Samantha came to Jeremiah’s office to engage him as a hypnotist for a self-motivation treatment, to help her be more focused and energetic at work.

But once he had her in the trance, Jeremiah took the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her life and past behaviour, as he enjoyed doing with all his clients. And when she confessed, in a spacy, unfocused way, to a long pattern of mistreating men and acting like a bitch to her work colleagues, he decided that she needed a little punishment.

She was pretty. She would look prettier if she was just a little more slutty, he thought.

He could have given her the command, “You will dress like a slut.” 

But that was too simple.

Instead, he used a double negative. He told her, “You will not allow yourself to not be dressed like a slut.” 

And, so that he could keep track of the results, he added, “You will keep a public fashion blog, and you will post a photo of yourself in every outfit you wear.”

She went home in a daze, and within an hour a website appeared at the address Jeremiah had specified. The first photo showed her wearing a T-shirt – and nothing else. Her bare pussy was on display, and she was crying – presumably because she didn’t know why she was dressing this way, or why she was publishing photos of it on the internet.

That began Samantha’s new life. Every day, she tried to dress appropriately. She would put on nice panties, and then be unable to stop herself pulling them into the crack of her labia and ass, giving her visible cameltoe. She would put on elegant cocktail dresses, and then cry in frustration and humiliation as her traitorous hands used scissors to trim the hemline until her pussy showed and cut holes to expose her tits. 

If she wore a white shirt, she would immediately pour water over it to plaster it to her tits and turn it transparent. On a rainy day, when she tried to wear a raincoat to protect her from the weather, she would find herself first removing every other item of clothing she was wearing, until she was nude beneath the semi-transparent plastic yellow coat.

She lost her job fairly quickly, of course. Her boss enjoyed seeing her turn up to work with her tits hanging out – but he couldn’t justify paying her a salary to do it. And she was too embarrassed to apply for new jobs, given the way she dressed now.

Her friends found her “fashion blog” (with the help of some anonymous emails from Jeremiah) and soon everyone who knew her was either avoiding her out of disgust, or trading photos of her slutty new outfits. She got used to her remaining friends thinking of her as a sex object, and when one of her friends finally raped her, she wasn’t even surprised.

As her financial straits became increasingly dire, eventually Jeremiah reached out to her. He had a position at his office, he said, for a silly little bimbo like her. A receptionist job that would allow her to keep her house, and avoid becoming homeless. She would need to keep dressing the way she currently dressed, of course

In fact, it even came with a training package – a little hypnotic course in how to give Jeremiah a satisfactory blowjob….


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