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Aylee dreamed of the Battery. She dreamed of raping the voiceless, caged girls, under the cool blue light that suffused the monolithic structure. She dreamed of punching them in the tits, of abusing their cunts. She knew she had done it all under the mind-altering influence of Master Klax’s potion, but in her dreams it was still happening, and she couldn’t stop herself.

Sometimes she woke up crying and screaming.

Sometimes she woke up to find herself orgasming.

Klax had brought Aylee’s sister Hana to see her on the day after she returned from the Battery. There was no sign of Aylee’s parents this time – they had already written off both of their daughters as cattle. Despite their years growing up in their parents’ household, Aylee and Hana were ultimately just bitches, to be sold off like animals in return for a comfortable retirement package for their parents.

Hana was brought into Aylee’s work-chamber by Klax, and Aylee was left alone with her sister and a list of instructions.

Aylee felt strange standing nude in front of her sister, who was still dressed in a simple white shift. But as soon as they were alone, Hana threw herself into Aylee’s arms, and began sobbing wildly.

Aylee was immediately mortified to find her pussy becoming wet and beginning to throb with desire. She hadn’t touched a girl in a non-sexual way since she had arrived at the tower, and the nearness of her sister’s pheromones was having an immediate effect.

She stroked her sister’s pretty blonde hair, and said, “It’s okay, Hana. It’s all going to be okay.”

Hana looked up at her with tearful eyes, and wailed, “It’s NOT going to be all right! They’re sending me to the Battery, Aylee! I’m going to be a disgusting pain-cow like those sluts in the cages there!”

“Sssh,” said Aylee. “Sssh. Here, drink my milk.” She guided Hana’s face down to her naked bosom, and pushed her left nipple towards her sister’s mouth. Hana accepted it, and began to suck Aylee’s magically-enhanced milk from her udder. Aylee gasped sharply, and used all her effort to avoid making a slutty moan of lust. It felt *good* to have her tits sucked. Her cunt pulsed eagerly.

Why am I getting aroused by my own sister? Aylee wondered. Has Klax drugged me again?

But she knew that this was no drug. She had reacted this way when Hana had last suckled at her breast, and she had had regular confusing dreams about her sister over the last year. This wasn’t some external magic. Aylee was just a slut.

“It’s going to be all right, Hana,” she said again, still stroking her sister’s hair. Then she lowered her voice, and whispered, “I have a plan.”

Hana looked up at her in surprise, still suckling at Aylee’s breast.

“I’ve been planning,” said Aylee. “I can’t do it yet – I’m waiting for a friend to come back to Vass – but we’re both going to get out of here. Out of the whole city.”

Hana’s eyes shone with gratitude.

Aylee desperately wanted to masturbate – or, better yet, move her sister’s head down towards her groin, and part her legs, and encourage Hana to lick her increasingly wet pussy. Aylee wouldn’t be able to cum, of course, but she could lie there, humping Hana’s pretty face…

She blinked, and took a deep breath to clear the vivid fantasies from her mind.

As she sucked at Aylee’s tit, Hana was becoming calmer. That was only to be expected. “Imbued milk” from an alchemist-slave’s breast was said to be good for a woman’s health – but over the time since Aylee had begun lactating, she had learned exactly what was “good” about it. It was a pacifier. It made women calmer, more submissive, more susceptible to ideas, and increased their sex drives. Master Klax had told Aylee that other alchemists sold the milk of their alchemist-slaves directly to some of the richer merchants of the city, so that they could feed it to their wives (or daughters) every day, and keep them as the giggly, empty-headed obedient fuckdolls that they desired.

Gently, Aylee lifted her sister’s head from her breast, and brought her level with Aylee’s face. Then Aylee kissed her sister, lightly, on the lips.

Under the influence of Aylee’s milk, Hana didn’t think to protest. She kissed her sister back, and Aylee felt her cunt spasm with sudden need. Again, the urge came to force Hana down, and hump her face until Aylee orgasmed. 

She suppressed the slutty thoughts.

“I need to measure you for the Halistrax Field, Hana,” said Aylee. ‘I need to take fairly precise measurements. But don’t worry – I’m going to look after both of us.”

Hana just nodded, dumbly. Aylee could tell that Hana didn’t believe her. She had already given herself over to despair – but Aylee’s milk was at least numbing that despair, and stopping Hana from panicking.

The first measurements were simple enough. Aylee lifted Hana’s simple white shift over her head, and revealed Hana’s naked body. The site of her sister’s natural, generous breasts, and her pretty, shaved cunt, made Aylee’s pussy throb.

