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Kala could hear the other passengers on the plane talking about her. Of course they were talking about her. Just moments ago she had been completely nude in the middle of the aisle, her cunt visibly wet, after she had accidentally flushed her clothes down the toilet and then been caught masturbating by the flight attendants. And now she was bound naked to her seat by her arms and legs, her knees spread, with only a thin grey blanket draped over her to cover her nudity.

“What a disgusting slut,” she heard a woman whisper to her partner three rows ahead. “I can’t believe they let whores like that on the same flight as regular people.”

“Did you see her pussy?” a man was saying to his friend somewhere behind her. “It was dripping wet. I’m telling you man, she was ready to fuck, right there in the aisle.”

“I got a picture of her on my phone,” someone else was saying. “Check out the slutty expression on her face. Here, do you want a copy?”

Each comment made Kala more conscious of her situation, and more humiliated – but it was only a small part of her mind that was paying attention to these degrading and objectifying conversations, because something much more distracting was happening to her.

And that distraction was the fingers of David, the businessman who was sitting next to her. Because those fingers were currently sliding in and out of her pussy.

She stared at him. He was smiling at her – a smile that would have seemed completely innocent if you didn’t know what he was doing. But his left hand had worked its way underneath the blanket that was covering her, over her thigh, down between her legs, and now he was slowly, teasingly, sliding two of his fingers in and out of Kala’s fuckhole.

She had tried to close her legs, of course, but the way she was bound kept her thighs firmly spread apart. And for whatever reason, trying to protect herself and discovering that she couldn’t had only made her pussy wetter. Then she had tried to make a noise – to call the flight attendants over, perhaps, or warn David away. But with the thick rubber butt-plug in her mouth, and the duct tape over the top of that, all she had managed to produce was a barely-audible moan. She had tried to pull her arms away from the seat – but they, too, were securely bound in place.

There was nothing she could do to protect herself from David, or let anyone else know what was happening.

David smiled even more broadly, and pulled his fingers out of her cunt, and out from under the blanket. They were coated with Kala’s thick, sticky cunt slime. He raised the fingers to his lips and licked the tips – and then wiped them across Kala’s face, smearing her cunt juices across her cheeks. Kala recoiled.

“It’s a long flight, sweetie,” said David. “Be a good girl now.”

He spotted Kala’s phone, resting in the pouch on the seat-back in front of her, and picked it up. Kala again tried to protest, but could neither move nor express herself.

“A facial recognition lock?” asked David, looking at the lock screen. “Let’s see if it recognises you with that plug in your mouth.” 

He held it up to Kala’s face – and to Kala’s disappointment, it *did* recognise her. The phone unlocked, and David began to swipe through its contents.

“Naked pictures?” he laughed, almost immediately, after flicking into her camera gallery. “What a slut.”

Kala blushed. She had taken naked photos of herself, yes – both full-body nudes, and images of herself in a range of sexy outfits – but they were intended for her lovers, not for this man. Yet there was nothing she could do as David connected her phone to his via a cable and made copies of the pictures. 

Then she tried to squeal again, and she was distressed enough to actually make an audible sound this time. David was posting the nudes to her Facebook profile! And emailing them to her entire contact list!

He laughed. “Your phone’s in airplane mode,” he said. “So they won’t post until we land and you reconnect to the internet. All you have to do is delete them before you reconnect.” And then he opened his mouth in an expression of entirely feigned alarm. “Oh, but what if the flight attendants turn you over to the police? And they take your phone? They won’t know to delete the pictures before they turn off airplane mode, will they?” He laughed. “Something to think about, I’m sure.”

He paused, and then said, “Do you want to see how much of a slut you are?”

Kala shook her head, but he ignored her. He carefully lifted the blanket off her lap a little – not enough to expose her, but enough to slip the phone beneath it. She felt him place the phone between her legs – and then there was a sudden flash of light from beneath the blanket. It was the flash on the camera. He had taken a photo of her cunt.

He brought the phone out and showed her the picture. It was a lewd close-up of the pinkness of her cuntflesh – and it was obvious from the photo that her cunt was engorged with arousal, and slick with slut-honey.

“That one’s a keeper,” he laughed. And then, as she watched, he set the photo to be her lock-screen wallpaper. Anyone attempting to activate the phone would see the photo of her spread, wet, pussy. She mewled with humiliation.

David was apparently done playing with her phone now. He returned it to the pouch, and then his fingers went back to her pussy. She felt them slide over her clitoris, and every inch of her trembled with sexual tension.

“You can’t talk, but I think you can still communicate, sweetie,” said David. “Would you like me to finger-rape you? One blink for yes, two for no.”

What did he think she was going to do? Kala blinked twice, vigorously.

David sighed – and then he pinched her clitoris, hard. Kala squealed into her gag and arched her back.

“I’m sorry,” said David. “I didn’t quite get that. Let’s try again. Do you want me to finger-rape you? One blink for yes, two for no.”

She looked at him with pleading eyes. When she didn’t blink at all after a while, he pinched her again. It hurt even more than the first time.

