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The idea of going without underwear on the long plane flight to Los Angeles had seemed exciting early that morning as Kala was dressing.

Now, as she sat in her aisle seat, feeling herself first pushed down by the force of take-off, and then briefly, blessedly weightless, she was having second thoughts.

She had clearly caught the favoured flight for business travellers.  The man next to her was dressed in professional pants and a button-up shirt, and as soon as the seatbelt sign turned off, he extracted a laptop and began to peck away at some brief or pitch, one keytap at a time.  There were two women in blouses and business skirts behind her talking anxiously about “the Redondo meeting”, and across the aisle an older man in expensive tailored clothes was attempting to catch some sleep.

In her light yellow dress, with its teasingly high hemline, and not a stitch of bra or panties, Kala was feeling increasingly out of place.

But at the same time – that was the point.  The possibility of discovery and the blush of potential embarrassment gave her a distinct warmth between her legs.  She squirmed in her seat, wondering if someone could tell that her pussy was bare, wondering if someone could see her blushing, wondering if someone knew.

A nearby flight attendant looked at her, and Kala froze, suddenly sure she had been found out.  The attendant was a woman in her forties – a stern brunette who had only become more attractive with maturity.  There was no smile in the look that she gave Kala.  Was the attendant just stressed by the long working flight that lay ahead of her?  Or did she somehow sense that Kala was a bare-cunted little slut?

Kala’s pussy throbbed.  She tried to ignore it, but the more she tried, the more she could think of nothing else. 

The flight attendant passed her, and Kala held so still she worried that the attendant would ask her if anything was wrong.  Kala’s pussy was wet, and she suddenly wondered if the attendant would smell it – smell her arousal, and turn and ask in an unsympathetic voice exactly what was going on with Kala’s cunt.

The man beside her continued to tap, tap, tap at his computer.  His elbow pushed out as he adjusted the position of his laptop, and it softly brushed the side of Kala’s breast.

She could take it no longer.  She got up, blushing, flustered, and made her way to the toilets.

The attendant looked at her again as she went in.  Kala hurriedly locked the door

She immediately lifted her dress with one hand and began to finger her cunt with the other, not even bothering to sit down first.  She had to rub it.  She had to masturbate.  She began to eagerly pleasure her pussy, running one finger lightly over her clit, then harder, then…

She stopped, breathing heavily.  It was a long flight.  Her worry that the flight attendant might smell her cunt may have been paranoia – but if she sweated into this dress, and let it rest against her wet pussy, then surely *someone* would notice before they finally landed in LA.

Carefully, she lifted the dress over her head, and laid it across the toilet.  There.  Now she was completely naked.  Her hand went back to her cunt.  Now she could do what she had come here to do.  Now she could…


It wasn’t much in the scheme of things.  The plane rocked slightly as it hit a small pocket of turbulence.  It was no danger to the aircraft – only enough to send Kala staggering a half-pace to the side.  She reached out to steady herself, and her hand landed on a convenient handle, which she pulled.


It was the flush lever for the toilet.  And before Kala could react, the vacuum flush on the toilet engaged – and her dress, lying across the top of the seat, was suddenly sucked down into the bowl, and gone.

She stared in horror.  Where her only piece of clothing had been, there was only a clean, flushed toilet.

“Excuse me, miss,” came the voice of the flight attendant from outside.  “Are you all right in there?  We had some turbulence.”

“Yes!” replied Kala quickly – too quickly.  And too high pitched.  She sounded panicky even to her own ears.  She tried again.  “Ah – yes.  I’m fine.  Nothing is wrong.  Everything is okay.”  And that was too much.  It sounded weird.  It sounded desperate.

And she *was* desperate.  She was naked, on a public flight full of people, trapped in the toilet with no clothes to wear.

“Miss,” came the voice of the flight attendant.  “Would you mind opening the door, please?”

And Kala realised that she had worse things to worry about than merely being naked.  She had sounded suspicious when she had answered the attendant – and when someone sounded suspicious on a plane, the attendant didn’t think “naked slut”.  Instead, she thought “drug smuggler” – or “terrorist”.

“I can’t,” said Kala. 

‘Why not?” asked the attendant.

She didn’t know.  What could she say?  She blushed – and, unconsciously, one hand returned to her pussy and began to massage it.  She was embarrassed and humiliated – and it was making her gushingly, soppingly wet.

“Ma’am, I’m going to open the door,” said the attendant.  Kala noted she had graduated from “miss” to “ma’am”.  That probably wasn’t a good sign.

“No!” protested Kala – but it was too late.  The attendant used her override, and pushed open the door – and there was Kala, completely naked, blushing and fingering her pussy.

The attendant wrinkled her nose.  “Ma’am, where are your clothes?” she asked.

“I flushed them down the toilet,” Kala admitted.

The attendant turned, and whispered down the aisle – presumably to another attendant.  “Colin, we’ve got an exhibitionist.”

“Again?” said a male voice.  “Donna, why do all the perverts choose *our* flight?”

“No,” Kala tried to explain.  “It was an accident.  I didn’t mean to.”

“Uh-huh,” said the attendant – Donna – in a sceptical voice.  “You flushed your dress and all your underwear down the toilet.  By accident.”

“I wasn’t wearing any…” Kala began, and then stopped.  “I mean…”  She stopped again.  How could she explain this.

