Like many girls her age, she’d downloaded the “Popularity” app to her phone, seduced by its promise to make her popular with boys, and then stared in confusion at the swirling patterns and shifting fields of static it played when launched. She’d sit there for hours each day, until after several weeks she no longer felt the need for it.

By that time the hypnotic suggestion was deep-seated within her, that when boys showed interest in her or attraction to her, she should do everything she could to fulfil their sexual fantasies. 

She’d spent time since then with many of her male friends, encouraging them to browse porn while she watched, hugging their arms and crushing her tits against them while they showed her exactly what they wanted from a fucktoy. She’d almost immediately known she would need to shave her pussy, and promtply did so. She noted that she’d eventually need a boob job – her tits were large and attractive, but they could definitely stand to be faker and more whorish.

Some of her remained nervous about all this, fearful of the path she was starting down which would turn her into a sex doll, but the hypnotic conditioning didn’t allow her to express it. She knew boys liked sluts, so whenever she started becoming uncomfortable with what she was doing, she masturbated until it went away.

She stopped trying to learn new things. She adjusted her laugh to an adorable empty-headed giggle. She ruthlessly culled her wardrobe, leaving only clothes that bared or emphasised her tits, cunt and ass. 

Her big coming out, the culmination of her research, was to be at the camping trip to the lake that weekend, with four of her male friends and two of her female ones. She had prepared carefully. Upon arrival she would help set up camp, then after dinner she would walk into the lake fully clothed and emerge with her tits and cunt bare and dripping wet. She would crawl to the fireplace, and suck each boy’s cock. She would let them put a dog collar and leash on her.

Then she would reveal to her female friends the mountains of humiliating documentation she had collected on them – photos of them naked, records of their intimate conversations, admissions to assorted petty crimes – and tell them they would be helping her in pleasing the boys all weekend, or they would see all their secrets published to the internet.

She would put on a lesbian show with the reluctant girls, and then lead the boys into an enthusiastic raping of all three women. All three girls would spend the whole weekend naked, being good little sex toys and fulfilling every fantasy the boys had, being fucked and degraded until every ounce of sperm the boys could produce had been pushed into one or other of their holes…

The app had certainly lived up to its name, she thought. She certainly would be popular with boys…


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