Ignoring the sensations in her cunt, Aylee used a measuring tape to measure Hana’s neck for a collar. Then she took Hana’s bust size, waist size, and hip size. She measured the length of Hana’s nipples and the size of her areolae, and confirmed that Hana was not lactating.

Then she had Hana bend over at the waist, near Aylee’s workbench. Aylee inserted a speculum-like tool into Hana’s anus that dilated Hana’s sphincter, so her “anal tightness” could be measured. After that, it was time to inspect Hana’s pussy – and Aylee found, to her embarrassment, that Hana’s cunt was wet. 

It was the effect of Aylee’s milk, surely. Hana wasn’t the kind of slut that would get aroused by sucking her sister’s breast, or having her sister inspect her privates.

 Aylee ran one finger along the length of her sister’s pubic cleft, and it came away wet with moisture. Hana gasped at the touch, but said nothing. Aylee looked up and saw that her sister was blushing. 

Aylee blushed too, and tried to ignore her sister’s arousal. She measured the length of Hana’s clit – provoking another gasp as she held the clitoris between her thumb and forefinger – and then the length of Hana’s inner and outer lips. Then she slid a finger into Hana’s fuckhole, to prepare it for measurement.

Hana moaned, and bucked her hips slightly against Aylee’s finger.

Aylee was finding it difficult to think straight. Her face was inches from her sister’s pussy, and she could smell Hana’s arousal. The pink folds of Hana’s cunt filled her vision. Aylee’s pussy was literally drooling, her arousal oozing down her inner thighs. She wanted nothing more than to masturbate. Well, actually, what she really wanted was to rape her sister, but she was trying to pretend that she didn’t.

She removed her finger from Hana’s pussy and wiped it clean on Hana’s buttocks. Then she pushed the speculum into Haylee’s cunt, inspected the inside of her fuckhole, and measured the “average dilation” for a measure of vaginal tightness. Hana moaned again at the humiliating treatment.

Aylee withdrew the speculum and stared at her sister’s cunt again.

“I have to check how it tastes,” she heard herself say. She was required to do no such thing, but Hana wasn’t going to stop her, and Aylee needed this. Her pussy was throbbing, and she couldn’t masturbate in front of Hana, and she couldn’t orgasm without permission even if she did.

So she leaned in, extended her tongue, and licked her sister’s cunt.

It tasted amazing – and as soon as her tongue touched Hana’s clit, Hana bucked her hips hard against Aylee, pushing her pussy forcefully into her sister’s face. Aylee took the hint, and kept licking her sister, scooping up mouthful after mouthful of Hana’s delicious cunt-honey with her tongue. She took Hana’s clitoris into her mouth, and began sucking on it, and when she did, Hana went wild. Her knees buckled, and she almost fell. She rested some of her weight directly on Aylee’s face, and began making a high-pitched animalistic keening sound.

Aylee chewed and nibbled on her sister’s clit – and raised her hand, and worked two fingers back into Hana’s fuckhole, and began pumping them in and out.

It didn’t take long. Hana orgasmed. And when Aylee didn’t stop sucking or fingerfucking her, she orgasmed again, moments afterwards. 

Then it was too much. Hana collapsed to the floor – and she was crying.

Aylee crawled over to her, and kissed her on the lips, and prepared to apologise for her slutty rape of her sister’s pussy.

But to her surprise, Hana was speaking first.

“I’m sorry,” she wailed. “I’m sorry I’m a slut. I couldn’t help myself. You were just doing what you had to do, and I – I’m such a slut, Aylee. I tried to hide it from you, but I have such slutty fantasies, all the time, and I can’t control myself…”

“It’s okay,” Aylee heard herself saying. “It’s okay, Hana. I don’t mind. It’s not your fault you’re a slut. All women are sluts. It’s in our nature.”

Hana kept sobbing, so Aylee put one of her tits in Hana’s mouth to quieten her, and Hana immediately began sucking at Aylee’s milk again.

Aylee’s pussy was so wet. She was so horny. Her sister was so sexy.

A switch flicked in Aylee’s brain. She needed what she needed. She was going to get it.

“Hana, honey,” she said. “The next thing I need to do is test your pain tolerance. It’s important for the Halistrax Field, because it’s designed to cause you pain. I’m going to have to hurt your breasts very badly. I’m glad you got so horny, because it will help you deal with the pain. But there’s something else we can do to help you.”

Hana looked up at Aylee, waiting to hear what Aylee wanted.

Aylee was not, in fact, required to test Hana’s pain tolerance at all. That was a lie – and so was what she said next.

