Nina worked in housekeeping at the prestigious Zeus Plaza hotel. Her particular shift covered the top three floors of the hotel – the expensive rooms on the 19th floor, the executive suites on the 20th, and the sprawling penthouse on the 21st. Each day she was required to clean, tidy, and change the sheets and towels in each room, as well as resetting rooms between guests. 

But Nina was a slut. She was constantly thinking about sex. She couldn’t help herself. She needed to be fucked, as often as possible, and preferably violently with as little interest in her consent as possible.

To this end, she had started secretly placing little cards with the guest information inside the rooms that she worked. The cards read:

“Please enjoy the complimentary maid. You are welcome to use her any way you want. We require her to take birth control, and we promise that she won’t complain or talk about her experiences, no matter what.”

There was now no greater thrill for Nina than to enter a hotel room and discover the guest was present. Had the guest read the card? Was this guest going to rape her – or let her do her job normally? Every moment was a tingle of excitement, feeling the eyes of the guest on her body, wondering what would happen to her.

Many guests said and did nothing, leaving Nina to do her work and leave, disappointed, her cunt wet and throbbing.

Some went for half-measures. They would tell her to strip naked to do her chores, or pose for them, or ask her humiliating questions about her sexual history. But their hands – and groins – came nowhere near her, and again, Nina would leave unsatisfied.

But there were plenty of guests that couldn’t resist the temptation Nina offered. Some would give her instructions. A man would instruct Nina to kneel before him and suck his cock. Another would tell her to bend over the table, raise her skirt, and remove her panties, before pushing his cock into her pussy. Once, a mature woman had asked Nina to suck on her nipples, and as Nina had placed her mouth on the woman’s tit and began to suck – discovering, to her surprise, that the woman was lactating, as the first squirt of milk flooded Nina’s mouth – the woman had reached down and begun to rub Nina’s pussy.

But best of all were the guests who didn’t ask. Nina’s favourite moments were where she was bending over the bed, changing the sheets, and suddenly a guest would grab her by the hair, force her down on the bed, rip off her clothes, and begin to rape her. She would orgasm multiple times from these encounters – especially if the guest slapped her, or called her a slut, or took photos of her.

She kept a checklist of the rooms she looked after. Her goal was to be raped in every room on all three floors. And then, after achieving that goal in less than five months, she kept a more specific list, aiming to be raped in the bed, on the lounge, on the balcony, on the floor, and in the shower, in each and every room. And she was making good progress on that list too.

It all went wrong one Saturday when the concierge stopped her in the lobby on the way to the elevator. “Nina, I’m taking you off cleaning duties for the day. Ray’s sick, and I need someone to fill in in the security room. You don’t have to do anything – just watch the cameras, and report to the security staff if you see something wrong.”

“What about my housekeeping?” Nina asked.

“I’ll get Suzie to do your rooms,” the concierge said. “She can do a double shift.”

Nina tried to protest, but she had no choice in the matter. She headed to the security post – a small, enclosed room with monitors that showed all the public and staff areas of the hotel – and took her seat.

She watched Suzie learn that she would be covering Nina’s rooms. Petite, sweet, and only just 18, Suzie often talked about how she was saving herself for marriage – and marriage would be soon, as she was engaged to her high-school sweetheart.

Nina stared at the screen as Suzie took the elevator up to the 19th floor. She watched as Suzie proceeded to the first room – a room currently occupied by one of Nina’s favourite guests, in the sense that the man never failed to violently rape Nina on each of his stays. He always opened his door to Nina completely nude, and started his abuse of her right there in the doorway.

She watched Suzie knock on the door, and watched as the door opened for Suzie. She couldn’t see into the door, but she saw Suzie’s shocked expression. Then she saw a hand come out of the doorway and slap Suzie across the face, then rip open the front of her uniform to expose her tits. It pushed Suzie down to her knees, and then Nina saw a cock pushed into Suzie’s open, horrified mouth.

Nina moaned. She began to wiggle her panties down her legs, and then pulled up her skirt, and began to masturbate. She knew Suzie wasn’t consenting – and somehow that made what she was watching insanely arousing.

The cock fucked Suzie’s mouth for maybe a minute, and then the hand grabbed Suzie by the hair again, and pulled her on all fours into the room.

The door closed.

There were no cameras in the guest suites. Nina had no way of seeing what was happening to Suzie now.

But she could imagine. She could imagine Suzie being stripped naked and thrown on the bed, as the guest pushed his cock into her virginal cunt, and slapped her across the face, and called her a slut. Suzie would probably cry – but Nina thought that Suzie might also cum. She was a very repressed young girl, and repressed girls always turned out to be the biggest sluts.

And when it was over, what would Suzie do? Would she tell management? 

Nina had promised on her little cards that the maid wouldn’t complain. She loved her guests, and didn’t intend to let them down. She would have to call Suzie. She would have to tell Suzie that what had happened to her was all Suzie’s fault. 

And she would remind Suzie that she still had a couple of dozen more rooms to service.

And after that?

If Suzie never came back, Nina’s guests would ask what had happened to her. They would want to see her again. 

Nina wondered if she could convince management that the upstairs rooms required two maids. Maybe she could take on the 15th to 18th floors as well, and share them with Suzie. 

Maybe she could help strip Suzie and hold her down for the guests to use.

She orgasmed at the exact moment that Suzie staggered out of the first guest’s room. She was naked, and there was cum dripping from her pussy, and she was crying – but Nina could also tell from her flushed face and erect nipples that Suzie was aroused.

Good little slut, thought Nina – and orgasmed hard. 

And when she was done, she picked up her staff radio, and called Suzie. 

“Hey Suzie,” she said. “What are you doing just standing there and crying? You’ve got three floors to clean. You’d better get moving, you little whore…”


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