The male attendant – presumably Colin – arrived in the doorway and stood looking at Kala.  He stared pointedly at her cunt.  “Did you flush your clothes down the toilet before or after you were stroking your beaver, honey?” he asked.

“After,” said Kala.  “I mean, before – during – I mean…” She stopped again.

Colin rolled his eyes, and pulled a grey blanket from a nearby overhead locker.  None of the passengers had seen Kala yet – the angle, and the body of Donna, prevented that – but several had heard the voices and were turning to look.

“Here honey,” said Colin.  “Wrap this around you.”

Kala took it gratefully, and wrapped it around her torso.  It was large, and covered everything that needed covering.

“Now, let’s take you back to your seat,” said Colin, leading Kala out of the toilet, and down the aisle. 

“Thank you,” said Kala, reaching her row.

“Don’t thank me yet, honey,” said Colin.  “Once we touch down, we’ll be contacting the police about your little episode of indecent exposure.  They’ll know what to do with a pervert like you.”

Kala’s eyes widened.  “No!” she said.  “It was an accident!  You can’t call the police!”  She reached out to try to grab Colin, to make him listen – and as she did so, the awkwardly wrapped blanket fell away from her.  It fell to the floor – and suddenly she was standing complete nude in front of the entire cabin of passengers.

There were shocked gasps, some laughter, a wolf-whistle from somewhere, and some disgusted muttering.

Colin’s eyes went frosty, and Donna was quickly by his side.

“She’s intent on showing herself off to everyone,” said Donna.  “She’s going to be like this the whole flight.”

“Get the restraints,” said Colin. Donna nodded, and hurried back down the aisle towards the supply lockers.

Colin put his hands on Kala’s shoulders and pushed her down, into her seat.  Kala tried to struggle, but she was small, and Colin was strong. 

Soon Donna had returned.  The female attendant grabbed one of Kala’s arms and brought it to the arm-wrest.  Kala felt something plastic encircle her arm – and suddenly her arm was shackled to the arm rest, by something halfway between a handcuff and a zip-tie.  She pulled, but was completely unable to free her arm.

Then another of the cuffs went across her other arm, trapping it against the other arm rest.

Donna passed two more cuffs to Colin, and Colin knelt down on the floor.  He pushed Kala’s right foot in one direction, and pulled her left in the other – and suddenly both were cuffed to the leg-supports of her chair.  Her legs were trapped in a spread position.  She tried to pull her knees together – but she couldn’t.

“See if she has any clothes in her carry-on,” suggested Colin, and Donna immediately opened the overhead locker.  Kala’s bag was easy to spot – it was the only bright pink one with a kitten motif, amidst a sea of professional briefcases.  Donna extracted it, and began to rummage through the contents. 

“Please, that’s my stuff,” said Kala.  “Don’t look at it.”

But it was too late.  There were no clothes in the bag – but Donna had found the things that *were* included.  A thick rubber butt plug, and a bright pink plastic dildo with the batteries removed.  (Kala at least knew better than to have a device that might randomly start vibrating in her luggage.)

“Please,” said Kala again.

Donna showed the dildo and the butt plug to Colin.

“She’s going to be like this all flight, isn’t she?” asked Colin.

“Almost certainly,” said Donna.

Colin nodded.  He took the butt plug from Donna’s hand – and when Kala opened her mouth to protest again, he popped it into her mouth.  The thick rubber plug filled her mouth, while the wide flange at its base sat outside her lips, looking rather like a baby’s pacifier, and stopped her from swallowing or choking on her new gag.

Kala immediately tried to spit the plug out – but Colin had extracted some black duct tape from somewhere, and within moments he had slapped a large patch of it across Kala’s mouth, completing the gag and trapping the plug in her mouth.

Donna then draped the discarded blanket back over Kala, covering her body and hiding her tits and cunt from further public view.  Then she dropped the bright pink dildo in Kala’s lap – just in case the blanket gave anyone the impression that Kala wasn’t a slut – and stood back to assess her work.

“That should hold her,” she said.

Colin nodded in agreement.  “Are you going to be a good little slut now until the plane touches down?” he asked Kala.

Kala tried to plead for mercy with her eyes.  She didn’t want the flight attendants to call the police on her when they landed.  But she nodded her head obediently.

“Good girl,” said Colin.  “If you behave yourself, we might ungag you when it’s time for the in-flight meal.”

“Come on,” said Donna to her colleague..  “We’re already behind on our duties.  There are three call lights on in first class.”

And with that, the two attendants walked away, leaving Kala nude, bound and gagged in her chair.

Beside her, the businessman had started to pack away his computer.  She looked over at him.  Surely he would see that what the flight attendants had done to her was ridiculous.  Maybe he would remove the duct tape over her gag and take the butt plug out of her mouth.

He looked back at her.  “Hi,” he said.  “I’m David.”  He put his laptop back into its carrying case, and smiled broadly.  Then, quite deliberately, he slid his left hand under the blanket on her lap.  She jumped – as far as her restraints would allow her to – and yelped.  But the gag fully muffled her, and no sound came out.

“I think we’re going to have some fun together on this flight,” he said.  And his hand moved over her thigh, and then down between her spread legs, and she felt him run one finger slowly, teasingly up the cleft of her wet, throbbing pussy…


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