“My pussy juices…” she said. “They’re like my milk. They’re imbued with some inherent effects, because of my conditioning as an alchemist-slave. They help reduce pain. If you were to lick me…”

Hana needed no further encouragement. Aylee lay back on the stones of the floor and spread her legs, and her sister moved down her body until her head was over Aylee’s pussy. Then she looked up at her sister for approval – and began to lick.

Aylee was in heaven. Her sister turned out to be an exceptionally talented cunt-licker – or at least, she had a very sexy kind of inexperience. There was a genuine affection and eagerness to please in the attention she showed to Aylee’s pussy that drove Aylee wild.

Aylee couldn’t cum, of course – not without permission, and she would not receive that permission, as the orgasm of a collared alchemist-slave would endanger the Halistrax Fields in the tower. And that presented a problem, as she would never reach release, and yet she would eventually need to tell her sister to stop.

She pictured performing the ritual on Hana that she had performed on Tilly – forcing her sister’s tits to swell into melon-sized fuckbags, accompanied by excruciating breast pain, and having her sister become her total slave once it was done. The idea would have made her cum all by itself, had she been able to orgasm.

She moaned, and bucked against Hana’s face, and it was only eventually by a supreme effort of will that she was able to push Hana away and bring her pleasure to an end. Once Hana was out from between Aylee’s legs, Aylee immediately climbed to her knees, went to her sister, and kissed her on the lips, tasting her own cunt juices in her sister’s mouth.

“Thank you, Hana,” she breathed, and Hana just blushed.

And then it was time to hurt Hana. There was no need to hurt Hana, but Hana didn’t know that, and it was what Aylee’s cunt wanted.

Aylee rationalised it, without even needing to think about it. Hana would experience much pain if she went to the Battery – and Aylee’s escape plan wouldn’t be a bed of roses either. It was best that Hana start learning to deal with pain.

She had Hana kneel in front of one of Aylee’s lower workbenches, and place her breasts flat on the surface of the bench. Aylee then instructed Hana to masturbate.

“The pain will continue until you cum,” she told Hana. “What we’re measuring is how long it takes you to orgasm while in pain.”

Hana blushed, but obediently began fingering her pussy.

“You should picture my cunt as you masturbate,” said Aylee. “It will increase the effects of my cunt juices.”

And then Aylee took a long flat length of wood in her hand – a little over an inch wide, and two feet long – and she brought it down hard across her sister’s breasts.

Hana wailed, and wailed louder when Aylee struck her tits again. Her hands were working furiously on her pussy. Aylee struck her sister’s breasts again, and again. A purple welt was beginning to develop. Hana was moaning in mixed pain and lust. 

Aylee wanted to masturbate. She wanted to cum. She was so horny that she wasn’t thinking straight, and part of her wanted to blame her sister for her frustration. It was unfair that Hana could orgasm and Aylee was not allowed to. She struck her sister’s udders again, harder.

Hana truly was a slut – or at least, Aylee’s sexual activity with her had primed Hana for easy orgasms. She reached her climax on only the 14th strike to her vulnerable boobs, gasping and shuddering just as Aylee brought the wood down on her sensitive titflesh.

“Good girl,” said Aylee. “Do you want more cunt juices to help with the pain?”

Hana looked up at her with eyes full of tears, and nodded eagerly. Aylee stood over her kneeling sister, and guided Hana’s mouth to her sopping wet pussy.

Aylee knew she should be done now. Aylee knew that part of her mind was, even now, screaming guilty thoughts at her, telling her she was a monster for sexually and physically abusing her sister. But that part was muffled under the blanket of Aylee’s lust. Every flick of Hana’s tongue on Aylee’s clit just made Aylee hornier, and there was no release for her, no way of satisfying her sexual need.

She needed more. Even if it wasn’t going to make her cum. She loved the feeling of humping her sister’s crying face, feeling Hana lapping at her pussy juices, convinced that the taste of Aylee’s cunt was somehow helping the pain in her tits. It probably was. Aylee’s milk had made Hana suggestible, and pain existed in the mind as much as it did in the body.

Having her cunt licked made Aylee feel good. But her cunt had also liked the feeling of caning her sister’s tits. And her cunt wanted more.

She didn’t have to hurt her sister. Master Klax didn’t require it. But…

“Make sure you lick up lots of pussy juices, Hana, honey,” said Aylee, her voice thick with lust. “Because next we have to do your pussy. We have to test how long it takes you to cum from having your pussy caned.”

She heard Hana whimper into her cunt, and it felt good.

After all, there was going to be a lot of pain and sexual abuse in Hana’s future. As a good sister, it was Aylee’s duty to help Hana prepare.

Wasn’t it?


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