“You’re not blinking,” he told her. “Remember, it’s….”

She gave up. She blinked once, obviously and clearly.

“Thank you for your consent,” said David. And with that, he slid his fingers back into her cunt, and began to pump them in and out again.

Kala’s eyes rolled back in her head. This was so humiliating, so violating – and yet, all she wanted was for him to pump his fingers harder into her pussy. She had been so wet since she got on board this plane, and if she couldn’t free herself from her bondage, then at the very least she could finally have an orgasm.

Except that David had no intention of letting her cum. He watched her carefully, and every time her body became tense and her breathing quickened, he would take his fingers out of her cunt, and wipe them on her face, and watch her until she had calmed down, before returning to her pussy and re-starting the process. The pathetic, frustrated mewls that she made into her gag seemed to give him endless amusement. She tried to beg him with her eyes to allow her to cum, but he was entirely uninterested in giving her what she wanted.

He played with her for a full hour, and by the end of that hour Kala could think of nothing but her cunt, and her overwhelming need for release. Her eyes were closed and her back was arched, her every muscle straining to push her groin against the businessman’s hand, to find deeper stimulation, to finally orgasm.

It only stopped because the flight attendants brought out the in-flight meal. As the trolley bearing the food trays rolled past Kala’s seat, the female attendant, Donna, knelt down beside Kala.

“If you’re a good girl,” she said, “I might consider removing your gag so you can eat. Are you going to be a good girl?”

Kala nodded eagerly. David’s hand was still between her legs, fingering her pussy.

“Promise?” asked Donna.

Kala nodded again.

Donna reached out and pulled the duct tape from Kala’s mouth. Kala winced – but opened her jaw wide and allowed Donna to remove the butt plug from her mouth. 

As soon as it was gone, Kala said, “Please – the man next to me is touching my pussy.”

Donna looked down at Kala’s lap. The shape of David’s arm under the grey blanket was unmistakable. There was no way that she couldn’t see the truth of what Kala had said.

“Ma’am,” she said, slowly, and with consideration, “I didn’t remove that plug just so you could tell disgusting lies about your fellow passengers. Do I need to put it back in?”

Kala looked at her, wide-eyed. Couldn’t she see what was happening? Beside her, David smiled, and ran a finger over Kala’s clitoris, making her shudder.

“Please!” she begged. “Can’t you see it? He’s got his fingers in my pussy, and I can’t stop him!”

Donna’s voice was cold. “I can’t see anything of the sort,” she said. “And, anyway, it seems to me that if somebody *was* doing that to you, it would be exactly what you deserve. Now, do I have to gag you again, or will you be quiet like a good girl?”

Kala stared at her in disbelief. But it was clear that there was no help coming from the flight attendant. Unhappily, she closed her mouth and said nothing further.

“Excellent,” said Donna. She turned to talk to David. “Sir, I’m not sure I trust this slut with her arms free. If I give her meal to you, do you think you could help her to eat it?”

“I think I could manage that,” said David, still pumping his fingers in and out of Kala’s fuckhole. 

“That’s wonderful,” said the flight attendant, and passed two trays of chicken-and-rice across to David, who placed them on his fold-down table. Then Donna rolled the trolley forward, and Kala was once again alone with the man in the seat next to her.

David extracted his fingers from Kala’s twat, and pressed them against her newly-ungagged lips. “Clean them,” he demanded. 

Kala had no choice but to open her mouth. David pushed his fingers inside, and Kala found herself sucking her cunt juices off of them. Then David withdrew his hand, and for the next ten minutes he left her alone completely, as he focused on eating his meal.

To Kala’s shame, she found herself wishing his fingers would return to her pussy. She was still so wet, and the lack of stimulation was maddening.

Then, when he was done, David put his hand back under the blanket. This time he pressed his whole palm against her cunt, wiping it up the length of her pussy, before removing it from between her legs again. He used the same hand to scoop up a handful of chicken and rice from Kala’s meal, and then brought it to her lips.

“Eat,” he commanded.

Donna the flight attendant was watching Kala from down the aisle. Kala’s eyes met Donna’s, and it was clear that the attendant saw nothing wrong with Kala’s situation.

Unhappily, Kala ate the food from David’s hand, like a pet being fed by her master. David’s hand was coated with Kala’s cunt juices, and she couldn’t help but lick them up along with her food – particularly given that David insisted on Kala licking his entire hand clean before he fed her more.

Once his hand *was* clean, it went back to rub Kala’s pussy again, harvesting another handful of her slut nectar, before again picking up a handful of food and returning to Kala’s mouth.

She ate the entire meal that way – out of David’s hand, flavoured with the juice of her arousal.

And when it was done, David gave her her reward. His hand returned to her cunt, and resumed its relentless, maddening teasing.

“Please,” she whispered. “Please, let me cum.”

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” said David. “You’re not going to cum until I do.” He smiled. “And I think it’s about time we made arrangements to let me cum inside you, don’t you think?”

In response, Kala could only moan.


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