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Kala was completely nude and bound into her seat with her legs spread, on a busy commercial passenger flight to Los Angeles, with only a thin sheet to cover her. The man in the seat next to her – David – was eagerly molesting her, while the flight attendants – who thought she was an exhibitionist pervert – were doing nothing to stop him.

“One second,” said David, whose hand had just been teasing Kala’s spread, vulnerable cunt beneath the blanket. “I just need to get something from the overhead compartment.”

He stood, and then pushed past Kala, to reach the aisle. As he did, he did something to adjust his pants, and when Kala turned her head to look, she discovered what it was. He had opened his fly, and pulled out his cock! It was rock hard, with pre-cum dripping from the tip, but before Kala could turn her head away, David had grabbed her hair in a strong grip, and pulled her face down towards his cock.

Kala made the mistake of opening her mouth to protest, and David’s dick slipped inside. His hand was still in her hair, holding her tight against his groin.

“Stay right there, sweetie,” said David in a quiet voice. “Don’t pull away, or you’ll regret it.”

Kala blushed. David was standing in the aisle, facing Kala – and the overhead compartment – and Kala’s face was right up against his trousers. Couldn’t people see that she was sucking his cock? She tried to look at the people across the aisle, but couldn’t see past David’s groin and legs. She wanted to move away, but she knew David’s threat wasn’t an idle one. He could visit all sorts of pain and humiliation on her, in her restrained and vulnerable state, that would far exceed what he had already done. 

So she kept his cock in her mouth, like a good girl, and even licked it a little with her tongue. 

Her reward was the loosening of David’s hand. He let go of her hair, and began to use both hands to access the overhead locker. There was now nothing forcing Kala to keep sucking his dick. Nothing but his threat, that was. 

She kept sucking.

The female flight attendant – the one called Donna – was approaching down the aisle. Kala made a noise of worry. She would surely see what was happening. 

But David was still fussing in the overhead compartment, and gave no indication of giving permission to stop sucking.

Donna approached the two, and stopped. In a voice that was not overly loud- but still loud enough to be heard in all the nearby seats – she said, “Excuse me, sir. Is this slut *sucking your cock*?”

David laughed, and said, “I couldn’t stop her. As soon as I stood up, she went straight for my dick.”

Kala felt herself die of shame inside. She had to defend herself, and explain. She started to pull her head back off David’s cock.

The flight attendant seized her hair in an iron grip, and forced her back down onto David’s dick – hard. Kala’s nose bumped David’s waist.

“What do you think you’re doing, you disgusting little slut?” hissed Donna. “Were you going to expose this man’s cock in front of the whole flight? Just because you like to show off your pussy, doesn’t mean everyone here is a pervert. You keep him covered until he’s ready to sit back down.”

Kala moaned, and began sucking David again obediently. She couldn’t believe this was happening. But it was becoming clearer to her that not only was no one going to stop it, but that people were actually enjoying her humiliation. She heard some chuckling nearby, but couldn’t tell which of the passengers around her was laughing.

“I’m just getting something from my bag,” said David, “but after that, I think the little slut here needs to use the toilet. We don’t want her pissing all over her seat.”

“She’d probably like that,” hissed Donna. “All right, I’ll get her out of the restraints. Would you care to come supervise her in the toilet?”

“I’d love to,” said David.

Donna knelt beside Kala and began to undo the ties that bound her to the seat. Kala kept obediently sucking David’s cock as she was slowly released. She thought briefly about attempting escape as her feet were released from the ties – but where would she go? She was on a plane, in flight, and she had no allies anywhere.

It seemed like David would never complete whatever he was doing in the locker overhead – until finally he made a little groan, and said, “Done,” and pulled back. His cock popped out of Kala’s mouth – and just as it did, it began spurting cum, ejaculating all over Kala’s face and tits. Kala flinched, but there was nowhere to escape to. David bathed her with his sperm – in front of Donna, and all the passengers.

Donna gasped. “You SLUT,” she said – and this time it was loud enough for the entire flight to hear. And she slapped Kala, hard, across the face.

The words and the slap drew everyone’s attention to Kala, diverting attention from David as he tucked his cock back in his pants. And then Kala was being pulled from her seat, leaving the blanket behind, until she was standing completely naked in the aisle with cum dripping from her face and tits and everyone staring at her.

“I don’t actually need to go to the toilet…” Kala said lamely.

“Oh, I think you do,” said Donna. She grabbed Kala’s hair and began marching her down the aisle. David followed, and the male flight attendant, Colin, was approaching from the other direction.

Kala was forced past the passengers, to the mid-compartment break where the toilets are. Colin opened a toilet, and forced Kala inside.

She had expected to turn around and sit on the toilet, but instead Donna pushed her so that she fell forward across the toilet. Her arms caught the wall behind the toilet, leaving her standing, but bending forward at the waist, facing away from the door.

Colin leaned in and applied some more restraint ties to Kala’s wrists. These connected her to some safety holds on the rear wall, effectively trapping her in position. Donna then used a knee to spread Kala’s legs apart, and Colin knelt and secured Kala’s ankles to each wall, preventing her from closing her legs. 

“I’ve got a little addition, from my luggage,” said David.

“Go ahead,” said Donna.

David leaned in and reached under Kala. She felt something bite down on her nipple, and squealed. It was a clamp, with a heavy metal ball the size of a golf-ball hanging from it. Another one went on her other nipple. And then – to her horror – David clamped a third one on her clitoris. 

Kala wailed, and wiggled – but the clamps were tight, and the wiggles just made the balls bounce up and down, tugging at her nipples and clit in agonising ways.

“What are you doing?” sobbed Kala.

