The women made a mistake in letting the union do the bargaining for them.

Oh, sure, they got a pay rise for everyone that worked at Eptimax Industries – women included. But the union was composed mostly of men, and it had no problem signing away the rights of the women in order to get a pay bump. When management complained that women were always talking instead of working, or leaving their desks on some personal errand, the union happily agreed to allow management to implement measures to improve female productivity.

The workplace agreement was signed, the pay rises were instituted – and every one of the women working at Eptimax was instructed to make an appointment with the new “female productivity team” at the earliest opportunity – an appointment which, ominously, would take place at a small private surgery.

The women who attended – which was every woman who didn’t immediately quit – found that the company’s plan was invasive, humiliating, and oppressive. But the majority of these women couldn’t afford to quit their jobs – especially if it resulted in a bad reference – and so they blushingly submitted to the procedure – all of which was carried out by men who were clearly enjoying what they were doing.

The women were ordered to strip nude, and they were then strapped to a table. Their pussy was treated to remove their pubic hair, and stop it growing back – “for hygiene”. The women were told that they would then have their clitoris, labia, nipples and tongue pierced – and that the company was not prepared to pay for anaesthetic. They were asked whether they would like to be sexually stimulated, to provide natural endorphins.

Many women said no. Their nipples were pierced first – and after that, they usually changed their mind, asking for anything at all to take their mind off the pain. The sexual stimulation depended on the man on duty – it might be the application of a vibe to the woman’s pussy, or it might be fingers on her clit or in her cunt, or it might be the man’s tongue. Nude, spread-eagled, and bound to the table, the woman could not resist – and it continued until she became wet, however long that took.

Then the piercings continued. A tongue piercing, with a thick, heavy stud through it. Four piercings in each of her pussy lips, and one through her clit, all with small rings inserted and then welded shut. (Her nipples received these too, although the rings were larger – large enough for their shape to be obvious even through a bra.)

When it was done, the woman was asked if she would like to orgasm. Some said yes, and their wishes were obliged – albeit on camera, with the film placed on their personal file.

Finally a dentist attended, and fitted the girl with a set of braces. These were light – not intended to straighten the teeth, and barely visible – and included a small metal plate that rested against the roof of the girl’s mouth.

Once the procedure was finished, the company demonstrated to the girl how it would improve her productivity. A short spool of elastic cable was clipped to her clitoris ring, containing about two feet of cable. When coiled up, it was nothing but a small weight hanging from her clitoris, but it could extend when pulled upon.

Then the girl’s labia rings were connected with a length of wire and a small padlock, with only the elastic from her clit hanging out. This would stop the girl from wasting work time by masturbating in the toilets. She could now no longer touch her own clitoris or fuckhole. Girls could apply to a male supervisor to have it unlocked at the end of each day – but the supervisor would only start unlocking at 6 pm, requiring the girl to work overtime while she waited. The next morning, every girl was checked upon entering the building to see if her cunt needed to be locked up again. If she was wearing panties, they would be removed.

At the girl’s workstation, she now found that her chair had a small ring in the centre of the seat. Each morning when she came in, a male supervisor would clip and lock the elastic hanging from her clit to the ring, effectively leashing the girl to her workstation. She could stand – just – if she was prepared to have the elastic tug painfully on her clit, but she couldn’t leave the chair without asking a man to unlock her. She would have to ask permission for her bathroom breaks, lunch break, or other business.

The girls soon discovered another change. If their work did not require them to regularly talk, Eptimax would enable the girl’s bracers. Each girl now discovered that if her tongue stud touched the metal plate on the roof of her mouth, she would get an electric shock. It almost immediately began to condition these girls out of speaking, and habitually leave their tongue flat against the bottom of their mouth.

These changes all worked wonders on the female workforce. Within only a couple of months, management found that the women were more productive, were working longer hours, were complaining less (in fact, just generally talking less), and were much more pleasing and agreeable to their male co-workers. (After a few office bitches had been left clipped by their cunt to their chairs overnight, the lesson had been learned that you had to be nice to the men if you expected them to unleash you at the end of the day.)

Eventually, management decided to implement phase 2 of the productivity reforms. They publicised the proposed changes, and invited any woman who objected to walk into their manager’s office and explain their opposition.

Clipped to their chair, and conditioned out of speaking, the women were unhappy, but did nothing.

The first change required women to undress upon arriving at the office. Clothes were an unnecessary burden on them, and their nudity would motivate their male co-workers. Their new uniform would be a set of wrist and ankle cuffs, with D-rings – again, secured in place by locks, only removable by their male supervisors.

For any task where the woman’s hands weren’t needed – if she wasn’t operating a keyboard or taking notes – the woman’s wrist cuffs would be clipped to her clitoris leash, to keep her from being distracted. Everyone agreed that the women looked much better with their hands leashed demurely in their lap anyway.

To let them keep their hands in their laps for a greater part of the day, the girls were also fitted with a carrying tray. This was a thin wooden tray with a wide lip, and it hung in front of the woman, level with her navel, hanging from chains connected to her nipple rings. The girl – or her colleagues – could place objects on it for her to carry around, with her nipples bearing the weight. It was common to see the women carry mugs of coffee on it for their male co-workers, or stacks of files, their eyes watering from the pain generated in their tits by the weight.

When women complained – as best as they were able, given their condition – the company finally implemented Phase 3, to make the women happier about their new status. The elastic clitoris leash, and the connections between the nipple rings and the tray, were replaced with a new elastic spool that could measure the force pulling on it. When there was no pull on the leash, it would intermittently send a small electric shock back up the leash into the girl’s clit or tits. However, when there was a heavy pull, it would vibrate gently, which the girl could feel in her clit or tits.

Eventually, the girls began to become fearful when nothing was tugging on their cunt on their udders – and associate the pain of having their sensitive areas tugged on with pleasure. They found that at home, away from the leashes, they would prefer to be naked, to allow them to compulsively tug on their own tits and clitoris. Some chose to hang weights from them even at home.

All of this was very satisfactory to the men, who rated their job satisfaction as significantly increased since the changes began, and their productivity improved.

Which of course led to Phase 4, as the company began to investigate whether the women could perhaps have workstations underneath men’s desks, or be arranged so that they could perhaps work with their male colleagues’ cocks stuffed into their mouths or pussies…


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