what you wanted, remember?”

“No!” exclaimed Reagan, in panic – but it *was* what she had wanted, and her pussy was suddenly throbbing with the memory. Fucking a woman was hot, but having men *watch* her fuck a woman – making crude comments about it – using it for their entertainment….

She moaned, and put a hand on her pussy, pressing on it, willing it to calm down.

“Kisses, are you okay?” asked Bunny. “I can delete our copy if that’s what you really want.”

“Delete it?” said Bunny’s boyfriend. “Are you kidding? It’s a fucking masterpiece. She squirts in your mouth, what, five times? She’s a fucking firehose. She’s so ready to go that it looks like she’s fucking *raping* you.”

Reagan made a choked noise, and worked two fingers into her pussy, beginning to slowly pump them in and out of her fuckhole. Her thumb rubbed at her clitoris.

“Kisses?” asked Bunny, sounding worried.

“Dave’s already watched it and he says it’s the sluttiest lesbian porno he’s ever seen,” said Bunny’s boyfriend. “He says you look like fucking brainless sex animals. He’s jacked off to it once for each of you.”

“Kisses?” asked Bunny again.

“No, I’m sorry,” said Reagan. “It was me who wanted it filmed. I just had cold feet for a moment. It’s okay… you can keep it. Thank you for the sex.”

“That’s okay, honey,” said Bunny. “It was a privilege to lick that pretty cunt of yours.”

Reagan smiled, and pushed her fingers further into her cunt. “And… say thank you to your boyfriend for saying my pussy was sexy.”

“She says thank you for the crude fucking comment about her cunt, Dave,” said Bunny.

“You’re welcome!” called Bunny’s boyfriend.

“Have a good night,” said Reagan, and hung up.


She tried to sleep, but her pussy had other ideas, and she found herself masturbating. Her body stayed in a state of heightened arousal, denying her an orgasm and yet refusing to calm down. The words of Bunny’s boyfriend Dave kept going around in her head – how crude and objectifying they had been, and yet how he had obviously meant them as a compliment – and how *good* they had made her feel.

Finally, after an orgasm escaped her for the fifth time, she got out of bed, and found a blank lined notepad among her school supplies. She opened it to the first page, and wrote, “You have a sexy pussy.” She paused for a moment, and then beneath it she wrote what Dave’s friend had said: “You look like a brainless sex-animal.”

She stared at the two phrases, feeling her pussy growing wetter again, and then at the top of the page she wrote the word “APPROVAL”.

She thought further. Bunny had said many nice things about her too, but they didn’t make her pussy throb the way that Dave’s crude comment had. So after a while she appended the heading, by adding a single word. Now it read “MALE APPROVAL”.

She cast her mind back to her performance with Bunny. She tried to remember the things the men had said about her, and as she remembered each phrase, she wrote it down.

“She’s practically gagging for cock.”

“She’s creaming at the chance to see her friend’s fuckhole.”

“She wants to eat her friend’s twat.”

“No girl who looks like her has brains in her head.”

“That’s a girl who thinks with her cunt.”

“There’s a girl who was born to have cunt juice on her face, if I ever saw one.”

“Natural born cunt-eater.”

“Kisses should get fake tits.”

“She wants to be a sex doll.”

“I want to rape her.”

“She’d cum the second I shoved my cock into her.”


Reagan stared at the list – and as she stared, she masturbated harder, and harder, and she moaned – and finally she felt her orgasm coming. She had to stuff her free hand into her mouth to muffle herself, because she couldn’t help but scream with lust as she felt her body shake, and her cunt start to squirt onto the chair and the bedroom floor.

She whimpered, scared at the force of her own orgasm, and scared at what had set it off. She looked at her list, and with part of her mind she knew it was awful, it was degrading, it was objectifying. And yet none of these men had hated her. They had all said these things while *appreciating* her – while *enjoying* her. They had all been compliments, of a kind. They had all been expressions of approval.

She didn’t want to be insulted, she knew. The same words, coming from someone that actually disliked her, wouldn’t be arousing – they would be awful. But when a man said these things while staring at her with an erection, it was a different story. She wanted it. She wanted more of it. 

She looked at the notebook. It had 128 pages. She had barely filled half a page.

It was going to take a lot of work to fill the rest.


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