“You decided to cocktease this entire flight with your slutty little performance,” said Donna. “Horny passengers are difficult passengers, and as things stand currently, each and every one of them is going to complain about how we had a naked slut disturbing the flight. I can’t have that on my staff evaluation, and the airline doesn’t want that on its public relations slate, so we’re going to have to do something about it.”

“What do you mean?” asked Kala.

Donna walked into the hall and pulled out the mouthpiece for the in-flight PA. “Attention all passengers,” she said, calmly. “The naked slut who has been teasing passengers in economy class is now restrained inside the economy class toilets. Anyone who feels the need to relieve the sexual tension she has caused may now proceed to the economy class toilets and make use of her. Please take turns in an orderly manner and avoid queuing in the aisle. That is all.”

Kala’s eyes were as wide as they would go. Was she serious? Had she really just invited the entire flight to fuck her. 

“Can I go first?” asked the male flight attendant, Colin.

Donna raised an eyebrow. “Are you even into ladies, Colin?”

Colin laughed. “I’m into sluts of all genders, honey.” 

Kala heard Colin adjusting his pants – and a moment later, she felt a warm, hard dick slide into her pussy from behind. Kala was still sopping wet, despite everything, and her spread pussy offered little resistance to the rape. Then Colin began to pound his cock in and out of her, and every thrust made the weights hanging from her nipples and clit bounce, and suddenly Kala’s body was overwhelmed by waves of equal pleasure and pain.

She started to moan, and she didn’t know if she was intending to beg for mercy or beg him to fuck her harder. She orgasmed before he was done, and then found herself cumming again as Colin found his own climax and spurted his cum deep into her pussy.

The male flight attendant laughed as he pulled his cock out of her. “What a messy little slut,” he joked. 

“I’d better clean her up,” said Donna. She knelt between Kala’s legs, and began to lick Kala’s pussy. 

There was laughter and appreciation from Colin and David – and a squeal from Kala.

“Please,” Kala begged. “You can’t do this. I’m sorry I was a slut. Please…”

“Your pussy told a different story,” said Colin. “It was wetter than a British summer. And didn’t I feel you cum twice while I was inside you?”

“I don’t think we need to hear from her anymore,” said David. “Can I borrow your tape?”

Colin passed David the duct tape they had used earlier, and David leaned over Donna’s head and stuffed the butt plug back into Kala’s mouth, taping it firmly in place.

Donna licked and licked until Kala’s pussy was clean, and there was nothing Kala could do to stop her. She found herself cumming again before Donna was done.

Then both flight attendants and David drew back.

“Is this for real?” asked an unfamiliar man’s voice.

“Absolutely, sir,” said Diana.

And then, a moment later, a cock was pushing into Kala’s pussy again. And she didn’t even know whose it was. She couldn’t look back far enough to see. And there was nothing she could do to stop it. 

The man began to slowly and methodically fuck her, and Kala’s only option was to close her eyes and enjoy the pleasure.

That was how the flight went for Kala. When the man using her left, another would enter, and she would feel another anonymous cock poke into her cunt. Every two or three men, Diana would return and “clean her up” with her tongue. A few men used her ass, and again, there was nothing Kala could do to stop them.

About an hour into her ordeal, David returned, ready to cum again, and began to fuck her. 

As his cock went into her, the plane hit another patch of turbulence. David grabbed hold of Kala’s hips and used her to stabilise himself – and kept thrusting into her pussy throughout – but the plane shook wildly, and the metal balls hanging from Kala’s tits and clitoris began to bounce and swing wildly. She screamed in pain, and that only seemed to make David harder and more eager to fuck her. She felt herself orgasm from the pain, and that in turn brought David to his own release.

Finally, the plane reached its destination. The flight attendants switched on the fasten seatbelts sign, and urged everyone to return to their seats.

But no one came to free Kala. With the plug in her mouth, she couldn’t call out for help, and she had to remain where she was as the plane descended, then bumped down on the runway (another surge of pain in Kala’s tortured nipples and clit) and then, finally, passengers began to depart.

Kala made muffled noises into her gag as people began to disembark, walking down the aisle outside the toilets.

“Thank you for the flight,” she heard David say to the attendants. “The little slut can keep my ornaments, if she likes.”

And then, just like that, the plane was empty. All the passengers had left except Kala.

Somewhere back in her seat, Kala’s phone regained its internet signal, and began uploading her nude photos to everyone on her contact list. 

She yelled as loudly as she could into her gag.

Donna walked past. “Oh, are you wondering what’s happening to you, little slut?” she asked. “Well, we realised we couldn’t very well walk you out completely naked and dripping with cum in front of all those families in the arrivals lounge. It would be a scandal. So we decided we’re keeping you here for another flight.”

Kala tried to beg for mercy, but she could neither move, nor speak, nor look at the flight attendant in her current position.

“Our next stop is in the Middle East,” said Donna. “I’m sure our next batch of passengers will love the added amenity of a slut to use in the toilets. And if we haven’t worked out what to do with you by the time we reach our next destination – well, we’ve occasionally had offers from rich businessmen who live in that area to buy some of our prettier passengers on flight attendants. We’ve laughed them off… but I’m thinking now might be the time to reach out and discover whether they’re serious.”

Kala bucked her hips, the only motion she could make, and began to weep.

Diana stroked her buttocks. “Maybe if you’re very good, little slut, I’ll buy you myself. How would you like that? If you’re going to leave the plane naked, it may as well be on a leash… and that will be better than talking to the police about your perverted behaviour, won’t it?”

She left Kala there, to prepare for the next passengers, and Kala considered her options.

By the time the first new passengers were boarding, and marvelling at the naked slut bound in the toilets, Kala had made her decision. She would try to be very good. After all, a leash was better than the police. In fact, judging by how wet her cunt was becoming, it was a *lot* better. 

She thought she might like a leash. She thought she might like it a lot.


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